Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Barb's Book Review... Her Sercret Agent

Take it on back a step. This novella is to show us the beginning. What happened before “Her Perfect Mate”. We get to see John’s story and get to know him before he was just John aka “the boss”.

John Loughlin has met his match when it comes to the very sexy Cree Forest. After watching her for months its time for John to make a move. Recruit her for the DCO’s shifter program. I mean, she’s a shifter, right? She is sleek, stealthy and the sex appeal of someone who owns any room she’s in but people seem to not notice her unless she wants them to. This intrigues John. This woman intrigues him in general. When John asks Ms. Forest to meet with him she tells him the when and where. A Russian restaurant; I mean where else do you go in NYC. Its all exotic foods. They have a little light talking, a little dinner and a lot of flirting.

When they leave the restaurant things go from sweet to “fuck” in 2.5 seconds. Sad part is it’s not a good kind of fuck. Seems there are four men -according to Cree and her fox nose- waiting to attack them. Two in front and two behind them. John is unarmed and wants to get Cree out of there, now. But it is too late. As the men come out of hiding John and Cree find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. The man -who seems to be in charge- Igor is the brother of someone John was responsible for putting into jail when he was in the CIA. The man died in jail and the family -who own the Russian resturant they were just eating at- are a little pissy about that.

When the fight breaks out its not even. two on one but Cree and John manage to keep the upper hand and haul ass just as the sirens start. Cree notices -well more like smells- that John is bleeding after they are clear of the incident. They go back to her place and she cleans up the large gash across his chest. Things get intimate between them after the truth of why she was eager to see him comes out. Seems they both have a little bit of a crush on each other. Who knew that could happen? but the powers that be over John are up to no good. Cree was sent by Adam (who is supposed to be dead but isn’t lol) to keep John safe and out of harms way. So now their new mission is.. to get rid of the Russians and keep the DCO in the dark about Cree.How can she stay close to John -other than joining the DCO- and nto get discovered herself as a shifter? Moving to DC and living with him of course. Duh.

Hmm.. seems they are both meant to be. Only trick now is to keep her away from the DCO and its spies and to keep John alive long enough to work with Adam and figure out who is trying to have him killed off.

I liked this little bit of backstory. It may come back into play in another book, you never know. I love how Paige makes the interactions of the characters move so smooth -even if there are bumps along the way- for them to get to the end goal. I can’t wait to see where this little back history comes into play in the future.

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  1. Thank you so much for the fantastic review! So glad you loved HER SECRET AGENT! :)