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Barb's Book Review... The Watcher

This is not only a new author to put under my belt but a new series. And I have to thank Inkslinger PR for introducing me to Lisa Voisin. Angels have always fascinated me so I was happy to grab this book with both hands and get to it… and buddy let me tell ya what; it starts off with a bang. Or a foul smelling growl I should say….

*** Spoiler Alert ***

Poor Mia is walking through the park minding her own business when she comes across a dead body. Or what she thinks is a dead body. She is without a cell phone and too freaked out to try and feel for a pulse. What seems like minutes pass and a black mist starts to form. Then the foul smell of rotten eggs hits her. Then before she knows it there is a big ass ‘dog’ snarling and snapping at her. She is smart, she runs like her ass is on fire and she needs to get to the nearest water hole. Running through the woods she thinks she is safe as she stops to listen to her surroundings… but she isn’t. That big ass dog is at her heels again. When she gets to the clearing she falls and cowers. Waiting. But nothing happens. An instant later she hears voices, static then silence. As Mia sits up to look around she is alone. No dog. No people just her. Maybe seeing that body flipped her out enough that she is losing it? Maybe. She does notice as she gets up that there is the figure of a man a ways off but its as if he can hear her when she wonders if he saw the ‘dog’ too. He walks off and she carries on with her mission to get to the mall to meet her friends. She is a mess when she gets there but is able to call the police and get someone to go see about the body. She should be worried about school starting on Monday and not the big black dog she thinks she saw.

When school starts on Monday she reunites with friends and then she sees him again. The man from the park, who she also spotted at the mall that same night… weird? Yes. Freaky? Yes.. does she let that fact consume her along with all the other crazy things she starts to feel and see. Yes. Is she cracking up? Maybe but with Michael (the guy from the park/mall and now school) filling up most of her spare room in her brain what else is there to worry over? Michael is hot and cold with Mia. Wanting to talk one day then ignoring her for days on end. The only real change she sees in him after a week is how he reacts when a new guy comes to school. Damiel Lucas is hot, rides a motorcycle and wears enough leather you’d think he was in a biker gang but what is it about him that sets Michael off? Seems that Damiel now has his eyes set on Mia. Michael of course isn't pleased but instead of being a big boy he smarts off to her and walks off. Again. At least Damiel is all up in her personal space though Mia isn't sure she likes that. If he is around its like she forgets what she is doing. But Michael is on her mind constantly.

Finally yet sadly it takes Mia seeing Damiel speaking to her friend Fiona and then Fiona getting hurt for her to finally start to wonder about him. The next day Michael walks with her to school saying they ‘need to talk’ but its really just him telling her to watch out for Damiel he’s dangerous. That only sparks more worry and wonder in Mia. When Mia gets inside she finds a necklace has been left in her locker and she decides that no matter who its from she will return it. Though she thinks its from Damiel. But its not. She finds out Friday night while out with her friends that Farouk’s sister (who has visions) has sent it to her. Its a blessed necklace to ward off the evil eye. seems his sister seems evil coming after Mia. Comforting right?

Saturday morning while she is with Fiona and Heather, at Fiona’s home she decides to go on the date and ask Damiel about what he did to Fiona. It was set. She would get answers from him. But minutes before Damiel is due to arrive Michael shows up. He has been ‘sent’ to talk to her. But she has to cancel the date with Damiel. She agrees. That welcome feeling that Michael evokes in her has returned. She agrees to cut the date off so she and Michael can talk. When Damiel shows up though, things go bad fast. The shadows around him are more prominent. Why hadn’t she seen them before. The necklace vibrates against her chest the closer he gets. Then all hell breaks loose when Mia tells Damiel to leave. He doesn’t and when he touches Mia, Michael goes after him. Damiel and Michael go at it in the front yard. Good vs. Evil. Demon vs. Angel. (HA… damn men)During their fight Mia gets flashes, things she has seen before. Her, Michael and Damiel.. but how. As they fight Michael takes Damiel down. He strikes him through the heart with a sword he had pulled from behind him. The body the darkness once occupied now lay in the yard. Michael revived it and the boy woke confused and out of sorts but recovered enough to get himself in his car and get out of there.

Michael announces to Mia that Damiel was a demon and that he would be back… after that settled in they went to  talking inside for a bit Michael admitted what he had been sent back to do. To face her. Seems thousands of years ago Michael, the Angel had seduced a poor human girl. It was then forbidden for Angels to mate humans so he was punished. And now it was time to fess up. They went out to dinner to talk more and try to piece this all together. Seems they were just as easy together as they had been before. Mia held nothing (at least so far) against him. What happened thousands of years ago didn’t matter now. Right?
Mia questions Michael about the Watchers he has mentioned. They are called Grigori. That is the order name. He is not one at the moment because he’s… well he says in ‘rehab’ but I guess they are pacing him out to see what he does. The blonde beauty (Arielle) she had seen  a few times now shows up while Michael and Mia are kissing on the beach the next day. He was about to cross that forbidden line again. He was enthralling Mia and himself. Their need and desires were becoming an obsession, an addiction that they could not easily fight. Arielle is Michael’s ‘sponsor’ while he settles into his new human body. This is new for him and Angels in general. He’s like the test dummy (for lack of a better word). She keeps Mia company the next night and shows her what Michael does. The good that he tries to do for people. Its enlightening and she feels guilty for wanting him but she is still drawn to him. She wants Michael.

The past makes its way into the little moments that Mia has. The quiet times she spends trying to piece it together finally sparks something inside her when Michael is before her one night. After they are attacked by a nasty demon by the water front. As Mia sits and lets the images plague her memory she sees it.. she had a child. A demon. That is what was made of the union she had with Michael in the beginning. The enthrallment caused that. Its hard to swallow at first but Mia, being Mia lets it not be a thing of the now. It was the past. No matter what happened then. The Michael before her now is who she loves. No matter what he could have done to her. As Arielle helps Mia, the only witness left from that time, see what really happened so she can help Michael see what he really needs to see to help himself more and more questions arise. But in her own mind Mia knows Michael needs to hear the good, he needs this to keep from torturing himself again. Its the only way to keep him safe and from falling again to be prayed upon by Damiel and the demons of hell.

Damiel, the evil ass shows up at Mia’s home after she breaks up with Michael. She did it to keep michael safe but now that Damiel was so close to her it was all coming together. She was Michael’s weakness. Her pushing him away was going to more painful than she thought. Enthralling her Damiel took Mia away into the far hills to a cabin. This is where visions of what he had done to her in the past flooded her mind. Them together. Harsh sex, rape. The darkness surrounding her. Its enough to break his enthrallment over her and now she has to find a way to escape. Is that even possible? No, she tries but he is too quick for her. Then more images of the night Mia died so many years ago come back to her. It wasn't Michael's child that had killed her.. it was Damiel’s. (blinks) (Just dayum….. makes so much sense though.. lol) As a fight started outside Damiel proceeded on with his ‘wooing’ of Mia, only to be interrupted by his minions to say the intruder was dead. When the body was brought in, Mia -who was immobilized on the bed- saw it and her biggest fear came to life. Michael lay beaten, bloody, broken and dead on the floor. Damiel believing what he saw was real went back to Mia but Michael was far from dead. Mia saw it but as Ariel came in and killed the minions a fight between Damiel and Michael broke out. Hellhounds were called in and the fight of their lives was on. Mia could only hear the fighting but she had fighting of her own to do.

Could she outsmart the Demon? Yes, she works at it and as Michael and Arielle come back in battered but alive Mia tries harder to get Damiel to see her side. Anything to save the Angels. With a memory of her reading she had with Fatima she knows what she has to do. Damiel has a chance to go back to heaven. It could work. As He is pulled from the humans body he forms in his true nature before them. With a touch of his hand Michael pulls his angel side forward. Something divine comes over Mia and she approaches the demon/angel and speaks to him. Love. Does he remember love? A struggle starts inside him and with Mia’s help Michael is able to kill the demon side of him. Damiel is free of his darkness. He has a second chance.

The look on Michael's face was one of awe and reverence as he encircled me in his arms.
“Do you know what you did? You gave a demon a chance at redemption.”

The light that filled me began to fade. It was replaced by the warmth of Michael and an incredible sense of peace.

“Is that good?”

“Very.” He smiled, his gaze tender as it held mine. “That took real courage. I wish you could hear the celebration on the other side.”

“Can you?”


I blinked back tears. His shirt was ripped, his hair messy, but he was alive. Even covered in blood and grime, he was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

“Fatima told me to love, and I just remembered it.” It probably didn't make any sense, but it was all I could think to say. “What will happen to him now?”

“There wasn't much of his angelic self left. We had to time it right; if  you hadn’t gotten him to feel any remorse, he would have just been sent back through the gates of Hell.” He pulled me closer to him. “But you did, and he had that slightest bit of remorse that made it all possible.”

I didn’t say anything, waiting for Michael to continue. From his answer, I still didn’t know what would happen to Damiel.

“We cleared the darkness off of what was left of him. That is really big Mia. We seldom reclaim demons as far gone as he was. Not even I went that far.”

Now that what is good in Damiel is back where it belongs Mia and Michael have to work out how they can be together. With any luck they will figure it all out.

I have to say, I am very impressed with this novel. Not only was it a constant thrill from page to page it was well written, demanding of your feelings but in a good way. It was like a car ride on a windy mountain side with no guard rail. You had to hold on and wait to see what was around the next corner. To say I enjoyed it would be to down play it. I loved it and I can’t wait to get my hands on The Angel Killer, which is book 2 in this saga. And I really can’t wait to see what Lisa comes up with in the future!

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