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Barb's Christmas Book Review... Jingle Bear

Whoever said Santa wasn’t real? Well kids everywhere believe in him and after this little story I could only hope the Jolly man in red was this awesome.  This story takes place in Santa’s Village at the the North Pole. #JustSaying

We meet Quinn Miller. Tall, handsome and built like a skyscraper. Polar bear shifter, enforcer for the  North Pole and Santa. He is a mean tempered, frustrated man and the only friend he really has is his friend Mark… he is a grumpy cuss so much no one wants to be around him. Quinn is called to see the big man. Santa. When he arrives at the office he is greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Seems its time for Quinn to find his mate. His one true love. But he is rather apprehensive about that. He had a mishap with a woman 10 years ago and he will walks around with the emotional and physical scars of that time in his life. He isn’t wanting to find a mate.But Santa -as any good diplomat- doesn’t give him a chance. Either he goes on a vacation willingly or they will force him too. Quinn does agree to start planning a vacation. But one thing Santa didn’t do was give him a time frame to have it done by. So, Quinn being a hard head decides to pretend to do it and then just get away with not actually doing it. (Tsk Tsk Tsk)

Meeting Chloe you’d think she was an average kind of gal. Tall, curvy and wild curly hair. You know, you average all natural gal. But Chloe has spent the last six months trying to get a handle on her life. She kicked her ex to the curb -something she should have done five years ago- and is going to Christmas Town for a few days. Her ex, Rick -scumbag, douchebag, ratbastard- that he was never wanted to celebrate Christmas with her. Christmas is Chloe’s favorite holiday. (I mean duh Christmas is awesome!!) So she is doing something for herself!

Mark, Quinn’s friend warned him not to try his wait it out plan. Santa knows everything! So… Quinn wakes up in the snow in his human form wondering how he got out in the snow. He is fully dressed. And the last thing he remembers was being in his pj bottoms. (laughs hard) When he stands up and looks around he has no idea where he is. He reaches for his necklace and its gone. That necklace is the only way to get to and from the North Pole. When he looks around more he finds Chloe trying to chop wood. He is assaulted with emotions and can’t help but think the big man had him right where he needed to be.

Anger though… since he is a grumpy cuss wins out and he makes his way to her. Sending her inside to chop the wood for her. Chloe is perfect for him, he knows that from first sight. She’s tall, has meat on his bones and she is beautiful. Chloe is apprehensive but… there is that feeling deep inside her. After the wood is cut he comes in and she offers him soup and coffee. Things start to go good but since Quinn has a burr in his ass he manages to get angry when he finds out she doesn’t have any real food in the cabin. He yells at her for stopping to get a tree and decorations but no food. This upsets and really piss Chloe off. She throws him out and the moment he walks away she wants to run after him. What’s wrong with her?

Quinn walks away as she ordered but with a list in his hand of what she needs he heads down the mountain into Christmas town. He will get whats on her list, get himself a change of clothes, a sled to pull it back up the mountain on and hope she will let him back in when he gets there. When he gets back Chloe is just waking from a nap to find the electricity is out. She is freezing and needs a fire. He offers her the sled full of supplies as a peace offering and they spend hours talking, decorating the Christmas tree and getting to know each other.

When the sparks fly between them they really heat up. Chloe is self conscious and thanks to her ex she is broken in a way.. a way that Quinn can fix. And the fact that he spanks her ass when they first get close is awesome. But he swats her ass to get her attention. (Thuds) That and his admiration is what helps Chloe see that this is okay. She is not something ugly she is a beautiful girl who deserves to feel the way Quinn makes her feel. They spend two days together, including a long day in Christmas town, eating lunch, diner and exploring the town. When Quinn leaves her sitting outside of the mall so he can step inside and get her something she is left to face her ex, who just happens to pop up. He berates her as usual but what Rick isn’t ready for is one pissed off Quinn to show up. Not only does he make Rick say he’s sorry but he embarrasses him with downgrading himself. (laughs)

When Quinn and Chloe get back to the cabin he sets the gift on the table and turns on the couch to talk to Chloe. It’s time to tell her she is his mate. And.. to tell her about Santa. About his scars. His past. The village and what he was. It was a lot to get out at once. I mean, deep down she felt he was telling the truth but her mind wouldn’t let her accept it. She was still hurting and broken from her past. She asked him to leave in the morning and locked herself away in her room and cried herself to sleep. When she woke he was gone and her mind was rolling. She hadn’t believed him but now she knew it to be true. But it was too late.

Chloe found the gift Quinn had gotten for her when they were in town. A ring. A large and beautiful ring. Her heart was breaking at the thought of never having him in her life. Just when she thinks all hope is lost.. Santa shows up and brings her back to the North Pole. She isn’t sure what to expect as she approaches him and the other enforcers in the barn. Of course he is hurt and pissed when she first arrives. Wouldn't you be? But after a few minutes of her confidently telling him she loves him and wants him.. that big growly bear turns into the gentle loving bear she makes him into.

Chloe wants him and he wants her. Forever they shall be as one in Santa’s Village at the North Pole.

I loved this. And maybe its the whole Christmas spin but it was good. The thing about short stories is just that.. they are short but with this one it was not rushed. Ruby’s story for the characters is just as powerful as one twice this long would be. Fun times, great characters and hot sex. Erm, what else could you want? Ha.

P.S. This is another new author for me. I found her on Amazon and I am so happy I did!!

Have a sugar cookie break then get back to your wrapping!

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