Friday, December 19, 2014

Barb's Christmas Book Review... A True Alpha Christmas

I got a big surprise this morning that made me squeal. (laughs) Alisa sent out a message through her site that there was a surprise publishing just in time for Christmas. The True Alpha series had another story to tell and I for one -and I know there was others that felt the same way- that were more than excited about this. (I read this on 12/8/14 but y’all are seeing it now ‘cause it’s closer to Christmas and we wanted to give y’all many, many Christmas goodies this year.)

We are thrust back into Seattle and into the world of Spark Technologies. Mia, now mated to Lucas Sparks. Alpha. Entrepreneur. Hothead. Sex on legs… (yeah that list could go on for days) and even though she is over the moon for her wolf she feels she is missing something. What could she possibly be missing? A wedding ring on her finger. The fact that her mother wanted to meet Lucas, tomorrow and her nerves over everything else she was a mental mess. As she and Jupiter (Jeeter) get ready for the SparkTech holiday party she tries to decide if the little (literally) dress Jeeter put her in is right for tonight’s party. Will Lucas show her off as his girl.. or just the intern she was paid to be. The thoughts of how naked she felt even though she was clothed weigh on her heavily as she and Jeeter walk up to the Elephant room’s door.

Thing is Mia -as usual- was in her own head. She looked gorgeous and she have worked that little dress. And when Lucas finally got a good, long look at the dress they had to excuse themselves and disappeared into the coat closet (laughs) Lucas tries his best to get her to relax and let him take her but Mia has other things on her mind. Like her mother. That revelation makes Lucas take a step back and they did decide after some teasing and talking they just needed to head home… because things would get awkward if not.  The next day Mia is worried about this meeting between her mother and Lucas. Her mother -still- has no idea Mia is a shifter. What will she do if she finds out not only Mia is a shifter but Lucas is a shifter, an Alpha at that. The day passes and then its time. Booms day time. Mia convinced Lucas to take a cab to her moms.. I mean like she said that sports car of his wouldn't make it 10 ins on that street before it was stripped. Lucas was horrified to find out her mom lived in the slums. Mia was frustrated, angry by the way he acted towards that fact and just a mental nut job by the time they got up to her moms place.

Lets just say the meeting did not go so well between them. Her mom was not at all impressed with Mr. Sparks. It wasn’t until Mia pulled her mom aside and was giving her the what for that it slipped that Lucas was her (Mia’s) alpha. The white elephant in the room blew up and her mom flipped a little. Wanting to know what he was doing to her. Was she safe? Her mom kicks Lucas out of her house. He goes willingly. Trying to keep from things spiraling out of control. Mia had to step back from her mother when she said she wasn’t sure if Mia was.. you know because of her father. If her mother had known he was before she wouldn’t have… had done it. This sends Mia on a tailspin but can you blame her? Erm, no.

Her mother pissing her off set Mia on explode. Her settings were on the fritz as she stormed out of her mothers building, barreled passed Lucas and up the street. She just needed to walk. Get her head on right. Lucas tried to stop her and talk to her but in the end he knew to let her be. He flagged down a cab for them but when she got in Mia told the cabbie to take her to The University of Washington and she left Lucas standing on the road side. She needed her best friend and to clear her head. 24 hours later she was wallowing in her own sorrows, missing Lucas and refusing to answer any text or call from not only Lucas but Lev. Jeeter tries her best to get Mia up and dressed -finally succeeding to get her up and dressed- but Mia refused to leave the dorm room to go to the Packs tree lighting. It was a full moon so tonight was to serve multiple purposes.

Mia finally leaves the dorm room thanks to Lev. His relationship ‘drama’ -since she blames herself for it- is all she can think about at the moment. But things change when she gets to the are in the National forest where the tree lighting is going to be help. The packs are gathering and as one they will submit to their prospective Alpha’s (Liam, Old man Sparks and Llyr, Lucas’s oldest brother). Mia, Lev, and two new wolves circle around Lucas and all shift. Mia submits fully as she has since the night he mated to her. But this was her first time doing in front of so many people.

After the submissions were done they all shifted and dressed in fur cloaks and boots. When Mia turns to find Lucas he is in front of her on his knee, a ring in his hand. When he asks her to marry him she is speechless, frozen in time. Its Lev that -being Lev- that breaks her out of it and she said YES! (happy dances) That is not where her surprises of the night end. As people come and congratulate them she sees a woman -her mother- standing under the big tree they light up. Her mother saw her submit to her alpha and saw him propose. It seems that our sneaky alpha went back to her moms after Mia let and told her what he had planned. He made him impression and now not only was her mom in the game she was happy for them.

Now, Mia and Lucas could be one in all ways. No more worries. No more secrets from the outside. Mia Fiore was Lucas Sparks whole world and they would all see it and know it now.

Again, I am so happy about this last story in the True Alpha series. January will bring us Dark Alpha Series and to say I am excited and on pins and needles waiting is not doing it justice. LOL

Until next time, keep the fires burning and the pages turning.
Happy Holidays!

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