Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Barb's Christmas Story Review... A Drawn Christmas

Well what can I say? I saw this Anthology, saw "A Drawn Christmas" and totally squealed like a high school cheerleader being asked to the prom by the quarterback. (Dead) Yes, I admitted that too. But when it comes to Lilliana Anderson and the Drawn series I am a total fan girl. (cheeky grin) The lady could write a dirty phone book and I would read it. (nod) But anyhoo on to what I am here for.

This short story found in the 12 Days of Christmas: Naughty or Nice Anthology is just the right amount of Henrietta (Etta), Damien and naughty times. We meet up with them after a few years of marriage. Six I think. (Got sidetrack by the naughty…. lol) If you read Damien’s book (Drawn 2:Redemption) then you know they had four kids and moved back to be closer to her parents. So with that in mind let’s get this Christmas Eve/Christmas day started.

We catch up with Damien and Henrietta on Christmas Eve setting out all the gifts from “santa” for their little ones.  Is it too much, possibly but hey its Christmas. If you can’t spoil your kids on Christmas then what’s the fun in it? The story morphs into Christmas day and the naughty is worth the page turning but there is also a story here. Damien, Henrietta and their kids waking up Christmas morning and being able to celebrate a holiday full of love and joy together. The atmosphere is just as it was at the end of Drawn 2. They are a happy family. Still dealing with Damien;s bipolar disorder and making sure he doesn’t slip into a manic state again. He’s started working with her father again at the gym and has become the man she knew he was and the one he strives to be because of her.

The dynamic of these two characters is powerful. Love, lust and a helluva lot of aggressive behavior but the end product is worth it. Not everyone gets that but these two have busted their asses to get where they are today. 9 years after meeting they finally got their fairy tale ending. Their happily ever after.

Again, I love Lilliana’s series and if you haven’t read it you need to go get them now. They are most Awesome!

Merry Christmas y'all! Don't forget Santa's cookies!

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