Thursday, December 18, 2014

Book Sale... Ariadne Wayne's Three Days

Three Days is now available on Amazon and iBooks!
This is at the special price of 99c until Monday 22nd of December to say thank you to the readers for an amazing year I never dreamed I'd have.

Three Days (A Friends Forever Novel)
Published: December 2014
Three days …
That’s how long I was married to Charlie. Her death on our third day of marriage still haunts me, the part I played in her asthma attack will be with me forever. I loved her, but just couldn’t let go of the past.
Three days …
How long I held Rowan captive, trying to convince her that she needed to be with me. I never stood a chance. She’d turned her back on me once I chose Charlie and moved on with someone else. In my grief and stupidity, I lost any chance of her friendship.
Three days …
I’ve done prison time, and now I need to start again. I’m not looking for any relationship right now, the thought of love is simply too painful. It’s been three days since I met Maddy, and already she’s brought more laughter to my life than I have had in so very long. She’s been through a lot too, so now I wonder if we can make a fresh start together.

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