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Barb's Book Review... Elementally Priceless

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"My Name is Rylee, and I am a Tracker"

This is the story of my first salvage, seeking out a missing child that my mentor has warned me away from.

What I find is more than one child: I find my destiny.

"They call me the Destroyer."

I've been banished to the desert for years after saving a life I should have let the darkness take. But as an earth elemental, I couldn't turn from the pleas for help any more than I can turn from them this time. Except that this time, I have a Tracker to deal with.

This is about to get interesting.

**30K Word Standalone Novella**


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First I have to say.. squuuuueeeeeeeeee (clears my throat) Okay, now onto serious business… (LOL) I love, love, love this series. It’s one of my favorites and has been since I read the first book, Priceless. Rylee is a kick-ass, sword wielding, sword handing, fighter who has a big heart.I am thankful to get to see how she got started. We heard of her first salvage in a few cases of the series and I always wondered about it. So now.. we get to it.

Rylee has always been independent and stubborn. No lying there and we all know it but she has something special about her that is unlike anyone else. As a tracker she can find anyone, anywhere, except her sister. As her ‘first’ salvage gets started Rylee sees a poster of a missing child on a bulletin board. Jonathan, age 10… pushing out her gift she gets a trail to him. The kid is still alive. The poster said he was missing for two years now, but his thread was strong. She could do this. Giselle may not think she was ready to go on a salvage alone but she was. Or so she thought. But how could she get to the kid?

Luckily her neighbor, Caleb, nice hunky man cake that he was had a bike and she had money. She manages to get him to agree to take her to a ‘friend’. After a few hours of traveling they stop to eat and to her horror what does she find? Agent Liam O’Shea up her ass. Of course the fact that Rylee is packing heat in the way of a frigging sword, and knives does not pass O’Shea. He takes them. Of course. Ass. The kids get food and set back off on the road. The thread leads them to where? Vegas baby. HA!

This is where Rylee meets Dox for the first time. Big blue ogre that is friendly and living off the tips and money he makes running a bar off the strip. (laughs) Of course Rylee makes herself known to him and they chat. He tells her about the big uglies in the area and she sets off to find Jonathan. But what Rylee doesn't know is that things are already set into motion. Things she can’t change or stop. As Rylee narrows down where Jonathan is she meets Lark. An elemental who is also there to save the child. As a favor to someone else. This child needs to be taken somewhere the elemental can send him to keep him safe. He is a special kid after all.

Rylee and Lark seem to be agreeable on one thing.. neither of them can take no for an answer so they go into get the kid together. As with any other salvage there is no way to know what will happen. But when all hell breaks loose they work together to beat down the big ugly. And to the uglies surprise Rylee is able to do him harm. Something that is not easy. Lark is able to get herself, Rylee and Jonathan out thanks to her elemental gift and they head back to her place.

But what happens next sets us up for the next adventure for team Rylee. That is all I will say.. well that and I am veeeeeeery anxious for the next installment in the Rylee Adamson series. I need it like now!!!

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