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Barb's Book Review... One Foot in the Grave


You can run from the grave, but you can’t hide…

Half-vampire Cat Crawfield is now Special Agent Cat Crawfield, working for the government to rid the world of the rogue undead. She’s still using everything Bones, her sexy and dangerous ex, taught her, but when Cat is targeted for assassination, the only man who can help her is the vampire she left behind.

Being around Bones awakens all her emotions, from the adrenaline rush of slaying vamps side by side to the reckless passion that consumed them. But a price on her head—wanted: dead or half-alive—means her survival depends on teaming up with Bones. And no matter how hard Cat tries to keep things professional between them, she’ll find that desire lasts forever…and Bones won’t let her get away again. Original.


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*** small spoiler alert ***

Its been 4 years since Cat started working the death squad. She is kicking ass and takin’ names. When Cat is sent after someone important what she gets is a little bit of history slap her in the face. Liam -or Ian as it turns out- is Bones sire. Something he says while they are grappling for a knife saves his undead life. She lets him go. A life for a life. Bones had saved her mom and now she was 'saving' him by letting him go and stabbing herself as if he had done it. In the time after that Cat moves on as a girl should do. She starts dating a vet. One whom she met when she hit a kitten who ran out in front of her one night.

Tate, her second in command, shows up at her house one morning and she is to come to the command center. There had been a double murder in her childhood home. A message on the wall catches her attention..."Here Kitty Kitty"... her mind goes to Bones. Was it a way to get her attention? When they get to the house she finds a rock of limestone. One that reminds her of the cave. Bones? They make their way towards the cave. Cat, of course, goes to the cave alone. Leading her team 5 miles behind her. What was she walking into? They were to give her a half hour if she wasn't out they were to blow the cave. End of story.

Well what she found was a few too many vampires waiting on her. The main asshole tells her that her ‘boyfriend’ had told them who she was. They were there to collect her and turn her in for the bounty on her head. Who were these jokers? Why now? Was Bones behind this? When they go to get her boyfriend they drag out Danny. As in the asshole that raped her as a teen. So he had sold her out.. again. Well he was used -by Cat- as a bullet collector and threw the vamps off enough she was able to take them down. All but the main dude. She got into a fight with him, wounded the fucker, grabbed Danny and ran. There were only seconds left until the bomb was to hit.

As she got to the entrance of the cave two of her men charged in. Tate and another, Dave. Dave was taken down and they were not able to save him. The vamp that got away had royally pissed Cat off now. Cat, Tate, and two other of her men went to juice up.. as in she made the humans drink vamp blood.. (LMAO) And then the chase was on. She of course caught the fucker and when she did they had a little fun times to get the information they wanted. Or the information they tried to get.  Then he went poof.. As he deserved. The team was shaken but they pressed on. They had a job to do. More assholes to take down.

As time moved on Cat and her team worked on taking down vamps while she helped her best friend Denise -who knew who and what Cat was and knew of her team- get ready for her upcoming wedding. Her fiance seemed to be a good man. He treated Denise right at least. It was at the wedding that Cats fishbowl was turned upside down, spun around and kicked into the bushes. Denise’s soon to be husband was friends with.. (hold onto your knickers) Bones. As she sauntered up the aisle as the maid of honor she saw him. Of course his hair was longer and a honey brown now but it was him. It took all she had in her to stay focused during the ceremony. and then there was her mother to deal with when she saw him. needless to say she was quite revved up the entire reception.

After the wedding she was too keyed up to contemplate going home so she went to a club that her and the team were going to hit the next night. Of course she found trouble.. its kinda her thing. But as usual Bones came to the rescue.. well he was good back up anyhow. They take down the vampires and then it happens. The talk they have put off all night. After some time to adjust, they agree to work together and date platonically. (Laughs) Then Bones and Cat talk again, she confesses that she loves him and would do anything for him.. that is put to the test when her mom shows up at the house to scold her for breaking up with the vet. even though that relationship was going nooooooowhere! Her mom calls her a whore.. and Bones went on the offensive. Mom and Bones went toe to toe, face to face until her mom stormed off. Not a man I’d wanna argue with for sure.

Time grows shorter for Cat -in accordance with her ‘death’- as Bones takes her out on a date. A real date. As they settled into a evening out all hell breaks loose. Bones jumps across the table and gets her to the floor just as the glass in the window breaks. It takes a minute for her to get her bearings. She has a cut on her head -from a bullet grazing her head- Bone has a bullet in his head and the shooter is getting away. Bones and Cat go after the van that is speeding away. How do you ask when they were on the 20th floor of the building they were in. Well that was easy, he busted through the glass and flew them to the van. Yes fleeeeew! The captured the man. And Bones makes him talk. Bones takes her back to his house so she is safe.

When people piss Cat and Bones off… things get crazy. There is a spy in the mix. Someone she works with is selling her out. They work out a plan to find out who it is. A way to sneak him into the compound. Once the plan is in play its all going down. Her men (Tate and Juan) go with her to set up the plan. They let Bones out of the cages in the basement (laughs) and he goes into a sniffing fit. They find the culprit.. and then learn who is going after her. To say its a shock is to put it lightly. Now it’s time to put a big ass plan into motion. They make out a plan that the members of her team may not like. But to her surprise they go along with it. Tate, Cooper and Juan all juice up… as in they drink a pint of Bone’s blood. And the fun begins.

Fighting, and practicing with another vamp they had in the basement (who knew Bone’s and knew if she didn’t follow the rules she would die) and unfortunately the bastards hated losing. So they busted their asses to do it over and over again. They would not go down that easily. With the plan in motion Bones calls all of his people in (the men and woman he had changed) as back up. And then… Annette, the first person Bones had ever changed came in. And let me tell you her and Cat did not see eye to eye.. Bwahaha. It came down to a knock down, drag out fight. Ending with Cat putting a knife to Annette’s heart. they came to an understanding… Annette would back off and Cat wouldn’t kill her. Bones is not happy with this. He makes Cat tell him what happened. O.o He was not a happy boy…

It caused a night of passion that Cat wouldn’t have thought was possible. He showed her just what he was capable of including blood exchanges and… well just wild sex. Not only to prove she was his but to make a point to Annette. The bed was ruined and she was very, very satisfied. The next morning Cat learns the plan has been pushed up to tonight. Seems Ian had called saying he had information as to where Cat was. Bones had to inform him that he had Cat and some of her men. Hostages. So it was set. They would meet and then the real fun would begin.

When they all met things went sort of as planned. Ian was his asinine self as usual.. but as it started Cat was challenged, of her own asking. If she won she got a man back -the only they had, Noah- but if she lost.. well Ian gets her. Thought no one knew the other end of this dea. Bones had been released to be his own Master so he was not under Ian’s wing anymore. So all of his property -buy vampire law, including Cat- could go with him. but Cat decided to fight the fight. Only her fight wasn't with a  vampire.. it was with a Ghoul. A big bald, ugly one. And the fight was nasty. HA! But what would you expect? Of course it changes when he pisses her off. Cat is not just a little pussy ya know. So she bit him in the groin.. Bwahaha And he screamed like a girl. Then she took out his eyes. He would heal but it gave her time to attack… and take him down, and his head off.

Ian had no choice but to let her go…. the Cat being Cat decides to tell Ian that she is calling out her father, Max. She wants to challenge him. But since she did NOT talk to Bones first she fucked herself. As saying Max was her father, he belongs to Ian, so she is now Ian’s… Dumbass…

But it’s Bones to the rescue… with a wedding proposal... Ian of course spits and sputters as he yells it can’t happen that is until his master shows up... thankfully he was able to sort out a few things out… and now by vampiric law Cat and Bones are ‘married’.

And, you have to read it to see what happens next. I was shocked! Amazed even… HA! I loved this book. So damn good and completely craaaaazy! Very gripping and enjoyable. Can’t wait until I get to the next one!!

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