Saturday, January 10, 2015

Barb's Book Review... Unbound


The forces that bind them can also tear them apart...

Zachary McKenna is a warrior shapeshifter from the Lion Clan, trying to catch a break in the sun and surf of Mexico. Mai Tais and scantily clad beach beauties are just what he needs after his last battle. But the fun doesn't last long before a beautiful young woman is mugged on his doorstep and Zach is pulled right back into the fray.

Zach has no idea of the danger Annabelle has unwittingly brought to his doorstep, until he discovers that losing her will almost certainly destroy him...



First off let me thank Sara Humphrey’s for providing me with a copy of Unbound to read in exchange for an honest review. This is a new author and series for me and I can say after reading this Novella I will be getting the other books in the series asap and devouring them. HA! And before you ask “how can you read this if you haven’t read the others?”... its easy. I researched each Novel and it seems as they could be read as stand alones.. and I was right. But if it hadn’t been that way I would have gotten them all and started at the top. Because, I do love a good shifter story and if this is a taste of the cake I want the whole thing. And pronto!!

When enemies are everywhere, danger is your ever present shadow that follows you around how do you overcome it to lend yourself to destiny? For Zachary and Annabelle it takes more than they thought to overcome what is dragging them both down.

Zachary, an Amoveo warrior of the lion clan has a torturous history with the Caedo. A group of humans who have done nothing but cause him and the other warriors problems. As he is still recovering from his last visit with them he takes off for a week to Loreto, Mexico. Needing to just get out and breath for a bit. He is also worried because he has been having dreams of his mate. This is something the Amoveo can do. One of their many little gifts. Worry that she is a human is pushing his need to get away.

When Zach gets to Mexico he finds more than relaxation. Thanks to a freak incident he becomes Annabelle’s knight in furry armor so to speak. ((laughs) Gah, such a lucky gal.) He hears Annabelle’s frustrated scream and comes out to find her bleeding and staggering, managing to catch her before she hits the ground -again- after an ass on a bike steals her bag. That means all of her money, her identification, her passport…. all gone. Zach carries her to his rental house and washed the blood from a cut off of her head. She started to come around and that’s when things got… panicked for her. See Annabelle has a gift, human as she is she is gifted. She has visions when she touches items or people. When she was first scooped up by him before she passed out she saw things of him. She knows he is Amoveo. He is the ‘enemy’, the ‘monster’ her people, the Caedo have told stories of for years.

What should she do? Tell? Leave? Before she can really make a choice Zach ushers her to bed -but she chooses the couch- and when she falls asleep he is in her dreams again. This time as himself not a lion… she doesn’t get that the dream is real so Zach gives her a token -a piece of a broken heart shaped shell- and he keeps a piece. When she wakes she still has it clasped in her hands. Does she understand all of what just happened? No. But she is drawn to him as he is to her… its inevitable.

As they spend the next day together -starting with breakfast- a um.. (snickers) naughtyish shower that turns a little sour but Zach -being a man- blames himself when he should be pushing her for more information on who she is. They make their way to the police station to file a report about the mugging, then have lunch and take a jetski and go to the island the policeman told him about. They find a hidden Lagoon and enjoy some time together. But that is where they happy ends. When they get back to the house where they are staying her family -her cousin and father- are waiting on them. A fight ensues, shots are fired and… there is blood flowing from a wound that may end a life.

And, yes I know you hate me now but I can’t ruin it. HA. Trust me you will love this Novella. It’s a sweet story and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

In the near future I will be reading/reviewing the rest of this series. Yeeeees, its that good!! An amazing take on the shifter world.

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