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Barb's Book Review... Given to the Pack


This is the remarkable first book in the stunning new Wolfpack Trilogy.

It tells the story of Aisha, a curvy girl who is abused and humiliated by her boyfriend, Heath. He makes her believe that she is fat and ugly.

When she moves to Alaska, she learns that there are men in the forest who can shift into wolves. They are more than willing to show her just how beautiful and desirable her body really is.

Will you join Aisha on this remarkable, soul-stirring, journey?


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First, thanks to Abby Weeks for asking me to be a recipient of an ARC in exchange for an honest review. It was an awesome feeling to have her come to me and ask if I’d be an advanced reader. As a reader/blogger I love being able to help out with spreading the word of a book, especially a new release. And I love paranormal shifter series and have a weakness for strong men and women that go furry. (laughs)

***small spoiler alert***

In this book we meet Aisha who works at the local vets office. She has a way of speaking to the animals, her heart and soul go into her job. She’s a hardworking girl who has had a not so happy growing up but is trying to make the best out of what cards she has been dealt. Her boyfriend of four years -who is 8 years her senior- is a pig and not in a good way. He’s unemployed, abusive -verbally- drunk who is a nut sack waiting to be stomped on. If he tried some of that stuff with me he'd be singing soprano permanently. But I digress, she loves him I guess so she puts up with it.

Aisha is called into the office in the wee hours of the morning for an emergency. A man has brought in a wolf who was injured in the woods by the man. A total accident but Aisha -since she is the only one their now- has to do something to help the wolf. It takes a lot of nerve to approach an injured animal, of any kind. They -just as humans do- get really pissy if they are hurt. They don't like being cornered but as Aisha approaches the table where the injured wolf is all she does is talk to her. That sweet soft voice calms the wolf enough that she is able to clean up the gashes in her and sew her up without sedating the wolf in any way. This gal has brass balls for sure. The vet once she gets there inspects Aisha;s work and is impressed. She offers to help Aisha sign up for scholarships so she can go to school and get what she needs to get out of that office. She deserves better. With her talent she could go far.

Before Aisha can tell Heath -the ass- about the good news he calls and asks her out to dinner. They go  to the local bar -his second home- and of course his attitude is hot then cold and it makes for a miserable start to what should be a good night. He tells her he got the job he had interviewed for today but.. they want him to move to Alaska. He assumes she will go with him. Instead of talking it out with her first. Typical male. (Ugh did I mention he is an ass?) She tries to tell him of her news but as usual he just ignores it and makes a few negative statements about her weight and then makes her pay for dinner. (Ass!) When they get home though it seems things may be looking up. He brings in a box. A dress box. When she opens it its a wedding dress. He asks her to marry him. But… he gets her all worked up and happy then squashes it. The dress is waaaaaay to small for her. He tells her when she can get into the dress he will marry her. (I doubt its a size a normal person could ever fit in so its just a way to make her suffer longer. Ass!)

That night is a bad night. What should have been a good night for her was ruined by the pig. As usual. Then before she knew it, it was moving day. Everything they had had been reduced down to a few suitcases and backpacks. They had to travel light. This trip could take them as long as ten days. The man that picked them up -Hunter- would serve as their guide. He would make sure that they both got to their final destination -Dead Wolf- in one piece so to speak. The first part of the day was uneventful. The drive was long but they had no problems of any kind. This changed however at the end of their second day on the road. When they boarded the ferry that would take them to the next port it wasn’t really what Aisha was expecting. They were crammed into a tiny room, two small beds that were side by side.. it was unnerving to say the least. But then the alcohol opened and things went south quickly.

Once Aisha laid down she was unfortunately stuck in the middle of the two. Mortified she tried to ignore that and sleep but it was hard to do. She was naked and stuck between two men who both wanted her. In that way too. When Hunter -who wasn’t sure about taking advantage of her- starts to touch her under the blanket she tries to get him off of her. But that doesn’t work. Then Heath wakes up. And well.. Aisha doesn't have a peaceful nights sleep like she had hoped for. The next day she is ten shades of pissed. Not that I blame her. They head back out onto land and start the next leg of their trip. The was a man Aisha had run into on the ferry that was now stuck in her head. Both Hunter and and Heath had told her to stay away from him. They had called him a shifter. But there was something about him that had him in her head.

After stopping for food and supplies they get ready to head to the last stop of the night. A motel of sorts to get some shut eye. But again Aisha was cornered between two very horny, drunkish brutes… and she wasn’t into that again. Once was enough. Tricking them was easy but escaping not so much. She managed to get out of the room and then out the building but her escape was not thought out properly. She was out in the Alaskan weather, surrounded by snow in a pair of pj’s and barefoot. Hunter was right on her heels but they both stopped when a wolf; a big ass mofo shows himself and snarls. Aisha notices his yellow eyes. It was a shifter. Could it be the same one from the boat? The wolf once it got close to her relaxed. But he never broke his snarls as he moved between her and Hunter. The wolf was protecting her?

Leave it to Heath to fuck up the night more by shooting the wolf. It broke Aisha out of her daze and when they all get back inside the men start in on her again. If she’ll submit to them it would be her payment for them keeping her safe. Males are so disgusting. (rolls my eyes) So finally feeling she has no choice, and not wanting to get ‘raped’ again she gives in. But the kicker is there is something that happens to her while she is in the throes of ecstasy that I am sure they think they did to her but they’d be wrong. Our mysterious wolf is in her head again. Why? She has no clue but she isn’t afraid of him. The next day they set out on their last part of their journey. They had been traveling for hours when they have an incident. Hunter hits a rock and eff’s up the tire. It has to be changed they still have a hundred miles to go. As the men change the tire Aisha stands guard. Gun at the ready.

Then.. it happens. A wolf -a normal wolf- takes Heath down before anyone even sees it. Aisha is able to shoot the bitch but its too late. Heath’s cut up badly. Then another wolf tries to get Hunter, Aisha is quicker this time and shoots the wolf as it goes to pounce. Then they are surrounded. The whole packs here. There is no way she can take them all down.. just as she starts to panic she hears it. The howl gains the wolves attention as well. Its a shifter. They load up quickly and get the hell out of there. As Hunter drives Aisha patches and sews up Heath. The whole time she is taking care of him he minds on the shifter. Again he is all on her mind. When they get into town they see the doctor and settle into the Inn.

This place is worse than she thought. There are two woman and about thirty men in the restaurant when they get in. Not good odds. As the hours pass the questions she have grow. Aisha is out of her element here. The barmaids -Hilda and Tilly- take her next door to see the eldest woman in the village. The eightyish year old Hetty is a hoot. But she freaks out Aisha. Hetty has the same birthmark Aisha does. How that is possible… she doesn’t want to fathom. But as the days pass again Aisha’s questions grow and she goes back to Hetty. But what she learns only makes her want more. She is worried of course but the ready to take that next step because finally she has admitted and I think she actually believes herself that Heath doesn't love her. He just wants to possess her.

I have to say I enjoyed this one. As I went through the pages the plot grew and things started to fall in place for the characters. It wasn’t over done -but- there were a few things I thought could have been explained more in the beginning… then something that there was too much of.. but then they may have made it lack without them. I’m not sure. Like I said I enjoyed it. I am anxious for the next installment. And ready to dive into it as soon as I can.

Until next time!

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