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Barb's Book Review... One Grave at a Time

One Grave at a Time (Night Huntress #6)
How Do You Send A Killer to the Grave When He's Already Dead?

Having narrowly averted an (under)World War, Cat Crawfield wants nothing more than a little downtime with her vampire husband, Bones. Unfortunately, her gift from New Orleans's voodoo queen just keeps on giving - leading to a personal favor that sends them into battle once again, this time against a villainous spirit.

Centuries ago, Heinrich Kramer was a witch hunter. Now, every All Hallows Eve, he take physical form to torture innocent women before burning them alive. This year, however, a determined Cat and Bones must risk all to send him back to the other side of eternity - forever. But one wrong step and they'll be digging their own graves.


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***small spoiler alert***

Seeeeeems…. ghosts are still up Cat’s ass. (bwahaha) Including her uncle Don. Yes, her uncle’s ghostly presence is still here. He can’t pass on. They have tried many, many things to get him to pass over. And so far nothing was working. And man, he was not happy about that.  though they don’t have to wait long before other things start to happen. Tate called Cat, Bones and Don to the new facility. But something is off in his voice. Which was only made worse when they arrive and are not let in without showing an ID. Needless to say they are not happy once they get in and meet the company's newest employee. Madigan -government man- who is a pain in the ass. He’s looking into Cat’s old cases and others. But the fact that Don recognized him and was ready to follow him around eased a bit of the stress.

Returning home though… there was another surprise waiting on them. Fabian had a woman waiting on them.. a ghostly woman. Elisabeth, a woman wanting to kill a fellow ghost. She had been killed by fires.. killed as a witch, though she was not a witch. She is after a man named Kramer. He was a sadist. And on All Hallows Eve he walks the earth.. he has to be stopped. Going through avenues they usually do they locate a Medium through Spade who is in Washington D.C.. Tyler, a flamboyant man that he is -who also owns a flower shop- of course starts checking Bones out before they are even in the damn shop. (laughs hard) Not that I can blame him. So.. once they are sorted and they tell Tyler of why they are there they start searching the ghost in question out. But that of course doesn’t end well. Not that it would have they have shittastic luck like that.

Tyler suggest that they contact ghost hunters. That was fun. But in the end Chris the main ‘investigator’ as they are called -they don’t like the name ghost hunters (rolls my eyes)- agrees to help them build a trap for the ghost. A way of trapping the bastard -they hope- so they can get rid of him. While they are in the hotel they rented in Ohio the ghost -Kramer- attacks Cat and wouldn't ya know heer ghostly powers of Marie’s are gone. But Tyler the badass he is comes to the rescue with burning Sage and they manage to run the prick off. Left with no choice they go to Cat’s old childhood home. She had bought it after a couple had been killed in it a few years ago, never know when you’ll need a place to crash. But… you know how a roach never really disappears… well that is what happens with the government.

Madigan strikes again. He calls Cat and tells her to be ready to hop on a copter -since he tracked her cell- one is on the way to get her to bring her back to the compound. If she refuses she will be denied further access to the compound and her friends, not to mention her mother. She goes -alone might I add- and lets just say that meeting does not go well at all. The jackass has demoted Tate to a junior officer and taken over. Not only does he do that he taunts Cat to the brink of her climbing over the desk and into her face. He hates vampires but who knows why. But all of his questions of ghosts is what she can’t get out of her mind as she is escorted out of the office and to the elevators. Her mother coming to meet her. She is leaving, she can’t stay in a place with him.

Back together they decide to not go back to the house. Not when Madigan can track them there. They will all have to stay at the cave. They got their hands on two RV’s and set up Chris’ team in them and them in the other while they finished off the work on the ghost cage. The day they go to activate their plan to capture Kramer they are interrupted by… who else Madigan. Bastard had found the cave by reading a case file from when Dave was killed. He was surrounded by men in uniforms, all humans of course. needless to say that was when our ghost, Kramer decided to show up. By the time they were able to get him gone there were dead soldiers all around and the sniveling Madigan trying to blame this on Cat… and yeah that was smart. Bones and Cat fly away and leave him hanging as they go and round up her mom and head off again.

Moving a few times -to keep from Kramer finding them doesn’t work either. He keeps showing up and causing problems. Trying to kill Cat and Bones but always going for Cat first. It seems to be a pattern. But to their grace Elizabeth has found Kramers place to spook the most in Iowa. So when they arrive Bones decides they need to go after his victims first, not his helper. That way Kramer has to come to them, on their terms. And after some snooping they track down one of his intended targets, then another. Though Kramer was a sneaky bastard. And he found them again. And Cat had an idea why… but she needed to make sure before all hell broke loose.

Spade, Denise, Justina, Ian and the two girls they had rescued from Kramer all left the house. Spade and Ian both holding two woman and flying off. Causing Kramer to attack. Seems ghosts can't fly that high, so he was pissed off. (LOL) So they could get away with it. So Bones, Cat and Tyler put the animals in a kennel for their safety. Then they met with Don. It was when Don found them in Iowa that Cat figured out how he was finding them. Kramer was tracking her. There was still a little vibrating coming from her. Marie’s power was gone but there was just enough of it in her to be found. That meant she could not be where they kept the girls. It would be weeks before all of the vibrations stopped. So now they -Cat, Bones and Tyler- are hold up in a farm house in the middle of nowhere- they started making a new trap for Kramer while he would pop in and destroy anything he could. THey would have to buy the house.. if there was anything left by the end of this to buy.

When they get a final text from Elizabeth with the last womans address Cat and Bones take off to get her. When they arrive Kramer is in the middle of the street, waiting on them. Cat of course runs at him, taking on the ghost so Bones can get the woman to safety. And of course they crash a few buildings and windows; Kramer even slammed her with a car (laughs hard) then was scooped up with by Bones and they escaped Kramer with the last girl on Kramer’s list. Once they had the cage ready for Kramer Bones, Cat and Ian flew it in pieces to an abandoned sewer plant that Mencheres bought and took it below to set it up. Spade met them there and the four of them set it up quickly. The river water and the set up made it a perfect place for Kramers final resting place.

When they returned to Spades house… but something was wrong. It was completely quiet. Bursting into the house Spade found Denise in the closet doorway shot and in a blooded mess. She was alive thanks to her Demon blood.. but God it would take her hours more to recuperate. Sarah, the last woman they ‘saved’ had done this.. she was the accomplice. She was also batshit crazy but an accomplish none the less. And as soon as they figured it all out Kramer showed up. Making an offer to Cat.. he thought she couldn’t accept. And a plan was formed. Cat later met the accomplice and went to Kramer. Hopefully her plan would work. And it did at first but then as usual it backfires. In order to save the two girls tied to poles in the dirt Cat takes a fireball. It licks at her as she is covered in gas. But she couldn’t heal before she returned to fighting. Pian or no pain Kramer had to be stopped.

Thankfully Kramer being an arrogant schmuck that he is gets cocky and thankfully Cat is able to hold her own. Even though she is burned (but healing) Bald and naked by the time Bones barrels into Kramer she’s help by saving the girls he was after to kill. The accomplis.. well she had an unfortunate accident.. (snickers) And after all of this, Kramer was put away in a place where he could no longer haunt or hurt anyone. The Inquisitor had been judged and put in an eternal prison by his peers.

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