Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Barb's Book Review... Rogue Descendant

Rogue Descendant (Nikki Glass, #3)

The third novel in an action-packed urban fantasy series from the acclaimed author of the Morgan Kingsley, Exorcist books—starring a female private eye who discovers that she’s an immortal huntress.

No longer the leader of the Olympians, Konstantin has now gone into hiding. Konstantin is vulnerable, and Anderson believes now is the perfect time to destroy his nemesis. He orders private eye Nikki Glass to use her powers to locate Konstantin, and she balks at the idea until a series of attacks leads her to believe that Konstantin is gunning for her and Anderson instead of remaining safely in hiding.

Nikki’s search is complicated by Cyrus—Konstantin’s son and the new leader of the Olympians—who threatens retribution should his father be killed. The complications mount up as Nikki begins to suspect that Konstantin might not be behind the attacks after all. The only person who hates Konstantin more than Anderson does is Anderson’s estranged wife, Emma, who has joined the Olympians. And Nikki knows Emma would be more than happy if Anderson and his people embroil themselves in an all-out war against the Olympians—a war they cannot hope to win.

As Nikki tries to figure out who the true enemy is, she deals with her tumultuous relationship with Jamaal, who struggles to control his death magic. But being loved by a descendant of a death goddess is the least of Nikki’s worries…


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Okay, so book three was so good. You should know that from the start. And.. again I frigging LOVE the dynamic between Nikki and Jamal.. and that damn tiger. (laughs hard) She is a nasty beast. Needless to say I loved this one as much as the rest…

***Small Spoiler Alert***

As the aftermath of Konstantine’s disappearance to hide things start happening. Nikki’s family home was set on fire. Then she gets an email supposedly from Konstantine. But Nikki isn’t quite sure its actually from him. Who else does she know hates her and onstantine so much? Emma, but could she do this? Anderson isn’t convinced but Nikki agrees to start looking for Konstantine. He is under the Olympian’s protection still but… they will still try to find him. But the more she looks for him.. the more things start to happen. Emma.. well she is still on the list of suspects. Cyrus seems.. to be slacked when it comes to keeping his father safe but Nikki is determined all the way around to make this all better.

Jamal and Nikki are still having this battle of wits. He is broody and trying to keep to himself calm. His work with his tiger is going... better but not all that great. He is still pulling away from Nikki. Is he still mad at her fro trying to leave? Is that why his Tiger has it out for her? Is the link between them what’s keeping them both from what they want?  As if they aren’t in a bad enough place… Konstantine (or whoever) is still causing problems. As Nikki looks around the internet one morning, searching the news feeds she sees there was a condo fire. As she looks further it was her building. Three people had died in that fire. Nikki’s pain and anguish was growing. This had to stop but how?

Both Nikki and Anderson met with Cyrus to see if they could come to some type of agreement. The Olympians would stop with the destruction of the things closest to Nikki and she would stop searching for Konstantine. Thing is Nikki was sure it was Emma that was behind all of this. (Duh! Biotch is cray cray) But there was a small chance it was Konstantine or someone he used to do it. The Olympians still wanted Nikki, there was no denying that. So it wasn't hard to put together that they wouldn't do anything they could to get to her. Nikki at times also wondered if it could have been Anderson doing it but each time that crossed her mind she pushed it back. He wasn’t that cold hearted to do that. It had to be Emma. Or so her gut was telling her. As the tensions in Nikki grow over these revelations she has the presence of mind to try and figure out what is going on with Jamal. There is no denying there is attraction there on both of their parts… or maybe its just on hers? But none the less she decides to call in a favor. After a call with her sister Steph she finds out she has been granted a private tour of the Indian collection of art at the museum.. trick is she has to be there that same night.

It takes a little fast talking on her part but Nikki gets Jamal agree to go… and even though she is bored out of her mind for the three hours they are at the museum she is glad to see Jamal enjoy himself. He needs the human interaction as much as anyone else. And with this, its at least with something that he enjoys. When they leave the museum Jamal admits to her that his Tiger doesn't like Nikki and it is tied to the way he feels about her… but not in a bad way. He likes Nikki and the tiger is jealous. She doesn’t like to share. Such a woman. LOL But it almost makes things very rough for them. They can't really be together if that is going to affect her. The Tiger is a positive way for him to use his death magic. Without the Tiger he would go back to being the time bomb just waiting to go off. It sucks but for now its the way it must be. Jamal will only work with the Tiger when Nikki isn't home. In Order to keep her safe, just in case he loses control.

When Steph and Nikki’s parents come back to the states they have a condo set up and ready for them but their visit is short lived when she gets a call from Cyrus. She meets him… alone. Stupid, yes but its just how it had to be. He apparently had done some snooping and found proof or what he called proof that Emma had been the one to send Nikki the supposed email from Konstantine and more than likely set the fires. Seems Nikki’s gut was right again.  Nikki talks to Maggie about what her meeting had produced and of course Maggie convinced Nikki to tell Anderson. So she leaves a note in his office since he isn't there. Yeah shes a chicken but…. can ya blame her? In the days after she left him the note with the paper that Cyrus had given her she hadn’t seem Anderson. Though he seemed to be home he was just out of sight. May have been for the best.

Then, once again, Nikki’s life goes from 0 to 60 in the time it takes her to go to the grocery store in the wee hours of the morning to get things she’ll need in preparations for a storm thats coming in.Once she puts her groceries in her trunk she is attacked by some crazy man. A big man. He maybe human what of him she can see didn’t bare any glyphs but then again, ya never know. She is shoved in a trunk, duct taped and the car peels out of the parking lot. The trip however turns deadly when the idiot driver has to slam on brakes on the snow and ice covered roads. Since Nikki is still tied up in the truck she wakes in a dazed, can't breathe kind of way. She had died in the accident. Then as the fog starts to clear she hears voices. Of course now that she isn't dead.. what does she do? She makes noise and gets someone's attention.

By the time she manages to get herself released -against medical advice, of course- she has only one thing to do, call for a ride home. She calls Jamal and he reluctantly comes to get her. When she gets in his car she collapses. Her body crashing in exhaustion. When she wakes again she is in her bed and Jamal is there with her. With him there with her as she tells him what happens she breaks down. A complete sob fest. The only part of the night that she has felt remotely safe is in that moment in his arms. But he is scared in more than one way and lets it be his reason he pushes away from her, again. In the time that passes they -as in the Liberi- know what they need to do. They go to Cyrus. Its time to put a stop to these tricks. Emma is brought in and… taken out since she broke the treaty they had.

You would think things would stop there but they don’t. In the days after the death of Emma Nikki gets a call from Cyrus at 4am. That is never good thing. Apparently he was attacked in his bed by descendant. Konstantine is after him. He wants Nikki to track down and kill him. And after everything that has happened now she is ready to do just that. She goes to Anderson and they go after him. They go to the location where Cyrus said he should be. And what they find is more than either of them is ready for. They are ambushed. Konstantine is a sun God after all. But Nikki had a bad feeling about all of this. After a lot of fight and a determination to not die, in a permanent way Nikki has to fight dirty. And fight she does. But the fight is only won for now…. things are about to change for all of them. Hopefully they are ready for what’s next.


  1. I love this series. It is so interesting with the different gods and how it affects each descendants personality.

    1. I AGREE. And I love the dynamics of the characters, they are all so different. It is a great series.