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Barb's Book Review... Taken by the Pack

This is the second book in the stunning Wolfpack Trilogy.
If you have been following from Book One, you already know what to expect!

This is no ordinary story. In the first book, Aisha was treated horribly by Heath and Hunter. In this volume, she finally finds the courage to stand up to them. She also learns that with the help of the four shifter brothers, she is strong enough to stand up to anyone.
Leaving the normal world behind, Aisha goes high into the mountains to live with the shifter brothers. It is there that she finally learns what a real home feels like. She learns what real love feels like.
She also realizes just how challenging it will be for her to keep all four brothers happy at the same time, especially when two of them are alpha males.

Follow Aisha as her journey brings her deep into the lore, eroticism and fantasy of life among the shifters of Alaska.
You will not regret it!


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**small spoiler alert**

First, thank you Abby for providing me with an ARC of this book in return for an honest review. Secondly.. I LOVED IT! HA! The story itself is awesome but this book actually got more into the whole legend, what the shifters were like and a whole helluva lot hotter. (thuds) Nothing beats four pissed off shifters. Just saying. But on a serious note I love how the characters seemed to grow and develop more. Becoming content and willing to play out their roles. Its winner take all as it is.


Aisha… lord the girl has so much going on at once that its not even funny. But she has to get into the groove of things around this so called town. The more she tries to stay ‘just Heath’s fiance’ the more it seems she is being told you have to do this, be more this. You may need these men one day.. yada yada. They just want in her panties as it is. Disgusting old farts. However she isn’t ready for that next step. Then you have Heath. Nasty, rotten, stank bastard he is only thinks of himself. When he decides to take his bandages off and see just how bad his scaring is… his inner ugly comes out. He is scared, it looks frightening and Aisha tries to not show just how bad he looks but… once he seems himself he can’t not see it in her face. He makes his own weakness into meanness and yeah Aisha pays the price.

Trying to stay strong and to prove to Heath that she is not going to leave him is a lot of work. But she puts in the effort. Even after he is verbally abusive, takes her in a hard unkind way she still puts in the effort. She thinks she needs him. Aisha goes with him to the doctor, to the doctors surprise Heath has his bandages off and is ready to go to work. With the doc’s all clear he sets off out of town, taking the main road and heads for the Mill. Aisha decides to go along with him. Why? Maybe cause she is cray cray.. but she goes. There is where she learns just how deep this whole sex thing works. The girl in the trailer openly flirts with the nasty looking Heath. Aisha of course isn't too happy about that but eh I say let him go he ain't worth it.

They get a man -one of the guards on the wall at the time- to drive her back to the Inn. Cooper is a fit man, burly and has a beard but he isn’t bad looking.. but when he asks Aisha if she wants to take a side trip she says no. Then he proceeds to tell her how it works here. He allows her to ask a few questions that only makes her think harder about all of this. Is it something that she can do? Let these men have her whether she wants it or not? It gives her a lot to think about once she is back at the Inn. What she does is make up her mind to try. But all good things come to an end… especially when you are in a room surrounded by old horny men who wouldn’t know how to treat a lady if you slapped a sticky note on your vagina and made them read it. (shrugs) Just saying.. men are idiots. Well most of them.

The men flirt, Aisha tries her best to accommodate their advances but when she becomes surrounded by them it's almost too much. Then Heath shows up. Think he’d try to help out, tell them to back off. Oh no, the dirty scared bastard makes it worse by ripping her dress open and putting her on display. Then the mob around them takes over and she is handed around, touched and fondled over. They put her on a table so they can all see her. But its Hunter -the one who escorted them to the village- that makes it all the more worse. He talks of how she tastes and it set off a feeding frenzy of sorts. Its too much. Her body can't take all the changes and the fear that runs through her. As they devour her she starts to scream, that scream turns into a bayful howl after a bit. Its then answered by the four shifters out in the woods.

That is when the townspeople figure out who and what she is. Aisha is a handmaiden. Now that they know this they want to lock her up in the brothel for all to have and see. They drag this poor girl around by putting a collar on her neck and attaching it to a leash. Thankfully they are stopped by the shifters. The four brothers, Packer and his brothers waltz into the village and go straight to what they came for. Their female. Annnnnd they easily put all the rat bastards around her on their asses. Four versus fifty -some of which were armed-should have been not so good odds right? No. They leveled them in no time and Packer easily scooped Aisha up after getting that damn collar off of her- and made their way out of town. When Aisha questioned where they were going, they told her. To their home. Thing was it was different with the four of them. She wasn't scared of them, not at all. They were her people.

The men adjust quickly to having her in their home, including having a bedroom made and ready for her, clothes ready and giving her space to do whatever it is she must do to make this work. To keep the brothers from fighting among themselves to see who gets to bond and mate with her. But being with the four men starts to grow.. frustrating. And then the fighting starts. It was just what she didn’t want to happen. Aisha knows only a little of the way a mating would do. And after a long talk with Ma Hetty -the seer- she is even more lost and confused than before. But she knows what she must do… to help them all with this. And the night of the ceremony to bond.. things take a slight turn for the worse. She is not sure what to do but there has to be a way to fix this and make it all work out for the new family.

Okay… I have to say, again, that I frigging loved this installment! It was full of oh hell no’s and a lot of me cursing at the men in this book. (rolls my eyes) So easy to see why I prefer women to men, men are dumb asses. (laughs) But seriously they give rednecks, mountain men or whatever other name they can go by a bad name. But.. I am glad Aisha is with the pups. This is where she belongs and I have faith she can make this ‘pack’ mentality thing work with them all. Just have to have faith.

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