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Barb's Book Review... Up from the Grave

Up From the Grave (Night Huntress #7)

Lately, life has been unnaturally calm for vampires Cat Crawfield and her husband Bones. They should have known better than to relax their guard, because a shocking revelation sends them back into action to stop an all-out war…

A rogue CIA agent is involved in horrifying secret activities that threaten to raise tensions between humans and the undead to dangerous heights. Now Cat and Bones are in a race against time to save their friends from a fate worse than death… because the more secrets they unravel, the deadlier the consequences. And if they fail, their lives—and those of everyone they hold dear — will be hovering on the edge of the grave.


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***small spoiler alert***

After a few quite, simple weeks out of trouble Cat is visited by a ghost.. of course its just Don but still its a ghost none the less. At first she tries to ignore him but when he tells her Tate, Juan, Dave and Cooper are missing she listens. Seems they haven’t been home in over 3 weeks. That in itself is highly unusual. Worry for her friends sends both Cat and bones to the compound to talk to Madigan. lets just say that visit isn’t all that fact filled. Madigan states they are all dead, killed while taking out a vampire nest but Cat knows he is lying.. but why?

Many failed attempts to get information out of Don frustrate the hell out of Cat and Bones. They even went to Tyler, the medium in D.C. that had helped them with Kramer and asked for help. But again Don just poofed himself away. What can they do now? How can they make him stay and tell them what they need to know? There is only one person that can make a ghost do as told.. Marie Laveau.. but even that comes at a cost. One that at first neither Bones or Cat are willing to give up but she was worried about her friends, they meant more than the tomb of Heinrich Kramer. The psycho ghost they had trapped on Halloween. So they tell her where he is. And in return she does  get Don to appear and uses her spirit goons to hold him in place. No matter the pain he won't tell.. but then something amazing happens.

Cat bites her lip, her fang drawing blood and Don starts to talk. Seems her blood is what made him stay here and not move on. Her tears at his bed side.. the water and the blood have made him her ghost. She can compel him to talk to her. So they get what they needed to know and talk about a doozie. Madigan is making.. well he is trying to make a super weapon. A super soldier like no other by mixing DNA of humans, vampires and ghouls. It started when Cat joined the team. Don and Madigan were partners until Don had him fired.. but now he is out with a vengeance and wants Cat. Her blood holds all the cards and he wants the whole deck.

They can’t get into the facility that supposedly holds the underground compound. They can’t get in. Where in the hell was the entrance? A plan is formatted. Cat will meet Madigan, they will kidnap him and Denise will shape shift into him and they would gain access. Bones wasn’t up for that plan. It wasn't safe and it would be a mistake. And he was right. Cat stuck to her word and came alone but when Bones showed up (to her surprise). That made Madigan’s people pop up. From above, from the water and from the road. They had them surrounded. Gun shots fired and as Cat tried to flee she couldn’t because Bones, Bones was doubled over on the dock.. dying. Cat went back to the dock, letting her body be assaulted with gun fire as she curled herself around the dying, breaking body of her husband. Her mind going in all directions and stopping at one. Madigan would die, then she would join Bones.

Cat was put in a razor covered, silver net and carted to a truck where she was then transported into the facility she had been wanting to get in before. Madigan’s underground super lab. Fabian -Cat’s favorite ghost- was still watching the facility for an entrance when he saw her. She told him to do nothing and to go home. And was wheeled in and lowered into the underground bunker. While scanning her ‘cage’ the guards monitor showed a heartbeat in their with her and Bones dead body… it wasn’t hers. A mouse popped out of the cart and ran off. It took Cat a few minutes to put that together but then she realized it was Denise. Maybe… But her thoughts were quickly moved to Tate, Juan, Dave and Cooper.. as she passed them in their glass cages. They were alive but looked like hell. Once she was in her cage, the only thing she could see was herself. So the guys hadn’t seen her as she was wheeled by. But soon Tate knew she was there, she had to eat after all.

While laying trapped on the table Cat thought to herself (what else can she do, right?) and heard Bones voice telling her to fight. She then remembered she still had some of Bones’ blood in her. She could borrow his power of telekinesis. And after a bit of a shove to her subconscious she was able to pop the latches to her restraints and then the fight began. She tore through the floors trying to get to Tate, Juan, Dave and Coppers cells but the steel walls kept her from them. Then she decided to go after Madigan.. but was too fast for once and beat him to his destination. (laughs) then Denise struck. they had sightings of her in 2 places. the guards were 10 shades of confused and it did by her some time. But it was what happened next that had her stunned in her steps. The door to the panic room she was locked in busted open. Bones -a very mangled, nasty looking Bones- bursted through the door. And moved down the hall with her.

They managed to find Tate, Juan, Dave and Cooper in a room removing the liquid silver from Tate’s body. But as they did that Denise went off to find Katie, the little girl that had been in the cell across from Tate. And Bones and Cat went off to find Madigan. Apparently Bones has been hiding a lot of his new hardy powers. His telekinesis for one. Using it to help them through their search for Madigan. But when they found the sniveling little prick, huddled up in a far corner of a hidden room he threatened to kill himself. Bones held the gun with his mind but Madigan had a backup. He snapped his jaw and the bubbles started. Bones managed to get some blood in him but he died. Then the only thing left was to make him a ghoul.. or try. Hoping like hell there was enough vampire blood in him to make it work. When Denise came back she was.. covered in blood. Seems Katie didn’t want to be caught. She tried multiple times to kill Denise and managed to escape.

Bones, Cat, Denise and the boys (Tate, Juan, Dave and Cooper) got out of the underground fortress along with any surviving humans and after planting a cover story for the humans they left. Ian and Spade waiting for them with a car, thanks to Fabian’s getting a message to them. After driving a while they all loaded up and flew away, each master carrying a package or two to an abandoned grain storage silo in a field. it was there they noticed just how bad Cooper was. Madigan had been trying to pump shit into him to make him like Katie. It was killing him. Easy enough to fix. he asked and Bones changed him. Well started the process at least. Seems Bones plan had worked out just as he planned. though he left Cat out of the loop to keep her safe and to make her reaction real.

So now they were just waiting on Madigan to rise. And when he did... something was wrong. It was like having a child in a mans body. Nothing was coherent. Mencheres and Kira came to pick them up via Helicopter and they went to one of his homes. The only hope to try and get through to Madigan was to see if he would recognize Don and hope Don could get him to open up and remember something, anything. It worked in theory. Lots of little pieces finally made big pieces. Then thanks to Mencheres ‘people’ which instead of being a team of vampires digging through messed up hard drives and such was a teenage human boy who had the skills to bust a nut and get them something off the hard drives they’d brought back from the hidden facility. It was a video of Katy fighting.. well of her killing a man cold, hardheartedly as he pointed a gun at her. She was the perfect weapon it seemed.

there was a face in the video with Madigan that they recognized.. a former politician, Richard Trove. So it was time to pay him a visit. And they did thanks to a little work and a donation of tremendous size they were able to attend a black tie affair and they got close to him. Way too close. And what they found was not what they expected. Trove… the man is no man he is a demon. He helped Madigan do this to insight a war between the vampires and the ghouls. Again. The ass is mad ‘cause demons are lower on the food chain… but the kicker and its something that has to be reinforced in a way that it will assure him war.. Katie is not just some baby that was raised to be a killer. Katie at age 7 is… Cat’s. Seems the pathologist Bone’s killed years ago did more than rat Cat out to her dad he stole eggs from her every time he could. Thousands of eggs were fertilized.. all died but Katie. That one rare gem was saved only to be made into a monster. by telling her this he assured she would do whatever needed to be done to save this girl. To save her child.

By the time Cat and bones get out of there and back to Mencheres all hell has broken loose. newspapers and online sites everywhere are reporting of ‘something among us’. Someone, Trove most likely had all the pathology reports and experiment notes posted. He wants everyone to know. He wants war. The the Law guardians get involved. The child is to die.. Events as they are are ten shades of crazy, fucked and not in a place where any of them want to be but its fight or let this little girl be killed just for being different. This leads them to sneaking into New Orleans -thanks to Don’s input- and has Cat literally kicking Marie Laveau’s front door down. (dies laughing) Think she can be pissy any other time, mess with her kid and you see a whole new side of Cat. The two try and battle but in the end it takes a lot out of them both. Cat gets a lot of Marie’s blood in her. Bones comes to Cat’s rescue and they all strike  deal that no one can back out of or it will cost them their lives.

Cat and Bones then go to Detroit where they believe Katie is and Cat -using Marie’s borrowed powers- commands the ghosts that have assembled around her to find the girl in the places she has frequented. Where Tate and Ian get her scent the strongest. And two hours later they find her in the old book depository. But I think they forgot you couldn’t jump up and surprise this kid. Cat flies in and Katie sees her, tosses a knife and all but skewers her ass. Bones is the only reason she isn't dead. He froze the silver knife in her heart in place so he could get it out. Then the race is on to catch up to Katie before she can get away. And they do catch her thanks to Bone’s freezing her in place in the boiler room. They do manage to talk her into calming down by Bones being a hard ass and telling her like it is. He is stronger than her and he will kill her if she makes him.

But before they get too far the demon and his ghoul goons show up. A fight ensues, Tate gets Katie out and its a fight to the death. Bones and Cat against the ghouls and a demon. But its Ian who steps up and busts ass. Taking down the ghouls while Bones and Cat focus on the demon, who almost gets the best of them. But they were prepared this time. Cat had the demon bone on her. Its the only way to kill a demon, stab them in both eyes with it. And with the last surge of energy she has that is what happens. But the victory is short lived. Tate and Katie float into the room surrounded by energy. A massive energy. Mencheres. But he is not alone… the guardians, the council, Marie Laveau are with him. They are here for Katie. Mencheres has to freeze them all into place because if not they would all be dying.

When the world crashes down around Cat hers and Bones anger surge but by then it is too late. They were allowed ot keep the body and the knife used to kill Katie but that was all. They were done. Everyone was heart broken. Even Ian showed he had a heart then but the council and all just turned to leave. Then Mencheres powered them all up and flew them to a church in Chicago. Cat had hoped to God it was not Katie that had been killed… but then if it had been who she thought it was could she recover from her head being cut completely off? Only time would tell. Maybe she would learn what would happen next inside the church.

This is the final story in this series and as an over all series I really liked it! I love Bones and Cat, totes and then there are others that are awesome as hell too but I wish I had realized sooner that this series had a two book series that went with it. Apparently there are two books that I should have read between books 4 and 5.. so I was a wee lost at times but I made it through. I will catch up on them and the spin off, Night Prince soon. My audio books await me. :)

Until then keep the pages turnin' and the wheels of adventure moving.

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