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Life can change in the blink of an eye. One moment, Lily Preston is trapped in a loveless marriage. In a split second she is free, but at what cost? Her mundane life is set into a free fall of tragedy and terror. Her husband maybe out of her life, but he left a storm of collateral damage behind and the burden is on Lily to sort it out.
Fate connects Lily with Gavin Edwards, a charmingly handsome British gentleman that has been drawn into her tangled circumstance. Gavin is everything Lily’s husband wasn’t and gives her hope that love really does exist. Gavin wants nothing more than to sweep Lily up and carry her off into the sunset, far away from the devastation left behind by her husband. Gavin has been the first breath of fresh air in her life, but she isn’t looking to be saved. She needs to clean up her husband’s mess and find a way to save herself in the process.
Does she throw caution to the wind and open her heart? Or listen to her head that tells her and go it alone until she’s found herself again?
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Exclusive Excerpt:
My house is a crime scene, I’m completely alone, and I can’t call a single friend. I’m so mad at Ashton I want to scream, but I’d have to yell pretty damn loud for him to hear me now. My head drops into my hands, and I rub my temples hoping to fight off my growing migraine. After a few minutes, I feel someone sit next to me. I fan my fingers and look up to see Gavin’s hypnotic eyes. I get lost in them for what feels like eternity.
Gavin takes my hands away from my face and gently wipes the tears away. Then he wraps his long, muscular arms around my shoulders, and I allow myself to lean into him. This man, whom I’ve known for about twelve hours, whose wife was killed by my husband, is the only person in the world I have left.

*Emmy’s Review*
Spoilers abound herein!! Be ye warned!!

First off, many many many thanks to Inkslinger PR and Isabelle Richards for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  It was my honor to read this wonderful work.  You rock, lady, and you have just earned yourself a new fan.  

Lily Preston knows that she didn’t marry well.  Ashton Preston swept her off of her feet in college, showing her a life that she never could have imagined, a life where money was no object and no wish went unfulfilled.  It wasn’t until she signed her name on the marriage certificate that she began to see the real Ashton - a lying, manipulative cheater, who had no qualms about doing business on either side of the law.  Unwilling to swallow her pride and leave, Lily forced herself to live in a marriage with a man that she not only didn’t love, but was now repulsed by.  She distanced herself from all of Ashton’s business dealings, and threw herself into caring for his disabled father, Franklin.  Franklin became the father figure to Lily that she had never had.  His story is that of the classic American Dream.  As an Italian kid in a lesser privileged part of town, Franklin dreamed of being a successful businessman.  He changed his last name, and started a construction company, working his whole life to make it hugely successful, and to give his son the life that he never had.  Ashton was spoiled rotten, and never learned the value of hard work.  When he took over the company it was just a matter of time before he was running his father’s life work into the ground.  Franklin spent his last years watching the destruction of his company.  After Franklin passed away Lily was lost for purpose.  She knew that Ashton was dealing with some very shady characters, and made sure that she didn’t know anything that could come back and bite her later.  So when two cops collect her from her front door one hot afternoon and take her to the station, it is Ashton’s name that she is cursing the whole way there.  

When they arrive at the station they place Lily in an interrogation room which, by the description, sounds like it was pulled right out of Law and Order.  Lily is getting pissed, and afraid.  She figures that Ashton has gotten her name involved in one of his schemes, but no one is telling her anything.  Finally the cops give Lily the bad news - Ashton is dead, killed in a head on collision near a farmhouse out in the country.  The FBI is involved because they had been watching the farmhouse for some time; they suspected that some lower level members of organized crime were operating out of the house. The FBI had been trying to get wires inside to gather evidence against the gangsters inside. Ashton had been in and out of the farmhouse for months.   It quickly became obvious that if he hadn’t died by accident it was just a matter of time before someone killed him on purpose.   Ashton had blackmail material on these people, and the FBI brought her in for her own protection - with Ashton dead, it’s just a matter of time before the Mafia comes knocking at her door looking for what Ashton was hiding.  Lily is astounded, and glad that she kept her nose out of the construction company’s contracts, which she suspected were on the illegal side.  The enormity of the situation hits her, and she flees the room, looking for air and a way out when she is captured by Gavin.  His blue eyes and British accent catch her attention, and the feeling of being held for the first time in years calms her fear.  He tells the cops that they should stop treating her like a criminal, reassuring her that she has done nothing wrong.  Gavin is familiar with all of the officers involved in the case, which makes Lily wonder just who the heck he is.  When the cops have to leave on an emergency, Gavin takes her to a Jack’s, a cop bar, to get a drink and talk to her about what is going on.  

Gavin Edwards has his own backstory, which is just as complicated as Lily’s is.  His family owns a company that makes weapons and the like. (Cough cough Blonde British Tony Stark cough cough)  He was born rich, and like Ashton was spoiled rotten. His family is distantly related to the royal family, and in his youth he took great pleasure in causing as much trouble as he possibly could. (The man was a Calvin Klein underwear model at one point, I can see how they might have found that embarrassing, lol)  He joined the army to piss his family off, but his experiences there caused him to grow up and was ultimately a life changing experience for him.  When he got out of the army and took over his family’s company he refocused the company onto research into products that would help soldiers, like high tech gps equipment and the like, taking the emphasis off of weapons.  His wife was the other person involved in the car crash with Ashton.  They were both high as kites, and both were killed instantly.  His wife was Brooke Livingston, an actress famous for a series she had starred in years before.  After her fame began to wane Brooke started going downhill, unable to handle it.  She turned to drugs, and men, and parties. This went on for some time, and Gavin found himself in a similar situation as Lily, with the person he married totally changed to a stranger.  After several attempts to get her into a rehab that she would stick with Gavin played his last card - he called her parents.  Brooke came from a small religious family , and they told Gavin to bring her to them, that they thought they could help her.  (You get the feeling they were Amish, or something similar)  

Needless to say, it did not work, and Brooke ran away from her parents, getting involved with more drugs and the same Mafia connections that Ashton ran with.  Gavin came to the police, offering to do anything to help their investigations with the hope of getting Brooke out safely.  It soon became obvious that the Brooke that he once knew was long since gone, replaced with a junkie who only wanted money for her next fix.  He met with her, slipping bugs into her purse and packages, trying to help the FBI get ears inside the farmhouse.  The method worked, and morning of the car crash the men inside the house got stoned out of their minds waiting for the crash debris to be cleared and spilled their guts, not knowing that they were being recorded.  The FBi has the theory that the activities going on at the farmhouse are a side venture of some lower level guys, done without the knowledge or the consent of the higher ups in the business.  That’s a big no no, if you know anything about the Mafia’s workings.

Lily and Gavin are both under FBI protection, housed in a hotel.  They get to know each other, finding friendship for the first time in years.  Due to Gavin and Brooke’s “fame” the paparazzi are hot on their trail.  As per the FBI’s request, Gavin has been using social media to post tweets and the like in Brooke’s name, giving the rest of the world the impression that she is vacationing in New Zealand somewhere, and hasn’t been a coked up junkie for the last several months.  Someone gets a shot of Gavin and Lily going into the hotel that the FBI procures for them, and the media shitstorm ignites.  The FBI moves them to an apartment owned by two of their agents, Meredith and Max, and leaves them with instructions to not even stick their heads out of the door.  They are there for around a week, really getting to know each other, becoming closer and (at least in Lily’s case) feeling guilty about having such a good time when her husband just died.

One night Lily answers a knock at the door without thinking and is kidnapped.  She is thrown in the trunk of a car with a bag over her head and driven out of the city for miles and miles.  She is dead certain that this is the end, that the enemies that Ashton made in the Mafia are about to torture and kill her.  To her surprise she is faced with an elderly man.  He identifies himself as Lorenzo Grimaldi, telling her that he was Franklin’s godfather.  He goes on to tell Lily that his best friend, Franklin’s father, wanted Franklin to be able to live a straight life, untouched by the troubles that could come with his father’s associates.  Lorenzo made sure of that, helping Franklin’s company out behind the scenes, but never outright involving himself.  Ashton, however, made bad decisions, made debts with some dangerous people and left Lily in a bad spot.   Lorenzo tells Lily that he knows how she cared for Franklin after his stroke, allowing him to live out his last years with dignity.  In thanks for that kindness, Lorenzo cancels Ashton’s debt, absolving Lily of any responsibility for her husband’s deals.  He tells her that he has placed her under his protection from any others who might seek vengeance, and tells her to start a new life.  I thought that was really classy of him.  

Lily is delivered to the doorstep of Jack’s,  and warned to say nothing but that her debt was cleared.  An hour later a package is delivered to the FBI about the people involved in the farmhouse - they were right, the higher ups didn’t authorize any of the activities there.  Lily considers herself lucky. She tells the cops that she knows that she is safe, but they insist on keeping her in protection.  They move her to another hotel.  Gavin is there, and frantic.  It’s adorable to see how attached they are to each other all ready.  They kiss that night, for the first time, then pull away.  They have both been alone for a long time, even though their respective partners have only officially been dead for a short while.  The next day all hell breaks loose - her house was burned down overnight, and it’s time for Gavin to break the news of Brooke’s death to her parents.  After a long stressful day, she falls asleep in the hotel bed only to wake up and find Gavin curled up behind her.  They talk, comfort each other, talk about the guilt that they both feel for the feeling that they have for each other.  

Before you know it, it is time for them to part ways.  He has to get back over to London to take care of Brooke’s memorial service and tend to his company.  Lily has to do the same for Ashton, and once the accountants and creditors are through scraping through every penny she has and taking out everything Ashton owes for, she has a life to rebuild as well.  The girl literally only has the clothes that she is standing up in, and those were given to her by an FBI agent.  They have a goodbye at the airport, with Gavin getting her a phone and a laptop, promising to get ahold of her as soon as he lands.  He leaves, and Lily goes about the next little while trying to straighten out and rebuild.  

Time passes, and Gavin and Lily both tend to their own business, having the memorial services and trying to get their lives back on track.  They keep in touch almost constantly, but as anyone who has had a long distance relationship can tell you, it’s a lot of work and frustration.  And naughty picture texts.  Thanks to one of the detectives (Greene) Lily moves into an apartment.  The accountants do their damage to what’s left of Ashton’s estate.  Lily decides to use her journalism degree and starts looking for freelance work.  Taking her friend Emily’s advice, she also starts a blog.  Life is beginning to resume a new kind of normal for Lily, and then she gets a pleasant surprise - Gavin comes to town for a few days, surprising her on the way to her apartment.  

When they try to go back to her place it is literally surrounded by reporters.  A call from Emily explains - the press has caught wind of them, that quickly.  They wind up in his hotel (the Four Seasons, hot damn(  finally making love for the first of many times. The next morning they get the extent of the bad news.  The media is making it seem that they had been having an affair for months before Brooke died.  It doesn’t help that a woman that Lily knew in college - and never got along with - is right in the middle of it, using old pictures and talking trash.  

People will do anything for their 15 minutes.  Gavin puts his PR department to work on it, and Lily has to face the potential disadvantages of being with him - he has always been in the public eye, and always will be.  They make the most of their time together, short as it is.  He desperately wants Lily to just come to London with him, so they don’t have to be apart.  Lily feels like she has to make a go of standing on her own feet for the first time in her life, to be on her own, on her own terms.  When he leaves, Lily gets a call from Detective Greene, who has a couple of pieces of news for her - she needs to come pick up Franklin’s car from the impound - it was left to her, and all of Ashton’s creditors can’t touch it.  It’s a 52 Ferrari, so you can guess how cool that was…..she never knew that Franklin left it to her.  Ironically when the house burnt down that car was parked in the outbuilding that didn’t sustain any damage.  With the keys in it, no less.  Greene is concerned, saying that there are people around the precinct asking about it that have no business knowing about it - he suspects a rat inside the force.  He also isn’t convinced that she isn’t still the target of the Mafia, despite what she told them.  He wants her to move again because of these suspicious, and all of the press hanging out at her doorstep. Lily ends the day back at the apartment she and Gavin stayed at before the crash went public.  

Time marches on.  Lily goes on about writing her freelance articles, meeting with some success.  Her blog becomes very popular.  She and Gavin talk often, but can’t seem to work out the time difference very well (It’s called a WATCH, missy) and their conversations often become strained and snippy.  He doesn’t understand why she won’t just come to London, as he can’t leave his company.  She’s bound and determined to stand on her own two feet for once in her life, and tie up this mess that her husband left her.  It’s painful to watch them growing apart.  She meets a guy named Charlie at the bookstore where she goes to write everyday, and starts to think he’s her friend.  They have lunch, but she feels guilty about spending time with him, like she’s cheating on Gavin, and starts pulling away from him.  I suspected him of being something shady - it’s just my nature, lol.   She’s still in danger, the FBI says, they have evidence that someone has been hired by a Mexican cartel (naaaassssty guys, sounds like Ashton had his fingers in several pies) to find out if she has access to the five million bucks that Ashton owes them.  The FBI wants to use her as bait to draw out the watcher.  This guy is supposedly ruthless, and very dangerous.  She agrees.  She doesn’t even stop to think about what Gavin might feel about it, and as I expected he’s none too thrilled.  He just tells her to be careful though, and she goes out to meet the agents and run the route that they laid out for her in Franklin’s car.  

She runs into Charlie on the way over there, and has a kind of hard time getting rid of him.  They follow her around and have her run around the city for a few days, but the FBI had no luck finding the guy following her.  Then she’s off to Boston for a conference related to her freelance work - Gavin will be in town overnight as well, so she is very excited to see him.   At first their reunion is everything she could have dreamed of, but the next morning she mentioned that she bought a condo and Gavin blows up, saying that he doesn’t think that she will ever come to London, come to him.  He tells her that he could protect her there, that the people after her would never touch her there.  They part on an angry note.  She’s still in the hotel room after he leaves for his flight, angry and upset someone starts banging on the door.  She’s convinced it’s the cartel come for her head, and tries to look through the peephole just as he uses a key to get in.  She gets a bloody nose from getting smacked with the door, and it’s Gavin on the other side.  He couldn’t leave like that he says.  So she’s got a smashed nose, and an apologetic boyfriend.  He’s cancelled his flight and is staying a few more days to spend time with her.  He says he over reacted, and he did, some.  He begs her to let him see her new place, so they drive down to DC.   When they get there she tells him that she was excited to finally have something of her own.  He apologizes again for being an ass, they go to the Four Seasons for the night (damn the money these people have) as she has no furniture.  

They reconnect more at the hotel, talk about money and how it has always trapped him, and kept her apart from the people she knew. I don’t think she quite believes that he’s real, as far as when he says he wants to take her around the world and to London and love her forever blah blah blah- -she’s seen things work out too much to the contrary.  He’s so used to having everyone take him at his word that he’s hurt that she doesn’t automatically believe everything he says.  He says this, which I found worth writing down:

“It’s ironic.  My whole life people have only wanted me for money.  The first person I actually want to share my money with wants nothing to do with it.”

They get back on the same wavelength, and by the time he leaves all is well between them again.  She goes home to her new place.  Max, one of the agents who was sharing the apartment that she was staying in moves in with her.  Their relationship is one of the best parts of this novel - they play off of each other very well.  He starts teaching her martial arts and self defense, at her request.  A few weeks later she has been contacted about turning the blog into a book. It has become very popular, followed by celebrities and talked about on morning talk shows.  She cannot believe her good luck.  Gavin calls her with the new that he has a three week long business meeting in Dubai, and he would love for her to come with him.  This would be her first time out in public as his woman, and she doesn’t feel like she can compete with Brooke’s ghost and the ghosts of all the women he’s been seen with before.  She doesn’t communicate this well, and Gavin is disappointed with her excuses.  (She’s got self esteem problems, I get it, but damn, girl!)  

Later that day she receives a package.  She initially thinks it’s from Gavin, but it’s from Lorenzo.  It’s a file, and he instructs her to take it to the FBI posthaste.  (Remember, girl, there’s still people trying to kill you...getcha head out of your ass!)  Ash’s creditors are still after her, and Lorenzo is doing all he can to keep them off of her.  He tells her that she has “surrounded herself with good men” and that Max living with her has kept her safer than she knows.  He tells her to stay safe and “for the love of Christ stay out of the damn papers.” (Lmao!)  The file has pictures of the guy who has been following her, the guy the FBI never found.  Also there is  more info on bank accounts and an address where Ash may have been hiding things, as well as info on the cartel.  Lily takes this smack of reality seriously, and enlists Max to help her start looking into the tips that Lorenzo left them. They follow up on the safety deposit boxes, and find blackmail material on politicians and other important people.  They find a storage unit full of knock off Vuitton purses and the like, but no five million dollars.  Finally they find an apartment leased to a woman named Crystal.  She had been beaten and raped before being killed a few weeks before. They are sure that the cartel was behind her attack. Crystal had a little boy, now in foster care.  From the picture that they find in her apartment there is no doubt that he is Ashton’s child. This hits Lily hard, and close to home - she was once a motherless child as well, and in foster care.  

She finally starting to realize just how deep in the shit she is.  She’s desperate to fix things with Gavin.  Unfortunately he is out of contact despite her trying to reach him at every opportunity.  She is getting mixed signals; one day she comes home to find the apartment full of flowers from him, but with no message at all. Later that day sees pictures all over the internet of him with other women, looking very comfortable.  She freaks out about the pictures, but Max points out to her that the pictures are mostly posed, and not what she thinks they are.  She keeps trying to get ahold of him, only to be blocked by his secretary in London.  She finds out what hotel he is staying in in Dubai and calls him there, only to be headed off again by his snotty “assistant” Olivia.  She tells her to give up, that it’s over, that Gavin has better things to do with his time than chase after her needy self.  That just pisses her off, and she leaves a message with the concierge of the hotel for him to call her, directing him to deliver the message to Gavin alone.  

She steps out of the apartment for a moment to run to the ATM, only to intercepted by her creepy friend Charlie, whom she thought she had run off for good a few weeks ago.  Charlie tells her that she deserves better than Gavin, tries to take her to his apartment for dinner.  He goes so far as to lay his hands on her - if she wasn’t going to come with him willingly, he was going to bring her forcibly.  Lily puts all of that training she and Max had been doing to good use, getting a few solid licks on him then running for the apartment.  She manages to get inside and call Max, leaving him a message to get home now, before passing out.  When she wakes up Max has arrived, with both Agent Greene and Agent Sully.  They take her to the hospital and check her out.  She’s fine, but they want her to see a forensics expert to try and lift prints off of her.  (Off of her skin.  Even Lily calls bullshit on that, I don’t think they have a way to lift prints off of live skin, do they? I mean, I’ve seen it done on CSI, but that was on a dead body…..)  The forensics guy hands her off to  - yep, you guessed it - Charlie, who was the guy from the cartel the entire time.  

She comes to in a barn.  Lily really shines as a character in this entire section of the story.  Charlie uses a cattle prod on her, demanding to know where the cartel’s 5 million is.  She tells him that she doesn’t know, never knew.  Lily is a total smartass throughout her torture, and despite the fact that he was whaling on her pretty good she never cries or begs.  He gets a call that the cartel don’t want her beaten to death, so he dopes her up.  That totally doesn’t work, just makes her mouth off to him more.  Here’s an example, which sent me into fits of snickering:

“Where did it all go?” he asks.

“Up his nose.  Paid for hookers and strippers.  Where do you think it went?  If your damn bosses had only asked me for a reference, I would have told the Ash should be nowhere near the drug trade.  I’ve watched The Wire.  I’ve listened to Biggie.  What’s the first rule? ‘Don’t get high on your own supply.’  Ash never had the self control to follow that”

You see what I mean?  That the first torture/interrogation scene I’ve seen in a while that I laughed the whole way through.  Charlie eventually loses his cool and throws her and the chair she’s in across the room.  The chair breaks and she gets loose, tagging him a shot in the jewels to get him on the ground.  You would have thought he would have learned the first time that she beat his ass, but no….. she gets him to the ground and punches and kicks him into unconsciousness.  She turns to run out of the door only to be backed up by a shadowy figure with a shotgun.

As luck would have it, it’s Lorenzo at the door, along with his driver.  She tells him that she knows where the money is, that once she got talking she figured out where it must be.  She tells him to head to her old house (yep, the one that burned) and she walks right to it.  You see, while she was babbling on with Charlie, she mentioned to him that Ashton used to hide stuff in the most random and stupid places, such as in the back of the toilet, or in the pool filter.  That’s what turned on the light bulb in her head.  The pool has an underground room attached to it for all the filters and pumps.  It’s not out in the open at all.  She asks Lorenzo to call his contact for the cartel so that she can give them their money back.  All of this time during this book Lily has said over and over again that she just wanted to be free of all of Ashton’s mess, to stand on her own two feet.  She doesn’t want to have to look over her shoulder for the rest of her life.  She figures that the only way that she will get out of this alive is to make the cartel feel good about letting her go.  I seriously doubt that this would work in real life, but hey, it makes for a great story.  

She meets with the guy, and convinces him that she wants nothing more than to forget that all of this ever happened.  She makes the guy laugh, which wins points in her favor.  Due to the fact that she has never mentioned a word to the law about Lorenzo they agree to her terms.  It helped that she was still riding a massive high from the cocktail that Charlie shot her up with.  They agree on a story that Charlie was an obsessive freak who fixated on her and when he got the message that he couldn’t have her he decided no one would.  Satisfied, the cartel man lets her go.  She has Lorenzo drop her back off near the barn, where she will walk from to find help.  She gets Lorenzo’s driver to hit her - “I need a big open wound.  Something that says that a big, bad man was mean to me.”  Then she rolls around in a field to really enforce the look.  She wanders around until she finds a McDonalds. She’s lightheaded, dizzy, having chest pains, but she fights through it to the door.  She walks in, and immediately all eyes are on her.  She yells for help, and passes out.  

The next few chapters are in Gavin’s POV.  He’s in Dubai, and is having a miserable time.  His phone was stolen before he left London, and he got an email from Lily asking him not to contact her.  He has actually been working this entire time; golf every morning, high powered meetings all afternoon and tedious fancy dress parties all night long, for the last two and half weeks.  When we meet up with him he is returning to his hotel.  The concierge runs him down in the lobby and gives him his messages - one from Lily, marked urgent, and two more saying to call the FBI.  When he finally gets someone to tell him what is going on he hauls ass for the next flight out.  After a brutal flight he gets to the hospital.  He and Max almost come to blows about how he didn’t call or anything, until Gavin shows him the email.  Max tells him her email was hacked.  They trace the email back to London, on his company server.  Someone there was responsible for that.  

The doctor tells them and us what happened - Lily had a heart attack in the McDonalds, thanks to all the drugs and the trauma.  She’s had multiple seizures.  She is out for days making them all think that she will never awaken.  When she finally does, she puts on the show of her life, telling the FBI that it was all Charlie.  They had found the barn where she was held, and afterwards found Charlie, who “hanged himself” in his apartment.  Lily tells them that Crystal, the girl who was killed a few weeks ago told them where the money was - Charlie just got obsessed with her and wouldn’t let it go.  After the agents leave her room the rep from the cartel sneaks in dressed like a doctor.  He tells her that she did a better job than he thought she would.  He gives her a recording of what she told the FBI, tells her to memorize it and not to deviate.  She agrees, and he leaves.  Will she ever tell Gavin what really happened?  

I think that she will, but not until she’s completely sure that she won’t be overheard.  She and Gavin are reunited, and he is heartbroken with all that she has been through.  Just the opposite, she is overjoyed - she’s finally free, free of Ashton and all of his drama, free from the shadow of the cartel hanging over her head, free to be with Gavin feeling like she has stood on her own two feet and taken care of her own problems. They talk out all of the misunderstanding between them, and all is well, even though he feels a little distant to her.  She’s released from the hospital.  As soon as they make it back to the apartment Lily sends Max out for food, and tells Gavin and Emily (her best friend, has been at the hospital this entire time) to start packing, because she is moving to London.  You would think Gavin would be over the moon about this, but he’s still hung up on the fact that she needed him and couldn’t get him.  It’s not until they are getting on the plane to London and she tells him that she loves him that he snaps out of it.  Almost losing her made him realize how much he loved her too.  The story ends with them getting on the plane, leaving for London and a new life together.  

I really enjoyed this story!  It had all of the elements that I love for a good story.  This is the first in a series - When Fate Isn’t Enough will be out on February 25th.  This could have stood alone, in my humble opinion, but I’ll admit that I’m curious how the story will play out next.  There is bound to be more drama with his company, especially with the fact that it was his assistant that caused such miscommunications between them.  (He fired her as soon as he found out, but you know that’s not the end of it.)  Also, I’m dying to see his reaction when she tells him what  really happened, from the beginning.  Is the cartel going to go back on their word?  Is the FBI satisfied with her story?  I don’t know, but on the 25th you better believe I will be finding out!

*End Review*

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About the Author:
Isabelle Richards spent years as a speechwriter before tackling fiction. An avid reader of all genres, Isabelle is drawn to romance novels as they provide an escape from daily life. Through her complex cast of characters, Isabelle creates a sanctuary for readers to dive into for a break from reality. When she is not writing, Isabelle works as an advocate for persons with disabilities in Washington, DC. Her two yellow labs are her writing partners, although they frequently sleep on the job.

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