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Book Sale... Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba's The Bird of Prey Saga

It all started with a simple case… or was it?
Publication Date: September 25, 2014
Genre: Mystery/Thriller

A dead world famous supermodel.
A contract killer in love with her best friend.
An organised crime family looking for revenge.
A boyfriend with a mysterious legacy.
French sleuth Sémya Slotin is officially back on the case. The break is over.
"I'm Semya Slotin, yes this Slotin. I love wine, vodka, absinthe, my younger brother Aaron and my best friend Polliannah, in no particular order. When Josh Heinz and I are not too busy fighting or tearing each other clothes off, I solve mysteries. And I’m really good. I'm really good at a lot of things and people usually don't see me coming... but here I am and I'm not going anywhere."
It all started with a simple case… or was it?

* * *

Book One: Bird of Prey
Who killed the infamous supermodel Johanna Cartier?
After spending three years away from sleuthing, Sémya Slotin is thrown back in the business when she found her body. With the help of her best friend Polliannah Koch, DCI Ally Gibbons and the mysterious but extremely sexy Josh Heinz, she vows to see this through.

Excerpt (R rated)
Sémya hesitated a few times before knocking on Josh’s door. She knew she shouldn’t have just left with Julian like that yesterday but Josh was fine and Julian wasn’t. Julian was a colossal mess. He cried in her arms more times that she would ever care to remember. She hated narcotics but was so very grateful for them last night.  They put Julian temporary out of his misery. She sneaked out before he got a chance to talk to her this morning.
“What!” Josh said when he flung the door open. Josh was a bit of a night owl and was usually sleeping past noon. She could have sworn that he was thinking about slamming it back to her face when he saw her. “What?” He loosely wrapped his sheet around his hips. He was blocking the entrance.
“You either close the door or let me in Heinz, the suspense is killing me,” Sémya said to him, one eyebrow raised. He shut the door. She was too shocked to react and by the time she was ready to yell at him, he opened the door again. This time he was wearing jeans. “That was fucking rude!”
He walked to his kitchen and turned the coffee machine on. “What do you want Sémya?” He looked at her entering his studio and closing the door behind her.
“About yesterday at the police station… sorry I didn’t say goodbye before leaving with Julian,” she said. She joined him. “He was in bad shape at the end of the int–”
“Or called,” Josh interrupted, serving himself a large cup of coffee. It didn’t look like he was going to offer her some.
“Or called,” she repeated.
“Or texted,” he said.
“Or texted,” she repeated.
“Good, you made your point.  What do you want from me?” he said. He waved his phone around, “You could have called or texted the apology.”
“You know what, if you don’t quit being such an asshole this will be the last conversation the two of us will ever have,” she lashed out.
“Fine leave! Release me!” He said matching her tone and almost smashed his cup on the table. His nostrils were flaring and his eyes were almost yellow. Sémya had never been so turned on in her entire life. His breathing was as fast as hers and she could see his erection begging to be set free from his half fastened jeans.
They were silently sizing up each other, wondering who would be the one ending their self-impose torture. Sémya’s entire body was aching. Her nipples were so hard her thin camisole was teasing them. She let out a small sigh while savouring the feeling. And that was all it took for Josh to walk her way.
He kept walking until he successfully backed her to the door. With nowhere to go Sémya raised on her tiptoes… she had been yearning for the taste of his mouth since the moment she stepped inside his studio. He pulled her up and wrapped her legs around him. “Why don’t you wear dresses like a regular girl,” he groaned pressing his erection as much as he possibly could against her centre.
She moaned back and desperately found his lips. This was what she had wanted. She wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss, sucking his tongue, licking his lips, making them both more aroused by the second. He abruptly broke their kiss to take one of her breasts in his mouth and hungrily started sucking it. She groaned, shrieked and moaned so loudly, she was expecting the neighbours to show up. “Josh…” she pleaded again as she arched her back to the door.
He successfully removed both of their jeans and plunged inside her. “Sémya,” he groaned as he kept moving faster and deeper, holding on to her against the door.
Sémya was holding on to him as much as she could, digging her nails in, biting his shoulders, crossing her legs even more behind his back. “Oh…my…God!” she screamed when she felt her body contracting around Josh’s. The release was pure heaven…
“Oh…Sémya!” he groaned a few seconds later. She didn’t know how they could still be standing after that performance. Her entire body was numb and alert at the same time. He miraculously found the bed and collapsed on it with her.
“Don’t!” she said keeping him even closer when he wanted to pull away. She could feel him growing hard inside her again.
“Is that all you want from me?” he let out. He was obviously struggling for control.
She caressed his beautiful face and softly kissed him. “That’s all I want right now.”

* * *

Book Two: The Plot Thickens
What happened while Semya Slotin and Josh Heinz were busy solving Johanna Cartier's murder in Bird of Prey?
When Polliannah met John Allen, she thought that she had finally found her Prince Charming. When John set his sights on Polliannah, he knew that he had a job to do and that the beautiful Miss Guryev should only be a means to an end. Then they fell in love. Now he and his Russian Princess had to leave London for their safety. But it may already be too late…
“I’m Polliannah Koch Guryev, yes I’m part of the infamous Guryev family but you can call me Polli or Mrs Allen. I love my parents, some of my brothers, high-end shopping, Russian vodka and last but not least my worst half and partner in crime Sémya Slotin. When I’m not managing our wine store in Chelsea or committing some kind felony with Sémya in the name of the God of Sleuth, I dream of Prince Charming. I’ve kissed enough frogs to give up on love but somehow it doesn’t seem to want to give up on me. How many times do I need to get hurt before it does? But still, here I go again…maybe this time it would be the last.”

Excerpt (R rated)
Polliannah looked at her wedding ring. She was alone in her big, king size bed. Technically it was still her honeymoon. Technically John Allen was her husband. And she still loved him… God help her but she did. It said a lot about her and her choice of men. Now are you going to spend the rest of the night debating how mentally disturbed you might be or are you going to get your husband off the sofa, Pollinaska?
She left the bedroom and walked to the living room sofa. She stopped a couple of meters away. If she came too close he might think she was a threat and do something rather reckless. That was how much she knew about their world. “John,” she softly called out.
He opened his eyes right away. “What’s wrong?” He sat up right away adjusting his view in the dark.
“Come to bed, Mr. Allen,” she told him.
He didn’t say a thing back. He just got up and followed her inside and put his gun on the night table. She quietly removed his shirt and unzipped his pants. Once he stood completely naked before her, she took off her nightdress and guided him back to bed. “Polli, we don’t have to.”
“Yes we do. You don’t want to keep me anymore?” she asked him.
“You know I do but–” She put her finger on his lips.
“We will figure it out then,” she said before kissing him. They both gently fell on the bed still passionately kissing. “I want to keep you too,” she whispered against his lips.
He groaned back but tenderly explored her body with his hands and his mouth, “You are my salvation,” he moaned.
She trembled, she moaned. She could feel his love and she didn’t want to let go of it. Why couldn’t she have a happy ending too? What was so wrong with her? Nobody was perfect. He was no better or worse than her brothers. We will find a way… She tackled him onto the bed and slowly took him inside her. There were no more lies, no more secrets between them, they were completely naked. She started to move and didn’t stop until her whole body imploded and escaped through each of its cell.
He felt it too, she could tell. He slowly rose up to kiss her, “We’ll find a way,” he mumbled before starting to make her move again.

* * *

Book Three: Polliannah Got Married!
The truth this time, and nothing but the truth…
Polliannah is in trouble and her boyfriend is dead. Nothing's prepared Sémya, Detective Extraordinaire, for what she finds in Toronto. Polliannah is a widow and her late husband John Allen was a hit man for the powerful Dovos family. What did they want from her? Why is this happening to them? Josh Heinz knows more than he lets on, but he’s not telling her anything. Old conspiracies and secrets resurface putting them all in peril. Sémya’s worst fears about her relationship with Josh and his past are confirmed causing a rift between that may never heal. Sémya and Polliannah’s world is falling apart. Will they be able to come out of this stronger?

Excerpt (R rated)
She shivered involuntarily. Colin would be here soon. “Dressing me up makes Polliannah happy and right now I’ll do about anything to make her happy,” she said. Even wearing a dress so short, it might give Colin the wrong idea. And Vincent, he had that predatory look in his eyes. She knew all too well what happened when he looked at her like that.
“How is she?” he asked. His expression softened a little.
“As well as expected I guess three weeks after losing her husband,” she shrugged back. “She had a husband!”
“Yeah Polliannah got married!” he chuckled back.
“I can’t believe she got married before me,” she said thinking out loud. He gave her smug look back. “It’s not like I’m thinking about marriage. The women in my family were not very lucky when it comes to marriage. I like things the way they are,” she said and vigorously nodded her head. “Yes, why would I ever think about getting married?”
Vincent smiled, “I always believed that it would be a beach wedding. You look lovely under the sunset when your skin is glowing almost golden. You’re not a dress person, a beautiful long off white sarong around your waist. I’m all for topless and garlands but I don’t think flashing the minister would be a good idea. No shoes of course, your hair would be loose and long… well it has always been just a thought,” he said still smiling at her.
Sémya felt her eyes makeup prickling her, “You thought about it.” She was slowly walking towards him.
“Three and a half years Sémya, what do you think I was thinking about?” he said. He caressed her face once she was in front of him.
“I had no idea, Vincent… that was the problem,” she said. She took his hand and tangled it with hers.
“Sémya… you, always you… forever you,” he said. He sounded so desperate, so sad. Where was the big strong Vincent now?
“Vincent…” She let go of his hand to lower his face to hers and the moment their lips touched everything changed. There were colours in the room once more. Her world had been dull and grey for the past three weeks and she only noticed it now. She deepened the kiss, moaning each time their tongues touched. She felt delicious sparks all over her body. She needed to feel his hands all over her. She wanted to feel him inside her so badly. She needed to feel whole again. She started to walk backward until they hit the desk. “I need you…,” she moaned against his lips and unfastened his jeans.
“Babe… I’m here. I never left you,” he groaned and set on her desk. He fondled and massaged her hair dropping kisses along her neck, “Sémya… I want you,” he said when his jeans dropped on the floor.
Sémya look at his erection and brought it to her, “I want you too Vincent, so much,” she whispered in his ear and let him plunged into her.  They both let out a primal growl, trembling, trying to find their balance but refusing to stop moving. Their lips never parted as if it would break their connection if it did. Sémya couldn’t remember the last time she felt like herself, so free… I’ve missed you so much. She felt a wave of passion, lust and love hit her and threw her head back letting out a moan.
She was still basking in that wave when she heard Vincent groaning against her neck. “I love you so much, Sémya.”
It was just too much for her to handle and it finally happened… Sémya felt those tears she had been holding back for the past three weeks rolling on her cheeks. She couldn’t stop them from falling down and began to weep uncontrollably still in Vincent’s arm.
“Babe, what’s going on?” he asked. She could hear the panic in his voice, but wasn’t able to answer; instead she kept weeping even more.

* * *
Book Four: Vincent Mallory Edgerton
Every love story has a beginning...
From the moment their gazes locked, Sémya and Vincent sealed their fate.
Sémya Slotin had been coasting through life solving one mystery after another. While investigating a friend’s disappearance in Hawaii, she met Josh Heinz. Her mind kept telling her to stay away from the handsome stranger but he awakened something in her and she was unable to resist him. Vincent Mallory Edgerton had always been an efficient FREGG operative. He loved his job, even when he had to leave everything behind for his own safety. On his last assignment, he was forced to work covertly with the sexy bold sleuth. Sémya’s beauty and intellect enthralled him, but his passion and growing love for her also changed him. There was nothing he wouldn’t do to finally win her trust and keep her safe, causing him to unleash events that would shape the rest of their lives.

Excerpt (R rated)
He patiently waited for Sémya to catch up with him. He could see her villa from where he was standing but they had to turn left and he wasn’t supposed to know that. The temperature had dropped and she put on thin blouse. Her hair was flowing in the wind. Without thinking he took her hand but let her lead the way. “So you didn’t answer me. Why do you need a driver?”
Sémya looked at their hands entwined and caressed his with her fingers. The gesture aroused him. “I failed the driving test about thirty times and in more than one country,” she mumbled back, her cheeks were a little flushed by the revelation. “I cannot drive.” She bit her lower lip.
Oh… he could write songs about her beautiful lips. “You were asking about my story earlier,” he said still looking at her lips. “My parents died when I was very young and I’ve been raising myself ever since.”
Sémya looked at him and stopped in front of her villa, “Why the ink?” She gently stroked his arm with her free hand.
He leaned down. Please don’t be another assassin. “Why not?” She looked into his eyes then his mouth, back to his eyes again. They both startled when the small gate beeped and opened. She walked inside her property without breaking eye contact. “Sémya, what a big villa you have,” he said, following her.
Sémya smiled, guiding him toward the pool, “All the better to walk around, my child.”
He pulled her against him as they were standing next to the bar. “Sémya, what beautiful, enticing lips you have.” She felt so good against him. He very slowly bent his head down and passed his tongue across her lips. “Sémya, what delicious lips you have,” he moaned. He had been thinking about doing this for two whole days. She tasted just like he imagined her to or even better. He kissed the corner of her mouth while caressing her jaw and her neck. Her skin was so soft, soft caramel toffee. Sémya was moaning against him and her hands found his hair. He was about to lose control, “You are so beautiful,” he said against her lips as she massaged his scalp. They were both trembling and they hadn’t even kissed yet.  He ran his hands on her shoulders and slowly down to her back before groping her ass and pressing her against his erection. She let the sexiest shriek out and he covered it with his mouth.
Fuck, that’s a kiss… the moment their lips touched they both moaned and sighed. Sémya brought him even closer, teasing him with her tongue and Vincent deepened the kiss. He tasted, he nibbled, and he teased back. His hands were stroking her bare back and he removed her blouse. “You taste wonderful, Heinz,” Sémya moaned when they came up for air. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed his neck. She hungrily removed his shirt and backed away until she hit the bar, “Show me,” she groaned, mischief and lust in her eyes.
Vincent shook his head removed her bikini top instead revealing her small round breasts. He freed her from her pants and she stood in front of him in her back garden wearing only sexy black boxer shorts. She might just be the sexiest woman he had ever seen, “My God Sémya, you take my breath away.” He kissed her again before she had a chance to say something. She clung to him and he set her on the bar, placing himself between her legs. He never wanted a woman more than he wanted Sémya Slotin. He left her wonderful mouth for her breasts, sucking them softly first then with all the passion he felt erupting inside him. He heard her moans and that excited him so much, he lowered his pants and found one of condoms Clyde gave him. This was insane; so unlike him, having sex like this in the open. But he couldn’t wait… He brought his hard shaft against her and groaned against her breast, licking the valley between them.
“Oh yes,” Sémya groaned even louder, pushing herself forward. She unceremoniously removed her boxer and let him plunge into her. “Fuck yes…”
“Fuck yes…” Vincent repeated. She was warm and tight around him. He opened her legs even more and got even deeper, “Sémya,” he breathed in her ear and she shivered in his arms. He started to pound her frantically. He had no control over any of this, he was feeling too much, too fast. Each stroke drove him closer to utter madness. Sémya’s head was resting on his shoulder, kissing, nibbling, biting him, matching each of his strokes, and asking him to go faster, deeper. He lifted her up from the bar and wrapped her legs around his hips, bringing her so close to him, Vincent felt like they melted together. And then it happened… He felt and heard her release while his came crashing down and almost knocked him down.  “God, Sémya,” he babbled, trying to recover from what he had just experienced.
“I second that,” Sémya said, searching and finding his mouth.

* * *

I'm over 30.
I was born in Quebec City, Canada.
I grew up in France and in Gabon.
I speak English & French fluently.
Pizza is my favorite dish.
Black Forest Cake is my favorite dessert.
I met Michael Jackson when I was eleven.
I loathe vodka but love gin, wine and tequila.
I'm obsessed with Robbie Williams and Michael Fassbender.
I call Toronto my home.
I love reading.
I love dancing.
I love watching exciting TV shows.
I love my life... most days.
I'm a major goof.
I can't stand intolerance.
I'm curious, cheeky and oh so opinionated!

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