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Release Blast & Review... Sawyer Bennett's Garrett

Title: Garrett
Series: Cold Fury Hockey #2
Author: Sawyer Bennett
Publisher: Loveswept
Release Date:  February 17, 2015


New York Times bestselling author Sawyer Bennett hits the ice with the story of a playboy athlete whose winning ways lead him to a beautiful woman with a lot to lose.

Carolina Cold Fury star Garrett Samuelson never wants to miss out on a single minute of fun. Whether he’s playing hockey, hanging out with friends, or walking the red carpet with a new date on his arm, he lives every day to the fullest. When he meets Olivia Case, he sees someone who’s exactly his type—confident, sexy, smart . . . his next fling. But the more he pursues her, the more Garrett shares a side of himself that other women don’t normally get to see.

Olivia has been keeping a secret. While Garrett lives for the next thrill, Olivia’s not sure she’ll live to see the next day. She’s undergoing treatment for some serious medical issues, and she doesn’t have time for a relationship with no guarantees—especially one with a hot-as-sin womanizer who won’t take no for an answer. But as she gets to know the real Garrett, Olivia can’t help falling for him . . . hard. To reveal the truth would mean risking everything—but you can’t score without taking the tough shots.

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** Barb's Review**

First, thanks to Give Me Books, NetGalley, Penguin Random House and Sawyer Bennett for allowing me an ARC of Garrett to read in return for an honest review. I absolutely LOVED the first book in this series and was elated to get my hands on this one!

*** small spoiler alert***

Garrett Samuelson, tall, dark, handsome and the biggest playboy around has just met the one woman that want be a puddle of goo at his charming way. Olivia Case -who happens to be the cousin to his best friend Alex’s fiance Sutton- is not the average girl. No she isn't one to fall at a mans feet for a smile and sweet words. She is attracted to him, I mean who in the hell wouldn’t be but she turns him down every time. Though if Sutton and Alex hadn’t interrupted them she may have broken down and given in. There are other things on her mind though. Olivia found out two days prior she has cancer. And its flipped her world upside down and stomped on it.

After the party Olivia goes to Fleurish -the flower shop- where she works with her best friend Stevie. Stevie is a savvy, smart and energetic friend. (You know we all have one of those!) When Olivia is caught thinking about Garrett Stevie catches it and as with woman any gay man around is up for the idol gossip if you have it. So Stevie makes her dish. Then wants to know why she didn’t take him up on it. It makes her wonder why in the hell she said no too.. but alas she isn’t a one night stand kind of gal. Her exact words to Stevie were “So you’re saying I should just go and have some wild monkey sex with a complete stranger?” (laughs) Sounds like something I would say.

The next day though after a long morning having been at the Oncologists office for tests and such Olivia is surprised when Garrett shows up at the shop to see her. Of course he is all grins and dimples. He asked her out. He was determined to get her to say yes. And to his surprise she said yes. Tonight they would be on a date.. and neither of them could be happier. When he picks her up from her apartment Olivia has already decided she wants him…. badly. With her “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirt on he can’t not kiss her. And damn what a kiss. After a night out at the comedy show and a night of talking he takes her home determined to not rush this but Olivia makes it so he can’t. The passion that builds between them is explosive. It takes them both to a new place. So much so that Garrett asks her out again. Seems Miss Case has made him look at this a little differently than he has before.

After their date night and a quick goodbye they parted ways. Garrett going to the work and Olivia going to her doctors appointment. When she got home and a little time passed she got sick as hell. Garrett had sent her a text that morning but got no answer. Then he needed to text her again, because he was missing her. She answered that time saying she wasn’t feeling well and that she would see him in a few days. Then Garrett did something he doesn’t usually do. He went and got her some soup, a sweet thing to do. When he got to her door and saw how bad she looked he started to worry. But before she could have him come back another time she started to get sick again. He of course he couldn’t leave her. After some time and him all but begging her to go to the doctor she snapped out that she didn’t need a doctor. She let it out that she had cancer. Once he let that sink in he helped her ot the bed and left.

It was a lot to sink in. He left her and made a call to the teams trainer. He needed to get to talk to someone about what was happening with Olivia. He then went to Alex and Sutton’s house to ask why they hadn’t said anything but all that did was end in Garrett getting seriously pissed off and storming away from their house. It was a few days before he spoke to Alex and in the end of that talk they had made up. He knew Alex was there for him. And that same day he is waiting on the stoop to Olivia’s apartment when Sutton helps her walk up. Things are still bad between him and Sutton so he tells her he will staying with Olivia, they need to talk. And they do. it affirms a bond that has been growing between them for days since they met. He isn't going anywhere. She is who he wants and he is who she needs.

As their relationship builds and they tread the lines of lust and love and despair over her illness they grow impossibly stronger together but that still doesn’t make things easier for them. Just more intense. But a four A.M. phone call turns Garrett and Olivia’s lives upside down. Alex calls to tell him that Zack -a fellow teammate and a good friend of both Garrett and Alex’s- and his girlfriend had been in a bad accident on their way home from a night out together. Zack was in surgery but Gina was killed in the accident. After a few hours at the hospital the whole team and significant others were sent home. But the loss that Garrett felt for Zack made him think more and more about Olivia’s cancer and how he would feel if she was taken from him. After Gina’s funeral it seemed to weigh on him harder. And Olivia overhears a conversation with Garrett and Stevie and her guilt slams into her.

Then the unthinkable happens… Olivia leaves to go to her moms.. but that isn’t what she is doing. She is trying to break up with Garrett to spare him the inevitable. Even if she is just being a stubborn but I get her point, even if it kills her to be apart from him she is trying to spare him in the end. Even though no one knows how long of a life she will have. She could live to be 90 for Christ sake. Finally though after some scheming with Stevie and a phone call Garrett is able to talk to her thanks to her mom. But all that does is confirm that she is breaking things off with him. She feels she has to. Its the unselfish thing for her to do. No matter what its doing to her inside or him. Sutton and Stevie are both seeming to miffed with her though. Stevie more so as he has remained friends with Garrett throughout this whole exchange.

But what she doesn’t expect is that Alex -Sutton’s fiance- has come to see her. And lays into her, not in a mean way but in a way that shows he gets it, he understands but he still thinks she is being stupid. Being where she was once -minus the cancer, of course- he knows what its like to want to push that one person you love more than life itself away. He gets through to her. Finally. And she goes to the next game they have. She needs to talk to Garrett. And she does after the game… but it doesn’t go the way she was hoping. Again, its Alex that tries to help her. Sutton takes the middle of the road and Stevie.. well he is just miffed at her still. (laughs) But.. never give up. It isn’t so easy to keep fate from bringing the ones meant to be together together. Hard roads or not.

I have to say I loved this book, even if I cried, cursed and shook my kindle until I was red faced a few times. LOL No joking there. This story is a heartfelt one that shows you no matter what we are handed or thrown into we can stand strong if we have people around us to support us. Cancer sucks ass. Everyone knows of at least one person that has been taken from them by this vicious bastard of a disease. Me personally I’ve lost two grandparents and a few more family members. No one in my immediate family though we have had a few cancer scares and people being watched for signs of what is wrong turning into something worse. My self included. They say the Lord never gives us more than we can handle.. and whether you believe that or not is up to you. But never give into the bad, reach for the good and kick ass. You deserve that. Thank you Sawyer for another great story.

**End Review**

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Author Bio

New York Times bestselling author Sawyer Bennett is a snarky Southern woman and reformed trial lawyer who decided to finally start putting on paper all of the stories that were floating in her head. Her husband works for a Fortune 100 company that lets him fly all over the world while she stays at home with their daughter and three big, furry dogs who hog the bed. Bennett would like to report that she doesn’t have many weaknesses but can be bribed with a nominal amount of milk chocolate.

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