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Barb's Book Review... Loved by The Pack

This book is the fabulous conclusion to the best selling Wolfpack Trilogy.
If you have been following from Book One, you already know what to expect!

Aisha has gone through hell to get to the shifters. She's been abused and humiliated by the entire town of Dead Wolf.
But everything is about to change. Logan returns and takes vengeance on the men who harmed her in the past.
He and his brothers make sure that Aisha knows she is loved and cherished in her new life, and she learns that all four of them want to have pups with her.
She also finds out about an ancient prophecy that explains her origins, and why she was abandoned by her mother as a baby.

This is the climax of the entire trilogy. Don't miss it!

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First off, I want to thank Abby Weeks for gifting me and ARC of this installment in exchange for an honest review!!

This is the third installment in Abby Weeks’ Wolfpack Trilogy and sweet mother of God it was good. There is a lot of um.. sex in this one. But Aisha is now bonded to brothers and with bonding comes some serious needful sex filler alpha’s that are more than ready to take her in any place, position and surrounding she is willing to let them have her in. And just dayum. I am not a fan of some of the sex there was in this one. But it was well written and just because I wouldn't do it doesn't mean someone else wouldn’t. (snickers)

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with it just not something I would partake in so its out there for me but again, well written and hot as hell. (laughs) You will need a few breathers between a few of these chappies. I had to go read something else a few times. It was passion overload. Aisha is one lucky girl!! Anyhow.. onto my review…

***small spoiler alert***

Aisha is still dealing with the loss of having Logan and Packer having run off from the bonding ceremony. At least she had time to perform the handmaiden’s bond with Packer before he left but Logan… he had just turned and left. The lingering questions of why were filling her mind. Did he not want her? Was it something she had done? Or not done for that matter. It was an emotional time but both Hardy and Tuck, the first two, the youngest of the brothers were still by her side. They were understanding. Aisha was lost in her own mind until she came back from a walk in the forest and found them both waiting on her. It was time for her to show them exactly what it meant to form a bond with them. They would never rush her and Aisha knew it.  Aisha allowed them to take her to her loft, despite her anxiety. She wasn’t ready but she was. They took it slow, both Hardy and Tucker working her body into a frenzy before they actually took her.

The mating was like nothing she had ever been through. The intense emotional bond it formed between her, Tucker and Hardy was hard to describe. She knew no matter what she would be protected and loved by them both. There was no jealousy, just an outpouring of love from them both. They were now fully hers and she was theirs.  And to say she was well taken care of would be putting it lightly. It was something that Aisha would never forget or long for again. Now, her only thoughts were of Parker and Logan. What was with them. She could feel Packer and enough was enough. He had been running around the mountains, killing wolves and working out his aggressions and whatever other emotional overload he had but it was time that Aisha took matters into her own hands. She packed up a small bag and took off up the mountain. Keeping her mind closed to him so Packer wouldn’t know she was coming. When she got close to him she opened herself up and pushed out her senses.

That’s when she found Packer… and trouble. Seems she had shut down too many senses and had not noticed until now that she was being trailed by a pack of wolves. She reached out to Packer but the wolves moves closer. She was in trouble. Serious trouble so she reacted as a shifter female would. She used her internal senses and took off running. If she stayed ahead of them she would be fine. Packer would be to her soon and would save her. But, Aisha’s luck as it is isn’t that good. Thanks to loose footing when she jumps over a river bed Aisia slips and its enough of an edge that they are able to catch her. They show her what they want to do to her. Torture, rape, kill. (And we thought the humans were bad….) They are not a fan of hers. In the least. She means there will be more shifters, more enemies. She represents the future of power in the Valley.

But they are no match for a pissed off shifter Alpha. Packer gets to her just in time. Killing a few of the wolves before the others run off. Packer then takes Aisha to where he has been spending his nights. Builds a fire and then its time to talk. He ran off because at the ceremony she performed he was over run with emotions… but more than that he did not want to have to share her their first time together. He wanted that moment to be special. Something only they would be able to share. He has so many emotions running through him; there is a bond between Packer and Ashia, Its always been there. From the moment he saw her on that boat, the one that brought her back to Alaska. Aisha, truly deep down loves Packer, as he loves her. But those many feeling amplify as they mate. That forming bond makes them that much stronger. The most intense feelings she could have thought possible run through her and she knows with Packer, as with Hardy and Tucker that he would do anything to keep her safe. He was hers and she was his.

The bond that she shared with the brothers was more than a bond it was a lifeline. She was still feeling the loss of Logan, not knowing where he was or if he was okay was getting to her. Packer, Hardy and Tucker tried to calm her fears telling her that at times they all had to get away, even to journey out of range. He would be back. But the moment he was back in range Aisha felt his blinding pain. Then he was there, in her mind. In a truck, locked in a cage. Men were surrounding him as they drove him back up to the town where she had been brought. Aisha of course went into town (even when the others told her not to) and straight t Ma Hetty. Of course the seer had seen it all and they would have to wait until the right time to try and rescue him. And that is what they do but not before Logan is whipped. His injuries haven taken days to heal. And only added more questions for Aisha.

As Ma Hetty, Aisha and the boys took care of him back at the cabin Aisha’s worry and doubts started to grow more intense. She was worried he didn't want her. (Chick seriously worries way too damn much.. LOL) So when she was able to corner him (so to speak) she asks why he really went to Fairbanks. As they talk it all starts to fall in place. She knows why he had gone off and done what he had. Being the Prime Alpha of the Valley he had to do things to prove himself worthy of her. Manly enough I guess you could say. Men and their damn egos.. sheesh. Then Logan asked Aisha to mate with him. To show her he really did want her. She agreed and then… what was she to do? Again, heffa worries way too much. A few days after their talk Logan takes her on a little trip and if the information overload wasn’t enough for her to take in they mate. She performs the Handmaiden’s ceremony and… to say her world is rocked is putting it lightly. She saw stars in the daylight. Being that much Alpha… he all but fried her circuits. And she loved it.

A bond that is forged in that much love to be shared between the five of them is nothing less than a miracle. Its the start of a new life, a new way of thinking and for Aisa, Logan, Packer, Hardy and Tucker it’s a new way of life. From here on out they are as thick as thieves. And all the better for it.

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