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Barb's Book Review... Spike

Spike (Spark, #2)
I, Aidan Stone, got the girl.
My beautiful Eevie is sweet and sassy, and she owns my heart like no other. I promised her, I’d always protect her, and I meant it, but shit just got serious.
Blackmail. Extortion. And Eevie is the target.
Sometimes the past comes back to haunt us. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to distance yourself from it, it comes back and bites you on the arse. And in walks Mr Hotshot Detective, Ryan Clark, thinkin’ he can save the day and take my girl.
Well, I’ve got news for him.

Spike is the second installment in the Spark series and Holy panty droppin’ Batman… I think Jennifer Ryder is determined to give me a constant book hangover.. HA! I love it. The game of cat and mouse is upped in this one when a few new players are introduced into the playhouse. Ryan Clark seems to be the devil with an angels face… (snorts) But we all like a bad boy, in sheep's clothing. But there were many more surprises that made it hard to keep the rights and the wrongs in one place.

***small spoiler alert***

As the relationship between Aidan and Eevie grows the love and devotion they both have grows as well. Since Eevie’s attack the over protectiveness in Aidan has been hanging on him like a piece of lint to your favorite sweater. His devotion to Eevie is swoon worthy. I mean the man has it going on. Eevie is now working, going to school and spending as much time with Aidan as possible. But coming home to an empty house and going weeks at a time without seeing Eevie is getting too much for Aidan. When his flatmate decides to move to a place closer to where he is working Aidan needs a new flatmate. At the same time Rob has asked Crystal to move in with him so if she says yes (and duh why would she?) Eevie will be on the look out for a new flatmate. neither of them want to share the other… so they decide to move in together. After Aidan asks her to that is.

The move goes well, Aidan even turns the now spare room into a study area for Eevie. A place she lock herself away when she has to. Away from the distraction known as Aidan. As things settle down and they get used to living as a couple there is a simplicity to them both. As they talk over the newspaper and just life in general Aidan finds out that Eevie has never been camping… LOL City girl she is. So he makes a plan to take her the next weekend. Its one of the things he did as a kid with his grandpa. Also, fishing, he is taking her fishing. What a way to spend the weekend. But the fact that Eevie is jumping at every noise she hears has him trying to relax her. (snickers) And relax her he does, a few times. At one point he tells her its just a kangaroo coming to get water… (And the dork in me giggle snorted but I kept reading (snorts)) They both enjoyed their time away. the peace and quiet of it all. But they had to return to real life. That meant training, phone calls and Eevie at one point playing secretary. LOL

When Aiden surprises Eevie by asking her to come to one of his races of course she goes to cheer her man on. And the weekend away does them both some good. Aidan wins his race and then reaps the rewards. (winks) To say her pride shows for him is to put it lightly. The girl is head over heels in love and the happier he is the happier she is. When they get back home to the real world things take a turn for the gutter. Tara, Aidan’s ex calls him to speak to Eevie. Urm.. odd right? But he lets Eevie make the choice of whether or not to talk to her and she agrees. Tara wants her to call her back when she is alone. Apparently its important. Blaaaaaah… Gal is crazy.. or so Eevie thinks. When she does get the courage up to call her she finds out Tara isn’t really crazy. Well not in the way she thought. Seems Aidan’s father. the bastard that had left him high and dry as an infant is blackmailing her to get to him. Since she isn’t with him anymore she calls to worn Eevie.

As Eevie frets over not telling Aidan she talked to Tara… something else comes up. She gets a call and an email that shows pictures of her and Aidan together… urm.. in an adult way, if you get my drift. The caller demands $5,000.00 or the pictures go public. Well she can’t let that happen nor can she say anything to anyone or they’ll hurt Aidan. That weekend while he is out motorbiking she meets at the location designated and drops off the money, getting the USB with the pics on it. She thinks its over. When a bit of time passes and Eevie starts to think its all over she gets another call and email. this time… its a video of her and Aidan from their camping trip. And she is all of her naked glory. This time the bastard wants $10, 000.00 or it give viral. Mortified she starts to panic. the stress of not having any clue how she can come up with that kind of money starts to make her act different.

Days of not eating, living on coffee and fretting over this make her all but crazy. When the call comes in for the drop she pleads and tells them she doesn’t have but a few thousand on hand. they could hurt Aidan and she is ready to do almost anything they ask to keep him safe. When she gets another call her blood boils. Its Aidan’s so called father. He wants the money she has and for her to convince Aidan to meet with him. If this isn’t done he will release the tape. As Eevie contemplates how in the fuck she is going to do this she really starts to fall apart. Cassie, one of her best friends, finally says something to her about it. They decide to have a girls night. Eevie really needs to get away and clear her head and see how this is gonna play out. Once at Cassie’s Eevie -with some help- tells her everything that has been going on. Cassie of course flips then gets pissed. (Gotta love an over protective best friend) Cassie makes Eevie understand that they need help with this. Then Cassie calls her brother, Detective Ryan Clark.

Once Ryan has talked to both Eevie and Cassie he agrees to do some snooping and see what he can find out about Aidan’s father. That is if he can keep his mind on his job and not on Eevie’s tits. Ryan also tells her she HAS to tell Aidan. He has to know what is going on. So Eevie goes home and when Aidan comes home from his race she tells him everything… and no he doesn’t take it well. She lied to him. She kept a secret from him and he is pissed this is happening to her. When Eevie and Aidan meet Ryan and Cassie after work to discuss some of what he found they choose a restaurant. A neutral but busy place so they aren’t overheard. And… the pissing contest starts. But Aidan can't help but notice when his girl is being looked at like she is a prime rib to a starving man. Seems Aidan;s so called father is not only a dick he is a wanted dick. Australia’s most wanted to be exact. he is bad fuckingnews and now Eevie is in his cross-hairs.

As if things couldn’t get any worse Aiden doesn’t handle the whole not being able to protect his girl thing he has going on in his head. So what does he do?? He goes and gets drunk. not just drunk, completely shit faced. But to add salt to THAT wound, the ass is a dick to Eevie when he gets home. Telling her she deserves better and to just get out. And she does. She goes straight to Cassie’s. Maybe he’d be in a better mood when he slept off his stupid. But he is a man so...not sure that is possible. Cassie of course is pissier than a rattler stuck in a can. But when Aidan wakes up and removes his ass from his head he gets the note she left for him. Realizing what a dick he was he panics. After making a few calls he figures out where she is he doesn’t know exactly where that is. He knows know Cassie lives -town/area wise- but not where her house is. But after driving around for a bit he gets lucky and finds Eevie’s car in a driveway.

Luckily Eevie agrees to talk to him and they sort it all out. And a plan is set into motion to do what is needed to take his so called father down. When is all said and done, they just have to wait to get the call as to where to meet the bastard. Aidan does do one more thing to help with Eevie’s safety and their privacy. He gets Eevie a dog, who is called Sergeant. Its love at first lick for Eevie and Sarg. When they get the call he only gives them a little time to get out of town and where he wants them. They have to wait to get a call the next morning. Of course they call Ryan and he meets them out of town a bit and they solidify their plan. There is a hotel room waiting on them. One that is not traceable. So they just have to drive to the town, check in and wait. The next morning Eevie gets the message she was waiting on. A text from the asshole. She has 15 minutes to get to him and then its game on. She goes to the cafe as he instructs. They meet and Eevie walks away… unscaved.

The next part of this plan is not so easy on their nerves. Aidan heads off to see his father. Making sure to keep everything Ryan and the other officers have told him in mind. When he meets his father tensions are high. But in the end the cops get their man and Eevie, along with Aidan can go home and relax. They’re finally free. No more blackmail, no more pictures or videos… its just them and their lives can move on. After this ordeal though Aidan is still weary about leaving her home alone. But good ole Sarge is there with her so he goes to his all day training camp. The night they spend camping goes well and the twelve hour day of riding and training begins. Then… the unthinkable happens. With the crazy race course they are on, an accident happens. Aiden is thrown off of his bike and hurt bad enough to the air lifted to the hospital. A few good injuries but nothing that will keep him in the hospital or cause him permanent damage. But it is enough to scare him -even if he doesn’t show it- and scare the living hell out of Eevie. Bed rest and time to heal is all he needs.

The weeks since his accident have been good but challenging. Because not only has he had to think but he has had time to plan. He knows Eevie is his forever. Nothing like this had ever happened before. So it was time t embrace it. Aidan gets Eevie out to his grandparents farm under the pretense of dinner with them but he surprises her with a proper proposal and then even bigger news. He has a plot picked out for a future home too. Its a surprise Eevie never sees coming. He also shows her some land where they will build their own home. So he will be close to his grandparents and they can live out in the peace and quiet that they both love and need. Its a total surprise, again not something she saw coming. Then again.. she is full of her own secrets. When Eevie tells Aidan that they will need a bigger house because she is pregnant he is ecstatic. As anyone should be) Now they have even more reason to celebrate.

They agree -for now- not to tell anyone they are pregnant. They want to get the wedding and the baby’s first scans behind them first. Their wedding night is one to remember, a day that they solidified their love for one another in front of their friends and family. The people that mean the most to them in their lives. Its a new beginning to an old love story.

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