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Barb's Book Review... Strike

Strike (Spark, #3)
Fast. That’s how I like life, especially my two great joys: bikes and women. I’m committed to exclusively riding one, but not the other.

Until April.

A sexy-arse freelance photographer who’s travelled the world, and doesn’t do long walks on the beach or romantic candlelit dinners. She enjoys running with the bulls and food spicy enough to make your hair fall out. If that weren’t enough to get me hard, she rides a mean mother of a motorcycle.

I’ve gotta have a taste of this wildcat.

~Spencer (Jones)

I don’t do fast. Not anymore. I’ve got my career, my independence, and since I fled Spain to come back home I promised myself that I wouldn’t be put second—or third, for that matter—again.

Then I meet pretty boy Spencer.

He’s smooth, oozing the most potent pheromones probably known to modern science, and he’s making a move on me. One kiss was almost enough for my promise to dissolve.

My head says no—my treacherous body screams yes. I’m gonna make Spencer work for it. Make him fight for the chance to have me, because I know that deep down I’m worth it.

~April MacIntyre

*Strike is book three in the Spark series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but continues on with characters from Spark and Spike.

*Recommended for 18+ as it contains very steamy sex with motocross boys* *sigh*

Strike in book 3 in the Spark Series and just... Holy Hell. Jones, my man has some game. who knew? I like the interactions the characters as with the other books in this series they are all intertwined in some way or the other. And the feels roller coaster is just as long in this one as the others. :)

***small spoiler alert***

Spencer (Jones) the playboy of the motocross world is at it again. he’s on the mission to find someone, anyone. As usual he is thinking with his dick which leads to trouble. In order to hide from one of his.. uh one night bangs he goes to a small cafe. One that he hasn’t frequented before. That is when it happens. He actually spots someone, a lovely young lady that can’t stop looking at him. Nor can he stop looking at her. He moves over to her table and the back and forth banter between him and the saucy April MacIntyre has him wanting more. For once though he has a feeling there is more than than he first thought. Of course they flirt as they enjoy their meal. I mean neither of them are dead but April is not one to just jump into a mans lap. She has been hurt and not looking for anything casual. At the end of the night he stole a kiss and slipped his number into her pocket since she refused to take it earlier in the evening.

A day later when April found the number he scrawled in a napkin and sent him a text. They made plans to see him at the same cafe a night later. They were both nervous, to say the least. And after a little small talk, April has to be straight out with her thoughts. She isn’t in this for a casual thing. She wants more. If he can give her more... then they can give this a go. Spencer agrees. He wants more too. A moment of clarity, as it was. They both seemed to want the same thing from each other. After dinner and a goodbye kiss they parted ways. But only for a few days, they’d see each other again Friday at her house. She even agreed to cook him dinner. Of course when he arrived at her place he had more on his mind than dinner. (laughs) he is a man after all… though her thoughts were not far behind his. They enjoyed their meal, talked and then went on to end the night together. But not in the traditional way.

Seems our little April is a bit of a card… she plays out what he wants to do with her. Getting herself off before curling into him and falling asleep. The amount of control he needed too not pounce on her.. is killing him slowly. (laughs) He’s so horny I bet he is seeing stars. After a few minutes of holding her (now sleeping body) she starts to stir in her sleep. Grinding into him but thankfully she wakes before it gets too bad that he can’t push away. Its definitely time to go. He has motocross training this weekend anyway. and April has work… so its time.  The next morning its all about the ride. Mac, the trainer, makes an announcement after a bit of training that his daughter will be here and reminds both Jones and Billy that she is off limits. That's laughable. All Jones (Spencer) has on his mind is April. Sunday morning the thoughts of April are tenfold and then it happens. He sees a girl taking pictures. Then he notices he knows the ass, the legs, then he sees her in full. Its April. It takes him time to figure it out. When she walks over and calls Mac ‘daddy” he all but falls over. Holy Hannah he has a thing for his coach/trainer’s daughter. Talk about a happy fuck you. Now.. what in the hell will they do?

After that day they decide to keep their relationship a secret from everyone until April tells Mac they are together. Spencer is ready for everyone ot know but its April’s call. The more time they spend together the more they want of each other. The one thing April has asked for is for him to put her first. So when she asks him to skip work one day he does. When he wakes up and finds out what she has planned he is… stunned. She made him drive her to the airport so they could go sky diving. (shudders) Its a test. If he can trust her with this, something she knows he is not a fan of.. (and no sane person would then she can trust him with her heart. So, they go up and they jump. This not only draws them closer but it shows them both just how much they mean to each other.

The coming weekend April is on the side of the track watching him race. He of course has a renewed vigor and excitement for the race and pulls out all of the stops to win the race. This sets off a chain reaction in them both. They want to be on the track hugging each other, showing how happy they are but they can’t not until Mac knows. The final race comes and its time for another all out war on the rack. Again, April is there to cheer him on. Of course she is there to ‘work’ but she is there for him none the less. Again he pulls out all the stops and wins. Victory has never felt so good because -thanks to April and a phone call she made- not only is Spenser’s father and mother at the race so is his sister Victoria. Happy doesn’t even cover how he feels at the end of that race.

The plan was already set in motion. The after party was a formality but as soon as it was over… well it was on. Both April and Spencer would meet in his room and it would be time to party on their own. It was a busy night to say the least. By the time they both managed to get away. -very separately might I add- But the happy reunion was brought to an abrupt halt when there was banging at the door.  Mac. He knew she was in there and he was not happy in any way. When Spencer opened the door… a war started. Mac went total psycho dad and punches Spencer. Then tells April of a conversation he overheard a couple weeks ago about a threesome Spencer was telling Billy about. And of him kissing a girl. Though it was a simple misunderstanding April storms out and Spencer is left to face Mac. Mac tells him if he wants his career he’ll leave his daughter alone.

They are both left hurting, broken and in a state of disrepair that is crushing. After a week April still hadn’t heard from Spencer. She hadn’t stopped thinking about him. She knows what she has to do. With a text sent to Spencer telling him she is leaving for Spain he finally snaps out of his brain fog. He knows what he has to do now. As April hears a knock on her door she panics. She can’t see him but then she realizes it’s her daddy. Once she lets him in and they talk she sees what she already wanted to know. Spencer didn’t do anything to hurt her and she goes to find him. She has to talk him. But before she can go anywhere he is pulling up to her place in a screech. He shows her what he has brought her. A way to show her their story. She unwraps a framed photo of their skydiving. Then one of them in bed. No make up, freshly awake and all natural. Then three empty frames for whats to come.

The makeup is one that is full of love, lust and talking. They are each other’s souls. (And yes I cried at the mushiness. I mean damn, how could I not…) Time apart only made that ache and love stronger. They are destined to be as one. And that shows eight months later when April moves in with Spencer. No more house swapping and missing time together. They have the start of a happily ever after….

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