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Blog Tour & Double Review... MJ Field's Ties of Steel; Abe & Dominic

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Ties of Steel Series
M.J. Fields

Abe: Four in Hand
(Ties of Steel, #1)
Released: December 16, 2014


Twenty-six-year-old Abraham O’Donnell is the CFO of Steel Inc. After working tirelessly for over a year, he takes a week off to enjoy the sand, surf, and bikini-clad women of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. After all, he's earned it.

When a brief interlude with a flight attendant in her hotel room goes awry, Abe heads to a rental home with a private beach. While floating naked in the pool, he learns a guest house on the property is also occupied. So much for rest and relaxation. Ever the gentleman, Abe tries to make the most of his misfortune, and offers to make the beauties staying on the property some dinner.

It's senior year and Nikolette (Nikki) Bassett is a few days late for her last college Spring Break with her four best girlfriends. When she arrives, all these ladies can talk about is the guy next door. And once Nikki gets a look at him, she knows what they mean. Fresh from an afternoon of surfing, Nikki can hardly believe her eyes when Abe approaches. The sexual tension and banter between the two of them leads to steamy hot sex on the Atlantic shore.

It's only a Spring Break fling, and both Abe and Nikki know better than to make it out to be more than that. Or do they? Abe’s calm demeanor changes once he has a taste of Nikki. That night, no location is safe. He takes her on the beach and ravages her in his bed. But despite their mind-blowing sex, Abe's taste for ultimate control in the bedroom makes Nikki uneasy. Nikki's just getting over a heartbreak and she can't afford to let Abe in. So, she pushes aside her budding feelings, and leaves Florida and Abe behind without a backwards glance.

Not used to being dumped and afraid to admit how much it hurts, Abe cuts his losses and heads back to Steel Inc., resume his role at the top of Steel Inc., pouring his heart and soul into his work. But Nikki Moore won't be forgotten so easily. Her taste, scent, voice, the noises she made when he brought her to ecstasy, the way she tasted on his tongue, and felt under his touch haunts him. Always fighting for control, Abe tries to push Nikki far into the back of his mind, as he fucks the rented women he had grown accustom to.

But Karma is a bitch, and Abe blames her for Nikki leaving him the way she did. So when Nikki shows up unexpectedly, Abe welcomes Karma with open arms. Control has left the building and safety of one's heart is no longer strong enough to stop what happens next.

Abe, is the first in the Ties of Steel series from bestselling erotica author MJ Fields. It is a spin-off of the best selling Men of Steel series featuring the Steel brothers: Jase, Cyrus, Zandor and Xavier.

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|| Barb’s Review ||

First off thanks to Between the Sheets Promotions and MJ Fields for allowing me an ARC of Abe to read in exchange for an honest review. And secondly this is a new author for me so that is always an exciting adventure to me. All in all this was a great read. The story was awesome and the sex.. sweet Jesus. Hell I am still blushing. (laughs) I love how MJ Fields made Abe come out of his shell and open up to Nikki about things not even his best friend knew. The line was crossed in a few ways sexually that made them grow stronger as people and I will say this. I will be moving to the next book. And I will be going back and reading the original series, The Men of Steel, like pronto! Love a good book and this one…  Spin of or not its sure as hell got me hooked.

***Small spoiler Alert***

Abe O’Donnell is a hardworking man. Not just any man can do what he has to as CFO and man in charge. Needing a break Abe goes on a little vacay to Florida. A little time in the sun, a little fun in the water and some nice time under the sun was just what he needed. He even took that to heart as he eyed a stewardess on the plane. He went to her hotel room with her. But things did not go the way he wanted. The chick gave the saying “slobbin’ on a knob” a whole new meaning. It just wasn't… what her needed. He was able to escape her unsatisfied but soon enough he’d find a girl and get that taken care of. Once at his rental place he could start his week. A week to cook for himself, fuck all the woman he can get and to not have to worry about anything.

But what he doesn’t expect was the adjoining house that shared a yard and pool with his. And the girls that accompany said house. An inviting pool offers him solace and a place to let loose, literally... but he in turns gives three girls a nice show when he decides to swim in his birthday suit. The three girls are very cheeky. And they give him what for, to the point that once he gets his shorts back on he storms off. (laughs hard) temper tantrum at its best. After a quick shower he comes out to find one of the girls in HIS kitchen. The groceries he had ordered were delivery and she brought them in. After a tight minute and a ‘no’ to the offer of dinner with them he realized he was being an ass. Offering to cook her and her friend’s dinner the next night let him know there would a fourth girl joining them. Later that night he overheard her and her friends talking. Girl number four was very quiet, sweet and stirs something inside of Abe just with her voice,  and one that is a breath of fresh air to him. Nikki has a simple side. She is a child of a mix-raced family with strong values. (Ya know the type, you either shoot it, stuff it or marry it.. lol #SouthernCharm) They meet face to face on the beach the next morning and that is when the fun begins. The dinner that night, as he promised, went well.

Everyone drank, ate and the night ended nicely when the girls went home. But later that night when they both met on the beach.. things went from smoldering to burning red hot when Abe took her on the beach and then again in his bed. Both of them over stimulated and he of course was a bit intoxicated and pushed her boundaries. When he woke she was gone, having left him a note that something came up and she had to leave. This trip had backfired so Abe went home back to the Jersey Shores. All should have been fine once he was home. He’d have a few days to rest and.. yeah that didn't happen. After visiting with his pops at O'Donnell's Pub he went into the office. Dressed in jeans but still as sharp as ever. The man is a major workaholic.. he can't help himself.

But what he doesn’t expect is to be bombarded by the Steel brothers but he is one after the other. Since they are there to rag on him Abe gives small hints about his vacation but nothing detailed. After some small talk he talks the Steel brothers into committing to playing on his fathers baseball league. Well he kinda just told them to show up on Thursdays and be ready to play. (laughs hard) After a phone call Jase (his best friend who is married to his cousin) gets a call and poor Abe is suckered into an interview for The Shore, a local paper. He quickly changes into a suit (that is just in his office, the man is forever prepared for anything) and when he comes out the reporter or journalist isn't who he expected. It’ Four.

Seems Ms. Nikolette Basset from The Shore was sitting at the table before them. After the Steel brothers all made some excuse to leave (since they knew she was the girl from Florida by his reaction) they both had to take a minute to get their shit together. Needless to say Abe sees RED. He politely escorts her out of the building without saying much to her. Men. This starts off a chain reaction of.. (hmm what to call it…) a game of cat and mouse. Nikki sits in her care and watches the building. Follows him, manages to let him see her and then.. well things get crazy; crazy good. They have a love/hate relationship in a way. He loves to dominate and she likes it but she hates to let go and give him her trust. Trust is something that is earned not given. And for her it s hard. As the days roll on by they manage to tolerate the situation and slowly things start to fall in place. They are both whipped by the other. It would be cute but most of the time Abe is a down right asshole. A very hot asshole but nonetheless an asshole.

When Nikki starts to have issues with her building losing power Abe takes it upon himself to send some to look things over. Even if they aren’t to where they need to be in his eyes she is his and he looks out for what is his. One night at her apartment things get out of hand. Lives are turned upside down but it is not all that out of the ordinary of their relationship as of late. Thankfully Abe is able to get Jase and Carly over to help. While Carly takes Nikki to Abe’s he and Jase go downtown to deal with what happened. The bond between Nikki and Abe, to be honest took a while to really start to form. I mean its not everyday a good ole southern sweetheart meets a sexually domineering alpha male who her body responds one way to and her mouth another. (And that sounded dirty but it wasn’t meant to be… lol)

But that is not to say things get any easier for them. On the contrary, it seems as if Abe is going to lose her and she lose him. They are both fighting against a gale-storm wind that is pushing them further away, so much that he has to do something that does not sit well with her. So her punishment is silence.. ya know the one thing he probably hates most that she does. (snorts) There are many pieces to every puzzle and any relationship is just a big jigsaw waiting to be put together. Sometimes the pieces fit right the first time, others have to be shoved into place and then there are some that just don’t do what you want them to do but they eventually find their place and all is well. Once its done, its done. And you can happily move onto the next step in your day/life.


Dominic: The Prince
(Ties of Steel, #2)
Released: January 18, 2015


The Italian, seductive, quiet alpha, Dominic Segretti, is leaving Livorno, Italy and headed for the Jersey Shore.

His family's business is in danger of crumbling under the management of a man who tormented and grossly underestimated his investment in a business he grew up loving, and the hatred of a man who made his life hell for thirteen years.
He has been quietly waiting for the right moment to bring Benito Deluca to his knees. He comes to the US, armed with enough evidence to prove his case to, Josephine Steel, his aunt, and his cousins, Cyrus, Jase, Zandor, and Xavier.

The night before he plans to tell them of the corruption that could cause the demise of DeLuca INC, he decides to take a night to de-stress. He plans a night of relaxation and enjoyment for himself at the Hilton Casino on the shore.

Delaney Johnson is starting over after a break-up and graduating college. She has landed the job of her dreams in NYC. Arrangements had been made to stay with her best friend, Nikki Bassett, and her fiancé', Abe O'Donnell.

Feeling that her luck has suddenly changed, she stops to play a few slots, just for fun. She finds herself winning big, and gains an admirer.

One hot night of uninhibited sex with a stranger takes her places she never knew she could go.

Dominic sees something in her, something familiar, something undeniable. Will this one hot night turn into many, or will the Beast's plans crush any hope of them exploring their future?

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|| Barb’s Review ||

dominic the prince.jpg
First off thanks to Between the Sheets Promotions and MJ Fields for allowing me an ARC of Dominic to read in exchange for an honest review. As with the first installment in this series I am blown away. Seriously this book deserves a 6.5 maybe a 7, its that engrossing. I could not put it down. I can’t wait for more when it comes to these two and the rest of the characters in this series.

***Small spoiler Alert***

A man on a mission, that's Dominic Segretti. He's trying to take down a snake who is trying to ruin the family business. He's surrounded by people, including his best friend and sometimes lover, Jules  (who is married to the bastard he is trying to take down) and his sister, Valentina. But even with that he's alone. That is until he comes to New Jersey to talk with his family. His aunt, and her sons, Jase, Cyrus, Xavier and Zandor. In a chance meeting he finds his ladybug, Laney while she plays a slot machine. The insta-connection between them sends sparks flying. Laney herself is broken, and alone but once she and Dominic meet that feeling changes.  So when he takes her upstairs to his room in the casino things go from flirting to her screaming his name. It's an action that's on repeat for most of the night. When Laney wakes she feels different about herself, her situation. Better infact. But when she decides to do a little research on our dear Dominic with other woman. Super model types. I mean that's a given, he is a man of power and money. Both are what some women, okay most woman want. Laney now feels inadequate about herself, again.

A letter had been left for her by Dominic so she goes to the address he requested her to and things go from happy and waiting to see him to her flipping out by what she thinks she saw. That was nipped in the bud quickly though. Dominic gets through to her. Finally. It took some work though. And then things get a little tense when Dominic takes Laney to Abe and Nikki's. Nikki (Laney's best friend from college) is not an insta-fan like Laney was. Those two, Nikki and Dom going at it toe to toe was kinda hot though. Laney though doesn't want to deal with it so she walks off. Nikki hot on her heals. After a long walk and talk they get back to the house and try to sort out what she is feeling. When Laney wakes the next morning it's to find Dominic reminding her of how much he loves her body. Things are still a little 'stressed' between them all but it's life.

When Dominic meets with the Steel boys later that morning... He goes from asking for help to pissed off. Just imagine... The Steel boys, Abe and Dominic, all at the same table, tempers flaring and yeah... (Drools) Dominic leaves them and goes to his hotel. He even calls Laney to ask her to come to his hotel. He wants her there. And yes, she goes. Why would she not? When Laney gets there the need that consumes them in so much they can;t deny it. After taking to the bedroom they stay there for hours, Laney asleep on his chest. Only to wake and repeat. Its a cycle that goes on for hours. When Laney wakes from her ‘nap’ she overhears a conversation that Dominic is having with Jules, and of course what she hears is taken in the only way it can be. As something bad. Though I'd have done that too. So needless to say she goes back to bed and the next morning (since she has had time to let it sink in) she loses her shit and walks out.

The new spark of aggravation, pain and emotions that she can't handle are all Laney has to cling to. Dominic tries to talk to her but the gal is stubborn. She holds up at Nikki’s and refuses to see him.. but Dom is not one to take no for an answer. The night before he is to return to Italy he tries, again. At first it seems that it's not happening. She is trying to guard her heart from what she thinks may happen. She does allow him to stay the night but its not the way he wanted it to be. So when he leaves for Italy it's with a heavy heart. While Dominic is gone Laney tries to move on. Literally. On moving day Laney gets to see just what changes the new management have done to the building where her third floor loft is. When Laney, Nikki and another of their friends help her move into her fully furnished apartment they make a weekend of it. Might as well have fun after all of that, ya know.

The following Monday, after a not so good nights sleep, Laney starts her new job in New York. She is finally able to move into her new place in the business world. Training, meetings and some serious hard work, now she is in her zone. She's on her own and making her way in this place called life. She misses Dominic but she can do this on her own. So she thinks. As time passes she gets stronger. More at ease but a chance encounter in the lobby of her new building puts Laney face to face with Dominic's sister, Valentina. Then it all falls into place. Dominic bought the building. His sister is staying here until things are safe to return to Italy. Of course this is not okay with Laney but.. then what is now a days for her.

When Dominic returns to the U.S. Laney once again is faced with a choice. Sulk and ignore him or give in and really listen to him? Valentina tries to make Laney see just what her brother feels for her. And slowly, it starts to sink in. She is still scared of getting hurt but when face with a man like Dominic, she is willing to try. Dominick came back with a new plan for the business in italy. a fresh way to start over, if you will. With Benito in jail the Sergetti can take back what was theirs for so long. Or die trying. Dominic has to act fast he asks Laney to quit her job and come with him to Italy. He needs her there.  She has to go with him. And after some thinking she agrees. She quits her job and the ball is rolling. She will be Italy bound soon. Just one thing to do now.. try and speak to her parents for him. To make her feel better. To put the past in the past. But its never that easy. her mom tries to forbid her to go to italy. Her dad too, but Dom puts his foot down and they leave it in the past.

As they wait for Laney’s passport to come in things between what is now called Deluca and Steel USA come head to head. Thanks to Joe, Dominic’s aunt and her boys they lay out plans to get the Deluca company changed over to new management, aka Dominic. As it should have been that way to start with. And a few hours of work pays off and that is exactly what they do. Then the fun begins. Dominic, aunt Joe and Zandor go back to Italy to watch the destruction of the building Benito had erected in the town for the company's headquarters. Its time to restore the city. When Dom comes back he is ready to leave with Laney. Valentina decides to stay and get to know her aunt and cousins again. Be together with family. So its just Dom and Laney headed on a jet plane across the water. When they arrive he takes her home. The home she had chosen. It holds a special place in his heart. its his and Valentina’s childhood home.

And now, its time to start new, be a family and make a go at running a business together. Making bridges and forging together a life of love and happiness that they both had been denied until they found one another.


~~ Coming Soon ~~

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...See next post for more details of these books...

About the Author:
MJ Fields's love of writing was in full swing by age eight. Together with her cousins, she wrote a newsletter for family members. The newsletter was put back into 'publication' in September of 2001 for the entertainment of her cousin on a Navy aircraft carrier in the gulf, (Her cousin is a female Navy officer and helicopter pilot).

She self-published her first New Adult romance in January 18, 2013. Today, she has completed four self-published series, The Love series, The Wrapped series, The Burning Souls series, and The Men of Steel series.

Ties of Steel, (the first series spun off of some the Men of Steel series) book 1 ABE and book 2 Dominic are now available. The Norfolk series, has two titles available now, Irons 1 and Irons 2.

MJ is an Amazon bestselling author in multiple categories as well as all of Amazon as a whole. She lives in central New York, surrounded by family and friends. Her house is full of pets, friends, and noise ninety percent of the time, and she would have it no other way.

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