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Blog Tour & Review... Skye Turner's James Black

Let's meet.. Skye Turner's James Black!
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James Black, the hottest name in Hollywood. Blockbuster films, tabloid headlines, and broken hearts surround this golden playboy.

Avangeline Price, a strong willed, tough as nails, zero tolerance for games woman who believes love only exists in books and movies.

James is accustomed to women falling at his feet. Avangeline has an intense dislike of celebrities and an even bigger dislike of James Black.

She's unimpressed. He's intrigued. Both have preconceived notions.

But… sometimes the unscripted territory is what matters most.

When Hollywood meets Louisiana, can real life rival the movies?

***This book contains explicit sex and graphic language. It is NOT recommended for readers under the age of 18 OR those who do not read this type of book.***


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Bright lights, big city… the perfect place to lose yourself.
That’s the impression I first got of Los Angeles and it’s the impression I still have today. The city of Lost Angels. I fit right in here, though I’d call myself more of a devil on any given day.
This is where I started over. This is where the boy with nothing took on the world and became the man who has people at his beck and call for every little whim.
As I look around at my hillside mansion overlooking the city, I laugh cockily at the way life has panned out.
Do I have love? No, but I have money. I have adoring fans and people follow me wherever I go. It works.
Is it a perfect life? Of course not. Being in the public eye, never having any privacy... But, it is what it is and it’s the life I’ve chosen. It’s the life for me.
The large clock chimes in the foyer and I glance at my bags near the door. The limo driver should be pulling up at any second.
Next stop… Louisiana. Not at all where I want to spend the next year and a half of my life, but it’s where filming is and filming keeps my bank account happy. All of them. This three movie deal should easily drop another chunk of change into them.
Not that I money is something I really need more of.
Smiling at the thought and the irony of that logic, I open the door just as the bell rings.
“Mr. Black. Good morning, Sir. I’ll get your bags into the car and in just a few minutes, we’ll be off. Is there anything else you need before we head to the airport?”
I think about that…
“No, I think I’m good.”
He nods, “Very good, Sir. Let me take these.”


~ Emmy’s Review ~

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First off, muchas gracias to Skye Turner for sending us this ARC in return for an honest review.  We were honored to be among the chosen. I didn’t steal this book, I promise; though if you did, just remember, karma is real, and a bitch.

I'll admit, the cover is what caught my eye. (Very nice....) I later found out that the model for the cover is the author’s husband.  **Thumbs up**  That’s pretty ballsy, if you think about it...I don’t know if I’d wanna put a picture of my husband on my book for people to perv over.  Or criticise, for that matter. Course, she knows who he’s coming home to. My mental picture of James Black changed once I got into the first few chapters, so….lol. This is my first time out with this author, so I didn’t really know what to expect.

~small spoiler alert~

Just as the description says, James Black is a movie star, and Avangeline (AJ) is the driver that is hired to chauffeur him around over the year while he is filming a movie trilogy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  He’s a bit of an asshole.  Ok, a lot of an asshole.  But he requested a driver that wasn’t going to fawn over him or treat him special.  He sure got it.  Avangeline has zero interest in him or his fame.  She is only there to do a job, and as per his request, teach him a few things about Louisiana history and culture.  When they first meet, it is like an oil and water nuclear explosion, they are SO unfit for each other.  He didn’t expect a woman, when he was told his driver’s name was AJ he assumed he would be meeting a man.  When he saw a little redheaded woman in leather leaned upside the Tahoe parked by his trailer he thought she was just trolling for an autograph -or more. (I’m telling you, dude thinks an awful lot of himself.  This would normally be a huge turnoff for me, but it came off as more funny than balls-out arrogant)  

He asks her where she wants to be signed: her arm, her side or her breasts.  You can imagine how well that went over, especially when she told him that she was NOT a groupie, she was his driver.  He asks her if she’s a lesbian, which only ticks her meter past the redline.  She calls her boss, intent on telling him to get someone else out there to drive this jackass around cause she’s done.  He stops her, apologizes.  She tells him he’s an asshole, and he agrees with her. (haha)  He asks to start over and she agrees, but tells him she can already see that he’s going to be high maintenance (ok I hear Toby Keith in my head...high maintenance woman don’t need no maintenance man….) so he’s gonna be giving her an extra $500 per week just to put up with his ass.  I loved this girl right from the start.  She doesn’t want to admit it, but she feels a slight attraction for him, although at the moment it’s overpowered by irritation.  He found her attractive from the moment he laid eyes on her, but I get the feeling that’s nothing new for him.  He thinks she flat out hates him, so that’s just a challenge for him, I figure.  

She drops him off at his place, goes home to read her book, the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead.  I wonder, is the author a friend of Mead’s, or is she a fan?  Either way that was a cool way to work a recommendation for another series in.  Meanwhile, across town, James gets a booty call from some unnamed friend of his (obviously another celebrity) who is in the area.  When she arrives at his place it’s also obvious that they are close personal friends, as well as friends with benefits.  When James and AJ meet again it’s obvious that he’s not the only one who has made assumptions.  She’s pretty judgy of him too, based on what she’s seen in the tabloids.  As he points out, the tabloids are such a reputable branch of journalism. (sarcasm, Sheldon)

They part the next morning pissed at each other, and this time it’s really her fault - she’s jumpy as a cat around him, mostly because she dreamed about him all night and doesn’t want to acknowledge to herself that she’s attracted to him.  He’s apparently got very blue eyes.  She apologized to him later that day, and he accepted it.  But two weeks pass, and he’s still stewing about it.  On the movie set, the powers that be are firing his co-star because she is having a complete Lindsay Lohan meltdown.  He and his manager, Hugo, talk both about that, and about AJ.  He tells Hugo about their disagreement, and what was said when they met.  He mentions that he asked her if she was a lesbian; Hugo freaks, asks him how he has any money left with that mouth of his. (bwahaha)  Anyway, I told you all of that to tell you this: It wasn’t until she made small talk with his manager while taking them to the airport that James was obviously jealous that she was talking to Hugo and not him, even though he was the one giving her the silent treatment for the last couple of weeks.  (Men….**shakes head**) So they finally hash all of that out, and all is well for the moment between them.  Now the ball can really get rolling.

James is on break from filming while the studio is trying to locate another female lead.  One of the reasons AJ was tapped for this particular assignment is that she is knowledgeable of local history and culture.  She is also a photographer, and a damn good one.  She takes him sightseeing.  You can tell that history is a love of both of theirs, by how animated she is telling him, and how interested he is in it. They visit the capitol, which is more of like a castle, and you can see the potential they have for a real friendship.  It’s cute as hell.   They go to a war memorial to watch the sun setting over the river.  she catches him looking at the sunset and takes his picture; he turns around and looks at her, then kisses her. She doesn’t slap him, to his surprise. She kisses him back, but jumps away from him, as if just realizing what she was doing. There was no yelling, just tells him they have to go because they aren’t supposed to be there after full dark.  They clash when they get back into the car.  Damn, oil and water, I tell you...the sex is going to be hot as hell between these two.  Despite sniping at each other, they go to a bar called Bon Temps for supper and actually have a good time together.  As time passes, they become more comfortable with each other.  She brings him a shelter dog, a German Shepard/Lab mix that he names Marie Laveau.  They have a brush with some paparazzi, but with AJ’s quick thinking the photographer is foiled.  They do some more exploring while he’s off, continuing to warm up to each other.

By now it’s obvious that they are right on the edge of getting together.  She gets invited out by her friend to go see the friend’s boyfriend’s band at a local pub.  It’s obvious that he wants to go too, but he tells her to take the night off and go, he wasn’t going to need her to take him anywhere.  Later he’s bored, looks up directions to the pub and shows up there.  He finds her, meets her friends.  The band is good, but some big dude named Mathias shows up - her ex-husband.  He makes an ass of himself flirting with AJ.  You know, the patronizing kind of flirting that’s more of a threat than an offer.  When he corners her in the bathroom hallway (why does every bar have a hallway like that?)  James backs him off by telling Mathias that AJ is his woman.  She kisses him there in the hallway in front of Mathias, as an in-your-face, but it gets out of control and they only come up for air when Mathias punches the wall beside them. That must’ve been some kiss! They wind up going out back of the club in a little courtyard for air, where it doesn’t take them very long to pick right back up where they left off.  He gets her off - they leave, book it back to his place in a cab for some very rowdy - and very satisfactory - sex.  **fans** The sex alone skyrocketed this book into five star territory for me - I was right - it was hotter than hell!  So much so, that even though it’s been a week since I read this book, I’m tempted to read it again, just for the fun of it.

The next day to her surprise he wants to continue, she is not just a one night stand to him.  Time passes, and they have a cute little domestic thing happening with him and her and the dog.  it’s adorable.  The actress on his movie is replaced with someone who’s not stoned 90% of the time, so life is good.  One day while AJ has the puppy at the park Marie falls in a hole and breaks her leg badly.  AJ feels horrible because it happened while she was with her.  With the help of a man in the park (who turns out to be a veterinary student) she gets Marie to the vet.  Hours and a surgery later, the vet is able to pin Marie’s leg together. AJ fears that James will be pissed with her, but nothing could be further from the truth.  He tells Hugo to find out if the man who helped AJ has any student loans and the like, because he’s paying them all off.  He’s gonna give him a free ride for the rest of his education for being kind to his woman and his dog.  (Awwww, see, he’s not such an asshole after all.)

Eventually he starts wondering about their situation.  He realizes that he’s really starting to get attached to AJ, to the point that he asks her if she’s sleeping with anyone else, telling her that he wants to be the only one in her bed.  Despite his terrible communication skills (omg dude, really? **shakes my head**) she gets his gist that no, he’s not actually accusing you of screwing around on him, he’s trying in his own back assward way to tell you that he wants to have a relationship with you. (why he couldn’t just say that, idk……..)  Late that same night he is awakened by his cell phone.  He leaves AJ asleep in his bed to answer it; it’s booty call girl, who’s also his friend, who is having an emotional moment over some dude.  She asks him to come to her in LA.  He doesn’t hesitate, and when AJ wakes the next morning he tells her that he has to fly to LA to take care of some business.  

Now, I won’t go any further than that.  If I did, I would be giving away one of the biggest twists in this novel.  I will give you this warning, however: you may want to find a few rubber bands and strap your kindle to your hand.  That way you can avoid throwing it, like I did.  I seriously considered knocking my rating down to a 4.5 because James..., ugh, just know I called him every name in the book. And some I made up.   And then I realized, any author that gets me involved enough with the characters to cause me to throw things and cuss at them has done her job, and done it well.  Despite the fact that I wanted to kick every square inch of his narrow ass, I kept reading, and was treated to a wonderfully dark and twisty backstory that I had never suspected him of having. (I’m a fan of dark and twisty, as you might have noticed, lol)  When he returns to Baton Rouge, he has realized just how deeply he feels for AJ and lays all of his past (and present) out for her.  The shit hits the fan, and the raw emotion was palpable throughout.  Again, when an author can make you hurt for her characters, as well as fight with them, that too signals a job well done.   AJ is no pushover, though, so her reactions may surprise you.

All in all, I enjoyed the heck out of this novel. I actually stopped what I was doing more than once to call Barb and tell her, hey, you are going to love this book.   There is a second installment, Becoming James Black, due out soon.  Oh, and if this is a big sticking point for you, I know it is for some people, there’s no huge cliffhanger in this book.  Yeah, there’s stuff to be resolved in the next book, but you’re not left clinging to the cliff bad enough to warrant any animosity over it.  So here’s my final opinion: go, purchase this novel and read it.  You won’t be disappointed.  Then read it again, just for good measure.  Then go back and read the sexy parts again, cause Dammit, man…..they were worth a second and third read.  

Between Isabelle Richard’s Gavin Edwards (When Fates Collide: Go read that too!)  and Skye Turner’s James Black, I am going to need a bottle of Captain Morgan’s and a high powered fan for the second book in both series!

Till next time, keep the pages turning (and ice down the rum!)

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About the Author:
Skye Turner is an avid reader and an editor turned Amazon Bestselling Author of the Sexy Adult Romance series Bayou Stix.

She attended Southeastern Louisiana University and Louisiana State University where she majored in Mass Communications, centering her studies in Journalism. Unfortunately, life intervened and she never finished her studies.
She lives in small town Louisiana with her husband, two children, and six fur babies.

When she's not chained to her laptop pounding out sexy stories she can usually be found playing ‘Supermom’, reading, gardening (playing in the dirt), listening to music and dancing like a fool, cooking, baking, crafting, or catching up on her family oriented blog.
She loves to incorporate pieces of Louisiana into her writing.
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Brought to you by Skye Turner.


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