Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Release Day & Double Review... Sloan Storm's Billionaire Pursuit

It’s here… Sloan Storm’s debut novel in the Never Never Man Serial….

Recently dumped by my ex, I found myself broke and jobless after five years of chasing stardom in Hollywood. Desperate, I took the advice of my best friend and roommate, Katy, and started my own business in a last ditch effort to prevent a full on meltdown into bankruptcy.

Little did I expect my first client to be a man like Grey Sinclair. Young, rich and cruelly handsome, he had a reputation for making women squirm in his presence. When I first saw his image in a photo, I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel an irritating stir in places I shouldn't have.

Even so, if I failed at making a good impression on him, it could not only mean the end of my business but all my dreams as well. With that much on the line, I would have no problem keeping my urges in check.


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~Barb’s Review~
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First, I need to thank Sloan for asking me to read her debut novel. I was gifted an ARC in return for an honest review. And, I liked it, a lot! Okay, okay, I loved it… Ha! Maddie is a character that you fall in love with and Grey.. well hell he is the Alpha male woman all over the world would froth at the mouth for. But put them together and you have one helluva story to watch unfold.

**may contain a spoiler or two**

Madeline Olsen, Maddie, is a beautiful girl with a vulnerable side. She is a headstrong entrepreneur, and all around good girl is trying to start up something new. A concierge business. Her roommate and best friend Katy steps in to help her. And when she gets the information on her first (yes I said first) client she see’s his photo and knows this is going to be a challenge. She knows the type. Or she thinks she does. Greyson Sinclair, young, smart, extremely handsome has more money than he knows what to do with.. so what does he do? He uses what he has. That and he has extraordinary skills of being a grade A, world class, top notch asshole. Yep, I mean… grade A, prime example of why men think money means more than it does.

Maddie has a plan to do the best she can to get Mr. Sinclair's needs met while he is in Los Angles. But what she doesn’t know is that Mr. Sinclaire is going to do anything he can to get to her. To be able to get into her pants. Typical man. Its all about the end game. Once Mr. Sinclaire arrives in L.A. its game on. And good, quick thinking on Maddie’s side keeps it from getting too out of the way too fast but as she makes plans he quickly undoes them. Frustrating the hell out of her and leaving him wearing a shit eatin’ grin. (Which I would love to smack off his face)

Though… with that said he isn’t all bad. He has a good side. He defends Maddie’s honor and does try to help her in the only way he can. He comes across as an arrogant, egotistical bastard and to the point that is him. He says what he means, means what he says and now has it out to make Maddie his latest dick warmer.

But Maddie, being the sweet girl she is tries to resist him. Using what she can to take this from a shamble of an experience to one that will get her a reference and help her kick off her business as she could only hope to do. Maddie tries to make him happy, and say try with gusto. She gave it her all but what she didn’t see the Grey tidal wave until it was too late. Offering her something she couldn't turn away from she tries to again accommodate the ass. In all honesty all that did was lead to more trouble and then both needing their asses kicked.

Oh man, you really just need to read it. Its good. I was drawn in from page one. I have to say I wanted to slap Grey almost all the time in the book. He is an arrogant alpha male… but he’s hot so it works. (laughs) Even Maddie.. I want to shake her and then smack her a time or two as well.. so all in all it was a great story. Good characters and I am so happy to say I can move right along to book 2. This is going to be a fun series to read.


~Emmy’s Review~

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Many thanks to Sloan Storm for allowing us an advance copy of Billionaire’s Pursuit in exchange for an honest review!

This is a style of writing that I haven’t read in a while.   The Never Never Man series is a serial novel, meaning that each installment is just one piece of the whole story. This means that each novella will likely end on a cliffhanger, so don’t be surprised when you turn the last page.  More will be coming soon!

Set in LA, Madeline Olsen, aka Maddie, has a brand new concierge service that she is trying to get off of the ground.  She offers a range of services, including accommodations, transportation, and dining reservations, as well as activities like getting her client into the best clubs or events.  Her best friend and roommate Katy sends her a referral for her very first client, Grayson Sinclair, a Chicago businessman and a very rich man indeed.  If she can manage to impress him, the word of mouth alone would be an automatic bump for her business. If she fails, however, he could very easily destroy any chance she has at success.  When she views the picture of him, she is attracted and intimidated, but determined to make his trip as pleasant as possible.

In Chicago, Greyson Sinclair prepares to take his private jet to LA.  This is his first time dealing with the film industry, but feels confident that he will get what he came for.  He confirms his plans, and also receives a picture of Maddie with his itinerary.  He is attracted to her as well, and entertains himself with the thought of bending her to his will for the extent of the trip.  He is a man who is accustomed to getting what he wants, when he wants it, and exactly how he wants it. He also has a bad habit of screwing his assistants. He likes to be in control and doesn’t understand that when he says he wants a no-strings attached arrangement, he means it.  

Maddie meets him on the tarmac when his plane lands.  When she opens her mouth to speak to him she has a complete blank out/brain seizure, which causes him to have to call her name twice and makes her look like a dummy.  She’s mortified, because his first impression of her is not going to be good.  He gives her a hard time in the limo about the list of activities she has lined out for him, mostly to see her squirm.  He gives her hell for scheduling him to dine in his hotel that evening, and insists that since she didn’t arrange him a dinner companion that she go with him to dinner.  That was what he was aiming for the entire time, but she is fearful that she is just doing a horrible job.  She agrees to dine with him, but asks him what his expectations are.  He says he expects her to do what he wants.

The “hero” is in need of an ass kicking.  frankly I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole, but that’s probably my own issues with men with too much money and expensive suits thinking they are better than everyone else.  Maddy is scattered, to say the least and has the worst fucking luck of anyone I’ve ever met.  Shit just breaks blows up and flat goes wrong around her.  I’m in for the rest of the series just to see if she can manage to deflate that over entitled ego he’s carting around with him.  

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