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Author of the Week... Lilliana Anderson (Part 2)

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Welcome back to the Author of the week promotions… Happy to have you back for the second installment of the Beautiful series...


Reading order:
Too Close (Novella)
A Beautiful Struggle
Phoenix (Novella)
A Beautiful Forever
Commitment (Novella)
A Beautiful Melody
A Beautiful Rock
Devotion (Novella)
A Beautiful Star
A Beautiful Taste ** (Coming May 2015)


Phoenix  (Beautiful #1.5)
PHOENIX: The Beauty in Between
(A Beautiful Series Novella)
Pages: 306
Published: September 23, 2013

After being unceremoniously kicked out of home at a young age, Paige is forced to fend for herself.

In a bid to survive, she does things that most people would never dream of, and stops caring about herself as a result.

When the fastest way to get food and shelter is to use her body, and the fastest way to forget is to self medicate, Paige embarks on a steady downward spiral. Until, finally she hits rock bottom…

In A Beautiful Forever we got to know Paige as she battled the demons of her past to move forward with her future and find her happy ever after. Now, in Phoenix, we get to see the moments those demons were created and how she managed to get her life back on track.

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“You’re so beautiful Paige. You should have seen the way other men were watching you tonight. It made me feel like I had to have you. You have a quality that draws men in, and I’d love to be the man who teaches you how to use this gorgeous body of yours to your benefit. A woman like you could use her beauty to have the world at her feet.” He chews on his lip as his eyes travel up and down my body. The expression on his face seems as though it hurts for him to look at me and not touch me.
Strangely, I don’t want to run. I want him to touch me. I want him to teach me. I’m tired of sleeping on a couch. I’m tired of sleeping in a garage. I’m tired of silently begging, tired of feeling dependent on others. I’m tired of being a burden.
I don’t know if it’s the drugs in my system, or if I just don’t want to feel like a kid anymore, but something makes me move towards him. I want him. Badly.


A Beautiful Forever (Beautiful #2)
A Beautiful Forever
Pages: 370
Published: February 22, 2013

After ruining the best relationship he has ever had, Elliot's life takes a turn for the worse and he isn't happy with who he's become.

Deciding to spend three months in the UK on a working visa, in a bid to find himself again, he boards a plane to London. During the flight he meets Paige, a fellow Aussie with a closed heart and a lot to hide.

The closer he gets to Paige the more he's sure that she's hiding something. Will it be enough to send him running? Or does he love her enough to fight this time?

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He's quite frankly, the most beautiful man I have ever seen but looks almost too large to be in such a small seat. His long legs are angled so that one is in the aisle, and the other is wedged in the minute gap between the seats in front of him. He has broad firm shoulders that span further than the width of the seat. His hair is light golden brown and a little longer than I like on guy, but it kind of suits him. He’s wearing a good day or two worth of stubble - which I’ll admit is a bit on the sexy side. But it’s his eyes that are most striking. They look like someone took the clearest, bluest part of the ocean and dropped it into his irises.


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Bestselling Author of the Drawn Series, the Beautiful Series, and the Confidante Trilogy, Lilliana has always loved to read and write, considering it the best form of escapism that the world has to offer. Australian born and bred, she writes New Adult Romance revolving around her authentically Aussie characters as well as a biographical trilogy based on an ex-Sydney sex worker, named Angelien.

Lilliana feels that the world should see Australia for more than just it’s outback and tries to show characters in more of a city setting. When she isn’t writing, she wears the hat of ‘wife and mother’ to her husband and four children. Before Lilliana turned to writing, she worked in a variety of industries and studied humanities and communications before transferring to commerce/law at university.

Originally from Sydney’s Western suburbs, she currently lives a fairly quiet life in suburban Melbourne.

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