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Barb's Book Review... The Don: Sebastiano

Power. Greed. Revenge. Submission.

Sierra Winters never planned on falling for the most powerful man in Sydney.

One minute, she's an everyday twenty-eight-year-old, working class office girl. The next, she’s being blackmailed by Sebastiano Morassi, Sydney's influential crime family boss, to settle her brother's debts.

Sierra knows she should never have gone to him to ‘save’ her brother but she is captivated by him. His monstrous size, his malicious evil glare and more frightening is the scar, which marks his left cheek. Never has she met or seen anyone like him. The more time she spends with this frightening yet captivating man, the harder it becomes to want to escape.

Sebastiano Morassi is pure danger. So why does she crave him? He can make her tremble with fear and make her hairs stand on end, but he also has a sweetness to him, which tugs at her heart. Sierra soon finds herself merged into his world full of murder, revenge, and deceit.

Warning: This book contains violence, excessive language, and strong sexual content. It's intended to be read by mature audiences.


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First off, thank you to Hot Tree Promotions, Elle Raven and Aimee Jennison for allowing me a copy of The Don: Sebastiano to read in exchange for an honest review. Secondly, Sweet baby Jesus.. I am sure my brain and kindle both melted a few times… cause just damn. Hot and kinky is putting it lightly.. (shivers) I was blushing from head to toe as I read. No jokes. But on the other side of that… this was a great story. Well written, fun and I could not put my dang kindle down. I loved the characters and the way they interacted. It made the story what it is. Elle is awesome on her own but pair her with Aimie and Holy Smokin' Pages Batman! #Amazeballs

***small spoiler alert***

When Paulie Winters, a young man who works security/IT for The Don, Sebastiano steals 50 grand from The Don he gets a wake up call that.. well that it will not be tolerated in any way. No one steals from The Don. But he isn’t killed. he just has the marinara sauce beat out of him. And never admits why he did it. His older sister, Sierra though has words for him when she comes home and finds him laying in the kitchen floor bleeding like a pig that's been used as a pinata. After getting him to the hospital, telling a few little lies about his injuries and a surgery later to fix a mangled finger Sierra tells her brother that she will call Sebastiano. Tell him why Paulie took the money. He abruptly puts a stop to those thoughts. He doesn’t want his sister around that monster. He has worked too hard to keep her away from that.

Well, that works for all of… hours. Finally, needing to make this right she calls Sebastiano and when his secretary gives him her message.. a plan comes to mind. That plan includes Riccardo, The Don’s right hand man going and picking Sierra up at her place of business and bringing her to The Don’s home. The little lamb walking into the lions den. What he offers his new toy, his little spitfire is a deal she can’t turn down. Not that she wanted to anyhow. One look at him and she was ready to agree to anything he wanted. Even if she put up a small fight about parts of it. in the end he (The Don) gets what, well who he wants and Sierra, sweet innocent Sierra is about to get the wildest ride of her life. As The Don’s new mistress, well can’t say new ‘cause he’s never had a mistress before but anyhow as his mistress she is to stay in his home, in his bed and be at his beck and call no matter the time or place. She will be his and his only until he grows tired of her… not that he sees that happening anytime soon.. or at all.

Needless to say when Sierra calls Paulie to tell her what is happening he hits the roof. He warned her and now she will be The Don’s ‘whore’. That is the wrong thing to say to her. After yelling on her part, Sebastiano gets on the phone and puts Paulie in his place. At the end of the day, literally, Paulie is resigned to just know its going to happen and he accepts it. Sierra is a big girl, she can handle this. Or fake it well enough for now. As time passes they get into a quite comfortable routine. Sierra, whether she will admit it aloud or not is happy where she is. Yes she sees and hears things that scare her but Sebastiano is good to her. Months pass and the growing feelings that Sierra have start to take over her mind. She had become a part of the family. Once in there is no out. And now, getting out wasn’t even a thought.

When Sierra gets bored one day she shows up at one of the clubs demanding to get in. She was alone. No bodyguard, no hired muscle just her. The Don does not like that. At all. He gets so mad he scares her. That is something that so far had not happened. But his point was finally made. Even his daughter who had been in this life since she was born had never gone anywhere alone. Its too damn dangerous. I mean, really she should have known better. He is The Don, she knows he has enemies. And thanks to that day and a little birdie putting information in his ear the unthinkable became fact. While out on a shopping day with Lorena the bodyguard with them was taken out and Sierra was kidnapped. A note was sent to Lorena who in turn had to tell her father what had happened. And the search was on.

When Lorena gets an unannounced visitor at home she finds out who is behind the kidnapping. To say she is shocked is one thing but she proves that she is truly the Mafia princess when she takes matters into her hands to get the information she needs in order to save Sierra from the men who took her. Sebastiano and his men are able to get to Sierra but not before she is hurt. Beaten, bruised and pissed off is what she is. When The Don and his men burst in they see men holding Sierra down. She was about to be raped. But in the heat of the now enemy and the Don’s men fighting Sierra gets a gun. (One she stole and hid for the right moment) Sebastiano talks her down from shooting the ass that was about to rape her though… he had other plans for the bastard. (laughs hard) He just proved you do not mess with him or his. He is definitely not a playful kitten when pissed.

Let that be a lesson to anyone not to touch, take or hurt the people The Don calls family. Your goose will be coked. In more than one way as it seems.

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