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Barb's Book Review... Unintended Consequences

How much would a father sacrifice for his child?

Nineteen years ago, Indiana police found the body of a young girl, burned beyond recognition and buried in the woods. They arrested George Calhoun for murdering his daughter, and his wife testified against him at the trial. The jury convicted him. Now his appeals have been exhausted, and his execution is just a few weeks away. George said he didn’t do it. That the body isn’t his little Angelina. But that’s all he’s ever said – no other defense, no other explanation.

Dani Trumball, an attorney for the Help Innocent Prisoners Project, wants to believe him. After all, there was no forensic evidence that the body in the woods was George’s daughter. But if the girl isn’t Angelina, then who is it? And what happened to the Calhouns’ missing daughter? For nineteen years, George Calhoun has stayed silent. But that’s about to change, and the story he tells Dani—if it’s true—changes everything.


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This story addresses a concept some may not understand but I enjoyed the story and the hope that it arose in me that the judicial system, flawed as it may be at times does lend a hand to the innocent parties who are put on trial, convicted and are completely innocent of the crimes they are convicted of. It was an interesting and compelling read for me. I also had the luxury of having it on audio so when I couldn't be nose deep in my kindle I had it playing. This story is (for me) one that i can see myself reading or listening too over and over. Tanya Eby (the narrator for the audiobook) has the perfect voice for the way the characters needed to be handle, I think. So that made this story all the more enjoyable for me. I can;t wait to move to the next book in this series.

***small spoiler alert***

H.I.P.P… or the Help Innocent Prisoners Project in NYC is where Lawyer Dani Trummel works. Its a job that is fulfilling and allows her the luxury of being home with her son when he gets home from school. But it also helps her pay a debt to society and remind her that until you have all the facts you really know nothing. When Dani gets a letter from George Calhoun saying he did not kill his daughter she is torn. Do they take the case or not. Every time she puts it in the “No” pile she pulls it back out. So, after talking to her boss, her husband and some serious soul searching Dani agrees to look into his claims and see if H.I.P.P will take his case. George Calhoun was accused and convicted of killing his four year old daughter, Angelina seventeen years ago. He is six weeks away from his scheduled execution and it would be up to Dani and her team (Tommy and Melody) to prove his claims are true. He didn't kill his daughter.

The path to redemption is one paved on broken glass and boulders falling to block the path. As Dani, Tommy and Melody proceed with the case they try to stay positive. Every lead they get they follow through with it and always seem to come to a brick wall. They scale the wall only to find another in its place. But determination is the mother of all kinds of things. And they are finally able to conclude through working at every angle they have been given that Angelina Calhoun is alive. Or was when her parents left her at the Mayo clinic in Missouri. Thanks to Tommy’s killer detective skills, Dani’s knowledge of what needed to be doe and Melody to hold them all together they locate the girl. Angelina Calhoun, though she is known as Sunny now is alive and well living in NYC with her husband and child. George Calhoun narrowly escaped execution. Literally only hours away when they got the great news. Now that they (the Calhoun’s) are free of jail they have to learn to live again. to be a part of society and get back in the good graces of the daughter they abandoned almost 20 years ago. They saved their daughter now lets see if her forgiveness can save them as a family.

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