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Book Sale... Jamie Jeffries' Fatal Divide

Wow! Jamie Jeffries has a special announcement for you on her new Romantic Suspense series, Desert Heat.

Fatal Divide (Desert Heat; Book 2)
Published: April 9, 2015


Alex Ward solved a murder last summer by getting kidnapped. Dylan Chaves, a former high school sweetheart, helped save her then, and they found their mutual attraction stronger than ever. But, no one quite understood what forces were working to turn their sleepy little Arizona desert town into a hotbed of intrigue. In fact, they thought it was over.

Now, the murder of a distant relative puts Dylan in the midst of a cartel war, and Dylan learns something about himself that threatens to put their budding romance at risk. Alex can feel alliances shifting as old secrets come to light. Can she compete with Dylan’s complex and growing responsibilities, or must she let him go to follow her own life’s dream?

Fatal Divide is Book 2 of the Desert Heat series.

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Thurston grunted. “All right. So, you saw the buzzards. Then what?”
“They appeared to be interested in something close to Arch Canyon, so we stopped here and took the trail. Rick was in the lead.”
Thurston turned to Rick. “So, you were the first to see the body?”
Dylan suppressed a small smile. Rick was definitely not going to give Thurston any more than he asked for. It was a gesture of solidarity, but in the end wouldn’t mean a lot. As soon as Thurston knew that Dylan was acquainted with the old man, and why, he was going to shut Dylan out of the investigation. Once again, Dylan could be forced to interfere in order to clear his own name. This was getting old.
Just then, screeching tires drew the attention of all three men as Alex’s beater careened into the parking lot. In unison, both Thurston and Dylan sighed, “Oh, shit.” Looking at each other in surprise, it was Thurston who dropped his eyes first. “I’ll take care of her.”
“Good luck,” Dylan muttered under his breath as the deputy strode toward Alex. He couldn’t hear what Thurston said first, but Alex’s higher voice carried just fine.
“This is public land, and I don’t see a corpse, Kevin. You can’t stop me from reporting, and I’m going to do it from here, so stand aside.” Alex turned her back on Thurston as she opened the rear doors of the Sentra and pulled out a tripod. Next came a fancy-looking camera with a telephoto lens attached. She proceeded to set it up a few feet closer to the picnic table.
“You’re interfering with an ongoing investigation, Alex. I’m warning you,” Thurston said, now audible because he had turned around to address Alex when she swept past him.
“I am not. I’m standing in a public place taking pictures of an area that is clearly not part of the crime scene. If you don’t want me to print your picture, I won’t, but these gentlemen have a right to decide for themselves.” She gave him a smug smile and waited for him to tell her not to take his picture. Of course, Thurston would never turn down the opportunity to make an appearance in the paper that Alex’s dad owned and she reported for. He gave up remonstrating with Alex and approached Dylan and Rick again.
“What did you observe that prompted you to call local authorities, rather than have the park handle it?” he asked, speaking a little stiffly and formally, now that he had a reporter watching him.
Rick took point on this question, to Dylan’s relief. “A big-ass hole in his chest, and what looked like half the blood in his body underneath him,” he said.

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...Where it all started...

Fatal Exposure (Desert Heat; Book 1)
Pages: 306
Published: February 5, 2015


Dylan made Alex’s heart race and her blood pound when they were in high school. Then her dad caught them naked in her room and sent Dylan packing. Dylan left town a few weeks later, saying he’d never be back. They’re about to learn you should never say never.

When they meet again four years later, over a mummified corpse in the blazing Arizona desert, what secrets is he carrying, and why does he have to look so damn good? Alex, now a college student and aspiring investigative journalist, can’t decide whether she’d like to find out what she missed all those years ago, or help put him behind bars.

Will she get the chance to make up her mind, before she's marked for murder herself?

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About the Author:

Jamie Jeffries is the pen name of a successful author with published novels under other pen names in addition to her titles under this name. She likes to bring a bit of the unusual, the unlikely and the humorous to her plots. Jamie brings you heroines who overcome hard challenges, sweet, sexy heroes with a hint of alpha male, and side characters you'll love to hate or laugh with.

Jamie would love to let you know when she releases a new book, runs a promotion on an existing title, or has a giveaway running. Please go to and join her fan community! You'll receive a complimentary ebook copy of Jamie's first novel, Impermanent, in appreciation.

When she isn't writing (which is almost never) Jamie enjoys reading, hiking in the foothills near Denver, live blues music, karaoke and now and then indulging in her karaoke habit.

Caution: whether reading or writing, Jamie bites when interrupted in the middle of a good chase scene, whether it's bad guys chasing the hero in cars, or the hero chasing the heroine around the bedroom.


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