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Release Day & Double Review... Sloan Storm's Billionaire's Caress

It’s here.. It’s here… the second installment in Sloan Storm's Never Never Man series..

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Billionaire’s Caress (Never Never Man Series: Book #2)
As I searched for a response, Grey reached down and touched my cheek. I leaned my head in towards his caress, desperate to have the connection once more. His hand fell away and as it did, my face trailed behind, eager to keep my flesh pressed against his.

I wanted to resist, make some sort of stand against him. Yet, as he tempted me with his touch, I felt my resolve give way to submission. As much as I wanted to pretend my need for him was within my control, it was in these tender moments I realized how wrong I was.

I hated myself and couldn’t have cared less at the same time.


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~Barb’s Review~
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First, I must thank Sloan Storm for allowing me a copy of Billionaire’s Caress to read in exchange for an honest review. And honestly, holy effing hell… I am just.. well as with the previous installment I am perplexed as to what in the world these two crazy asses are doing to each other. I wanted to smack Grey all through book one.. now it would seem its Maddie’s turn. But that is not a bad thing, on the contrary. I love the dynamics of the characters and this time around we have more people that have been introduced.

***small spoiler alert***

As Grey tries to help Maddie’s business grow (after an agreement was made between them both) things start to pile up. Maddie of course is stressed and thinks that Grey has ulterior motives in the way he is doing things. And of course he is an ass during most of this. Reminding her constantly that without him she has no business. In truth he is right. Without his money Maddie would be but a lone gnat in a field of blowing grass. She would be lost and in a hole. But, she is determined to fix problems as they arrive herself. And Grey, being the ass he is takes that control from her, but for good reasons. Maddie is naive. Green under the gills still when it comes to the backbone needed to run a successful business.

In the end though if you look at it as facts, you can see even when he is an ass, he has good reason to be. He is trying to make her a success, to let her build her business, spread her wings in ways others wouldn’t be able to. All in all its a lot of ego pushing, insecurities flowing over Maddie and a sense of needing to do what he can that makes both Maddie and Grey but heads. Though before its all over Maddie sees the error she made when it came ot what Grey was doing. And then, the real fun begins.

As with the last installment Sloan hit a home run. Like, I totally love Maddie, even if I spent the entire time I spent on this installment going ‘ohmygod’ ‘woman, get a fucking grip’ ‘oh, you are so in trouble’ and my best one.. ‘he should beat your ass...but you might like that so… nothing you get nothing’. I always feel a sense of adventure when reading a new installment of any series but with this one I am all but frothing at the mouth until I can get to the next. And don’t worry no matter what is going on I will be counting down the days until the next installment. As part of Sloan’s advance reader/street team we talk about these installments all the time. The growing anticipation for this series is as high as Everest and just as explosive! Can’t freaking wait!


~Emmy’s Review~

Thank Sloan Storm for allowing me a copy of Billionaire’s Caress to read in exchange for an honest review.

***small spoiler alert***

Maddie Olsen and Grayson Sinclair still have a business deal for her concierge service to be hammered out, despite the more personal relationship they began the night before.  Maddie accepts his deal to finance her business, but has a counteroffer. In order to retain her complete rights, she wants him to loan her the money, and he would be “overseeing” things.  This makes sense to me, considering he is vastly more experienced in the business world.  Gray is ok with that, cause he figures that she will want to cut him in on it when she sees the risk involved in sole ownership.  Right before he gets on his jet he gives her one last non-negotiable instruction.  She has to move, to an apartment he will pay for, and establish a physical office in the same area.  He points out that if you are going to work with high profile clients you have to live in the world they live in. (He’s right, much as I hate to admit it)

Time passes, Maddie does as Grey asked, and we start to see the day to day operations of her business.  It’s nowhere near as simple as she thought it would be.  Pretty soon Maddie has built up a client base, but because Grey holds the purse strings he is actually controlling the business, despite not officially owning any of it.  He’s a typical alpha male - he feels he’s got to have his hand in everything.  Maddie is tired and frustrated, trying to live up to his exacting standards, and falling short every time.  She feels like “her” business is really just his business, with her doing all the damn work and him yelling at her every chance he gets.

We are treated to some absolutely hilarious scenes of things going wrong in the office and with the employees and clients.  Maddie almost stresses herself into a straightjacket trying to do it all herself.  I might disagree with some of Grey’s methods, but I have to admit, the man gets the job done.

Now that I’ve finished this, I was surprised to find that I was “siding” more with Grey in this novel than I was with Maddie.  I found some of her actions irresponsible and childish, and so did Grey, who reminded her that she could get out of their arrangement if she wanted to - just pay him the money she owes him, which of course she could not do.  Finally she has an epiphany (hooray!) that she is acting like a total spaz, and that Grey is really just trying to help her grow her business correctly.  She realizes that she has employees now -people with families- who depend on her for a job, to look out for.  She grows up a little bit in this novella, and I was relieved to see it.  For as much as I spent the first book wanting to slap the heck out of Grey for being such a jerk, I spent the better part of this one wanting to choke the life out of Maddie for being such a flake.  

This installment focuses more on their business side of their relationship than the physical side, but never fear, there is development in those areas as well.  Whether Grey realizes it or not, Maddie is starting to get under his skin.  It’s hinted that her ex-boyfriend Trevor is going to be causing trouble in the coming installments, so I am looking forward to seeing how this story will play out. Now that Maddie has her head on straight, some progress can be made!

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