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Barb's Book Review... Cyrus

Cyrus (Men of Steel, #2)
Meet Cyrus, the oldest of the Steel brothers. He's strong, independent, and damaged. But don't feel sorry for him, Cyrus likes his life just the way it is. No rules, no commitments, and no more than 3 times with the same woman. TRUTH.

Until Tara.

A child of the foster care system who can't remember ever being loved or feeling safe, Tara brings out the protective alpha male in Cyrus. And as much as he hates to admit it, something else. Something he wishes he didn't feel. Something that could weaken his resolve.

As they spend more time together, Cyrus's three-times-only-with-no-strings rule disintegrates. But Cyrus hates being vulnerable. He hates feeling weak. And so he does what any red-blooded man afraid of commitment does, he lets Tara slip through his fingers, rather than let her all the way in.

But with him, Tara is a fighter, and she's not about to give up.

CYRUS is book 2 in the bestselling erotica series MEN OF STEEL by MJ Fields.



Well hellooooo! Sweet Jesus, I swear these books get better and better and oh yeah, better. Cyrus is one dark, mysterious, sexy man. And when he finds his little birdie he had no clue at the time that she would be 'his'.

***small spoiler alert***

When Cyrus meets Tara one night at the club he didn't know that it would be the one person that no matter what he would do anything with to keep her safe. Tara is a shy girl, one who didn't know what the real world really entitled. She manages to get herself into trouble. Her head was underwater, and she was slowly drowning. But with no friends, no family and no way to get herself out she is stuck… for now at least.

Cyrus, the oldest of the Steel men is the right one for the job of protector. His little birdie as he calls Tara needs him. The man she is supposedly 'together' with uses her. Abuses her. And is a grade ‘A’ ass-wipe. The ass-wipes of all ass-wipes. But even though Tara feels that the things he does are not so comfortable but okay they are slowly eating away at her. Thankfully for her Cyrus Steel takes an interest in her. He’s able to get in there and swoop her off her feet. And as he does his feelings for her shift. No matter how he fights it, and boy does he try, he starts to have serious deep feelings for his birdie. The night that Tara and Cyrus sleep together for the first time goes from a hot, sweet night to anger and pain all in one. Tara was a virgin. This throws Cyrus into a tail spin.

Tara though is not at all as weak as she seems. Cyrus, after rescuing her from the grips of the asswipe goes and gets her things from her childhood home. Things that she needs to face and deal with. Her memories of her parents are all she has but now she can have more. She needs help to deal with her past. And she gets that in the form of a tiny brunette that has everyone wrapped around her fingers. Bella. Little Bell, helps her look into her past. Literally. They look through her old picture books and she gets to reconnect with her parents again. They are gone but now she has a peice of them back. The road for Tara and Cyrus has been rocky. Many mss steps but once he tells her exactly how he feels, things seem to go from good to comfortable.

They belong together. Together they can accomplish anything. Forever Steel.

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