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Barb's Book Review... Dive Bar Heat

Dive Bar Heat: A Grant's Bar Romance
Alice has no luck with love. She spends her nights in a dive bar surrounded by men, none of them dating material. They’re good for a chat and a joke but she sees them as friends, not as potential partners.

Then the owner of the bar arrives and he starts pouring red wine, unheard of in a beer bar. After he takes an interest in Alice’s photography, she begins to feel something for him. It seems he feels the same way. They share a romantic kiss but a family emergency calls him away before anything more can happen.

When Alice learns Graham’s ‘family emergency’ is not what it seems she’s left reeling. Did he really care for her or is Alice just another notch on a bar owner’s bedpost?


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First off let me thank Natalie Hart for providing me with a copy of this installment of Dive Bar Heat to read in exchange for an honest review. Secondly... dear lord. It was well written. A good story line and the characters had just enough personality to know who you like and not by the end.

***small spoiler alert***

Seems Alice has the self esteem of a gnat and about as much self confidence in herself. She has a job that is not up to her potential but its something she can strive to do well at. Her life is plain, boring even. She works, she goes to the bar and she goes home. Ugh. That's as boring as watching paint dry.. in the winter. (snickers) But things start to change when she goes to the bar one night and there is a new face behind the bar. A sexy, muscle bound face at that. In a tight t-shirt too.. (blinks) wait, what was I saying? Oh hey, hotness at 5 o'clock.

Graham, Mr. Tall, dark and sexy happens to be the owner of the bar. Of course Alice had heard of him but had never seen him. Now that she had she'd never forget him. They spend the night talking as he works, and she ogles. They even manage a few extra minutes alone after everyone is gone. They start to get hot and heavy but when they decide to leave something comes up and Graham has to leave. This messes up Alice's head slightly. She has bad luck, and no self esteem. I mentioned that right? So then a misunderstanding the next night send Alice home to wallow in her sorrow. ugh, I will admit I wanted to shake the spring rolls out of her. (rolls my eyes) Crazy girl.

So after a week of nothing from him or her Alice is just pitiful. Talk about a spillin' your peanuts out of a topsy turvy cracker jack box. Sheesh. Thankfully their friend Alex comes to talk to her. And he straightens out the misunderstanding. But the thing that gets me.. okay so this chick just met this dude and yes I know she was ready to ride him off into the sunset but clingy much? I get the inst-connection here. Love at first sight even but she really needed a good slap. And not the good kind.

Now that Alex has told her everything, things that she needed to hear its up to her to see if she wants to move passed it and get a grip on the thing called reality. Hopefully she will be sorted from now on and not act like a loony toon drawn backwards.

And.. again.. I did enjoy this story! A lot! I can't wait to see what is next!


About the Author:
Natalie Hart is a 30 something author living in Ireland. She lives with a flatmate who is equally unlucky with love. Natalie likes strong beers, even though they’re bad for her. She listens to everything from math rock, to black metal, to 60’s psychedelia and film soundtracks. Natalie likes to cycle and her dream is to spend a summer peddling her bike around Europe with a tent.

Natalie strives to write characters with depth, especially strong and resilient women. They can survive with a man, they'd just prefer not to.

Natalie’s first publication is Dive Bar Heat in her Grant's Bar Romance series. It follows the lives of the loyal customer of Grant's, a dive bar filled with (mostly) friendly patrons, and with a selection of beer sure to suit anyone.

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