Saturday, May 16, 2015

Barb's Book Review... Hard Hand

I had made a deal with the Devil.

This particular devil was Billionaire Marc Andretti, former pro poker champion, my dream lover, and as I discovered the hard way, someone who took orders from the Mob.

I'd had enough of his secrets and lies.

So why couldn't I get enough of HIM?

Hard Hand is Part Three of the Full Tilt Billionaire serial. It is not a standalone. Expect a cliffhanger!


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First off thanks to Jessa Jacobs for providing me with a copy of this installment to read in exchange for an honest review. Secondly, Holy Hotness Batman! Jebus.. Ha. I love that Jessa's characters have grown from installment one to now. Marc and Tara are both bad-a*s in their own ways. And as fro skills she has hers at the table and he has his in bed. They balance each other out just right. Its puuuurfect.

As I read a song came on by my favorite band. And as I listened I realized the lyrics were so Marc and Tara. (for me at least) So, what was the song? Good question! It was.. What are you waiting For? by Nickelback

***small spoiler alert***

So, Tara has a handle on this game they call Texas Hold'em and has moved up Marc's time table of entering her into competitions. Ya know the big high stakes games. These games will get her ready for the World Poker Championship (tournament) held in Atlantic City in April. The more practice, the more time she spends studying the cards, other players and even her own techniques the better she becomes.

But a secret Marc tries to hide from Tara could unravel it all. After she is approached and man handled by a goon after a competition Marc has to tell her about his family. What they do and who they are. It could make Tara walk away from him and the tables that await them but it’s a choice he has to make. So he tells her after she demands to know what in the name of poker chips is going on. Stunned. That is the only thing that shows then she has an array of emotions that filter through her. Anger being the biggest of them all. But in the end she agrees to keep playing. He can't help the family and lifestyle he was born into. Not really, anyways. So its game on.

Lets just hope playing both sides don't turn over and bite her and him in their pretty little a*ses.

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