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Barb's Book review... Rising Darkness

Rising Darkness (Rylee Adamson, #9)
“My name is Rylee and I am a Tracker.”

When children go missing, and the Humans have no leads, I’m the one they call. I am their last hope in bringing home the lost ones. I salvage what they cannot.

One last salvage and the final battle with Orion and the demon hordes will be upon me. I don't know the name of the person I'm Tracking, or what she looks like so finding her is going to be . . . impossible. But she is the key to defeating the demons.

The world has been swept with a plague that is killing not only the humans, but every supernatural it touches. While I’m out Tracking, my allies are being wiped out.

Worse than all of this? I am losing Pamela to the darkness with every second that passes.

I'm not sure even I can control any of these outcomes

But that doesn't mean I'm not going to try.


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Oh. My. God! This is one of my favorite series, No lie. Has been since I first read Priceless and I swear its the BOMB! Bar none. And each book gets better and better and yes, better. The characters are so well developed. The storyline itself is amazing, and to beat all the dynamics of the entire story are Off. The. Chain. Shannon has not only created a world all its own but one that if you read it the way I do it's like a movie playing in your head as you go. Page to page you get to live in the action, pain, fear and the love that the characters bring to you. Each page has you so entwined in the story time flies. (Or at least it is for me)

Okay, with that said, here's my thoughts… and yes, there is a small spoiler alert.

Rylee, Blaz, Berget and Faris (who is still being taken over at times by Liam) have come to the time that they have to leave and go on the search for the Destroyer. The one person that is meant to be beside Rylee when she faces Orion in the final battle. If she doesn’t find her she is toast. And not the good buttered kind. She’d be the one on the side plate that’s burnt to a crisp. Eric, Ophelia and Coyote have stayed with her and Liam’s daughter to keep her safe while Rylee is away. There is a chance she won’t ever see her again. If things don’t go right. So to say Rylee’s mind is all over the place is putting it lightly.

As they make their way Rylee makes a point to stop in and check on Alex, Eve, Pam, Marco and Frank. Her family has been away from her for six months. She aches to see them but when they get there.. all hell has started breaking loose already. The Pox has spread through the human populis and has now hit the supernaturals. Any being that has partial human blood, even a small trace is able to get it. So, its a disaster. As Rylee and them arrive they try to find a way to help Pamela who is pissed because Rylee left her and didn’t trust her enough to let her come to help is having a temper tantrum. Though what they don;t know is ‘Milly’ is coming to her in her sleep and talking to her. Giselle had warned them that the darkness was going to come after her. And it’s time to put up or shut up. Pam’s had enough, she packs a bag and Frank, thank the lords for Frank goes with her. But things are happening so dang fast.

Deanna thinks she has a plan. Rylee’s blood may be a way to heal the pox. Its a theory of course and guess what it works. Then, as if she wasn’t in enough crap up to her pretty tri-colored eyes now the supers are after her for her healing blood. So they are on the run from everyone now, to the point that they have to split up. They will have to find Pam as they get time. Right now its time to get their butts to safety. And to find the Destroyer. In order to find her they seek out the great wolf. Its a long shot but at the time it’s the only one they have. And when they find him it’s time to fight to keep safe and set off on yet another adventure.

Now they are running to the one place they all know all too well. Back home to North Dakota and the mine shaft. While they make their way things with Pam go from good to bad in a flash. Seems Milly isn’t the one that has been contacting her. Well it is but it’s not. Orion, he is the puppet master behind that. So now Pam must make a choice. Fight the darkness or embrace it. With the help of Frank and Charlie (who Milly had taken as a ‘slave’) Pam is able to escape Orion’s grasps. The time is winding down and they are hours from the veils being able to open again when Rylee and her team get to the mine shaft. Rylee, Berget, Faris and Alex jump into the mine shaft and start their search for the Destroyer. And yes, they find her in time. But.. all hell's breaking loose above them. By the time Pam and Frank get to the mine shaft they aren't alone.

Seems the elementals don’t want Rylee to find the Destroyer no more than the other supernaturals. So its a fight to the end. Pam, being the hothead, little ‘Rylee’ she is challenges them. A one on one duel between them and her. Fire, Earth and a wind elemental against one little witch. A powerful little witch. (Sounds like an episode of Captain Planet… lol) Its a hard fight but it gives Rylee and the others in the mind shaft time to come to the surface… but what they find is a gruesome scene. Pam is in trouble, Blaz is hurt and Orion is there… but as soon as the veil opens.. he leaves Rylee with a threat of her daughter. Thankfully Eric got her out in time but now the real test is coming. Can Rylee and the Destroyer, Lark, really beat Orion and his minions. Or is this all one last stand to only fall at the hands of thy enemies.

The final installment in the Rylee Adamson series will be an epic one. And yes, I said final installment. I know, I know. :( I could cry at the thought too. But Shannon has an epic muse and writing ability. She will be giving us much in the way of awesome to read in the future and I will be right there along for that page turning ride.

If you haven’t read this series you should pick up a copy. New readers have an advantage though. Start with the newest novella, Tracking Magic. It’s the very beginning of Rylee’s adventures. I can promise its a ride that you won't ever forget. This is Urban Fantasy and Paranormal at its best. Go to Shannon's Rylee Adamson page for a complete list of books and the reading order.

Up next, the review for Tracking Magic. :)

Keep them pages turnin’!

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