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Barb's Book Review... Zandor

Zandor (Men of Steel, #3)
Meet Zandor Steel. He's spent the past year in Italy acting out just about every sexual fantasy he could dream up. But it wasn't all fun and games. Zandor was there to oversee construction on a posh casino resort playground for the rich and famous.

But rumors of trouble with this brothers has him worried, and Zandor heads home to help out. It's the least he can do.

Jase and Cyrus had been Zandor's mentors. When it came to women, they taught him to avoid attachments and to know the difference between lust and love. So when word of at least one of his brothers being ready to settle down arrives, Zandor hopes he can talk some sense into him before it's too late.

Until he runs smack into resistance.

Southern Bell, Bekah George may just be the match Zandor has been looking for in the bedroom. She's neither intimidated by, nor afraid of his preferences. But as he starts to let his guard down, and consider the possibility of there being more to life than mind-blowing, non-committal sex, Bekah reveals a side of herself Zandor doesn't want to see.

Was he right to avoid entanglements, or has he already fallen to hard to let her go?


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What do you get when a sweet southern lady comes into your tat shop looking for a job? Well if you are Zandor Steel you get a chubby. Crude but hey, the Men of Steel are all a little sex crazed. So when Bekah George walks in, even though she is not the best of the candidates she gets the job. And Zandor as her teacher she can do no wrong, right? Well that is not always the case. Zandor, being the sexually charged Steel man he is, needs challenges in his life. He is a closet Dom. He’d rather tie ya up, spank ya and f**k you until you can’t come any more. And Bekah, is a challenge to him. This sweet southern girl doesn’t bow to him and she sure as hell doesn’t take his sh*t.

One thing the Steel men love, is a girl that fights back and doesn’t take their crap but gives it right back to them ten fold. Bekah is one spicy little thing. She gives Zandor a run for his money. Thing is Bekah has a few ghosts in her closet. And once Zandor gets a look in the darkness he is determined to make sure she is okay. That includes sabotaging her vehicle so he can drive her to North Carolina to her father’s. Getting a look into her life he gets to see a girl that has a bad relationship with her father. He treats her like sh*t. She had a bad time as a teen. You know, the things girls do when they are so heart broken and goes wrong. Her rebellious time resulted in a pregnancy. Her decision to have an abortion sets her father off. The man is just awful to her. And for now it is still that way.

The man she dated (up until the last six months) was just as bad as her dad. He treated her like a commodity not a person. So to say he and Zandor wouldn’t be friends was putting it lightly. Zandor’s temper was one of the hottest. As with his brothers it didn’t take much to set his ass off but when it came to Bekah it was like a second and he was Mr. Hyde. The way he claimed in and she let him was what let his shields down. But after the interaction between her ex and Zandor her father had to be hospitalized and it put a strain on them. He was worried about her and hoping she could handle it without him there. But while they were apart her ex pulled a dick move. He had a file on Zandor. And then Z’s one secret was out. His families money sent Bekah off the rail. He had lied to her in the sense that he hadn’t told her about any of it. It wasn’t him. He was going to tell her but when the time was right. Ya know?

The riff between them was thankfully easy enough to close. There was a new air to Zandor Steel. the man in love with the southern gal was a grown up now. For sure. And thanks to his persistence Bekah was able to move passed what her father and the men on his base thought of her and let herself be loved by her man of Steel. Its a thing of beauty when a plan falls together. Fate has a way of taking you and dropping you right where you need to be. It was meant for Bekah to walk into Forever Steel and apply for a job. And it was fate that slapped Zandor in the back of the head (just as Mama Joe would have) and sent him her way. True love blossoms through hard times and trust. Forever Steel.

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