Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Book Blast... Jacqueline Campos' Perfectly Straight

Can Stevie resolve the conflict between her public and private persona?

Publication Date: May 11, 2015
Genre: Erotic Romance

Stevie Ramsey, America’s Sweetheart, is an actress who enjoys phenomenal popularity and success. She has one significant secret that she guards fiercely---she is a closeted lesbian who is in a relationship with her personal assistant, Kylie Winston. Kylie, a former model, maintains the position in title only as suggested by Stevie’s svengali-like manager. Eventually Stevie caves to pressure to have an affair with Fletcher Coleman, a hot up-and-coming actor as a ruse to fool her public. However the plan explodes in Stevie’s face and a heart-broken and betrayed Kylie leaves her.

But the actress pines for her gorgeous ex-lover, Kylie Winston who has moved to New York where she has resumed a successful modeling career. Stevie resolves to win back Kylie, but also decides to finally dedicate herself to her craft and takes charge of her career for the first time.

Perfectly Straight follows Stevie Ramsey as she struggles to find her way through life and love exploring relationships with women and men until finally accepting her identity. Can Stevie resolve the conflict between her public and private persona?

The private jet vibrated from the roar of the crowd that had gathered to meet Stevie Ramsey at the Santa Monica Municipal Airport.  They shrieked in anticipation as stairs were rolled into place for disembarking.  “Stevie!  Stevie!  Stevie!” a mob of sobbing teens chanted in unison.  Tom Frances, her middle-aged agent, appeared first—waving to the fans.  Kylie Winston, Stevie's personal assistant, followed.
“Come on, girl.  Let’s get out of the way.  She’s on!” Tom said.  Hand in hand they scurried down the steps and then disappeared into a waiting limousine.  Stevie was next to appear at the door.  The crowd went wild.   As she stood at the top of the stairs her legs felt like cement blocks.  She was still taken aback by the hysteria that seemed to accompany her public appearances.  She had trouble accepting that all these people had turned out to see her.  This was supposed to happen to groups like New Direction, not a twenty-four-year-old Latina from Odessa Texas, she told herself.
“Get her into this car right now!  All hell is about to break loose!” Kylie pleaded to Tom.
“She knows how to work a crowd.  This security team excels at this sort of situation.”
Stevie breathed deeply and exhaled a movie star attitude.  She forced her legs to begin the procession down the stairs as she waved Miss America-like.  Sobbing teenagers shoved autograph books at her when she reached the ground.  She scribbled SR in one book before the crowd forged forward—knocking a few of the police officers off balance, who were attempting to control the crowd.  A single arm towered over the mob, grabbed a hold of Stevie's hair and yanked hard.  A blood curdling scream escaped from the actress’s mouth that sent the young fans further into frenzy.  An enormous bodyguard clutched the anonymous wrist and forced it free from Stevie’s mane.
“Do something!  They’re going to tear her apart!” Kylie begged.
“Are you crazy?  She has wanted this all of her life!”
“Tom, she’s really in danger!”
“Got enough?” Tom yelled out to a paparazzi right outside of the limo.  The paparazzo flashed him a thumbs up.  Tom turned to a security guard.  “That’s enough.  Get her in here!”  The guard wrapped his immense arm around Stevie’s waist and cleared a straight path to the car.  Instantaneously Stevie dove into the limo headfirst, landing on Kylie's lap.
“Floor it!” Tom yelled at the shaken driver.
Kylie held Stevie’s hands in her own.  “Oh my God, are you okay, baby?”
A sharp stinging pain above her right ear pulled Stevie out of her shock.  She held her head, “That hurts!”
“Okay, that's enough!  Come over and sit by me,” Tom demanded of Stevie.  “We don’t know where the paparazzi will pop up.  They may even be camped in your bushes again.”
“I don't give a shit anymore, Tom!” Stevie exploded.  “I'm sick and tired of this!"
“Stevie, not now!”  He signaled with his eyes towards the limousine driver.  "Now get your ass over here next to me!"  Dutifully, Stevie maneuvered her body beside him where she sat in silence.
After a few minutes Tom began to speak to Stevie in a fatherly whisper.  “Aren’t you the biggest movie star at the box office because of me?   Tell me what other woman's films have broken every box office record in the world!  Hell, tell me what man has done that!  Kiddo, you're golden!”  Stevie looked blankly out of the window.  Tom patted her knee, “You know the press wouldn't call you the hottest Latina bombshell of all time for no reason at all."  Stevie was unresponsive.  "You couldn't possibly want to risk all of that."
“You know, that's really something, isn't it Tom?” Stevie fumed.  “I mean, especially after you made me change my name from Ramirez to Ramsey.”

Jacqueline Campos is the author of the celebrity-based erotic books, "The Arrangement" and "Perfectly Straight."

When not writing books and screenplays she can be found vowing to take up yoga and guitar lessons on the guitar that was given to her by her mother many Christmases ago.  She is usually searching for an inspiring view of nature, simplicity, and peace. Although she lives in Southern California, she always has Texas and Chicos Tacos in her heart.

Jacqueline found herself writing to create stories that were entertaining but not necessarily the norm.  She would like her novels to be exciting and to contain messages of love, kindness, and respect---and of course, sex with no holds barred.


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