Friday, May 8, 2015

Box Set Sale... Skye Turner's Bayou Stix Series


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Yes, you heard right, Author Skye Turner has a brand new, limited edition box set coming up soon. The scheduled release date is May 21st. Its available for Pre-order for .99c and will remain so until release day. Then the price goes to $4.99! Sale ends July 6th! So get it while you can.

Buy Links:
Pre-Order is only .99!

**It will also be available on B&N, iBooks, and KOBO! (Those pre-order links are not live yet!)

Message from Skye:
If you follow me, you know I don't do sales and I was not planning on doing a box set. But Jess rocks and talked me into it! Only .99 for ALL SIX BOOKS if you Pre-Order! Only available for a little more than a month, then *POOF* it's GONE. #1click it TODAY!

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