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Emmy's Reviews (Double Feature)... The Headmaster & The Last Good Knight Serial


At the remote Marshall School, Gwen Ashby stumbles upon the job—and the man—of her dreams. Stern, enigmatic Edwin Yorke simmers with a heat Gwen longs to unleash. But Edwin knows all too well that forbidden love can end in tragedy….


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***small spoiler alert***

Gwen cannot believe her luck.  At first, her run of bad luck, which has her travelling through darkest Appalachia on her way up north to the promise of a friend’s couch and the hope of finding a job.  To top that off when checking out a school on a hunch she crashes her car, totalling it, and injuring herself.  She wakes in the bed of an Englishman, with glass in her hair, and sore all over but not in a good way.   

Once she meets the straight laced Headmaster Yorke, she is in equal terms impressed with the man and with the school.  She falls in love with the students, who put on Shakespeare plays for fun.  (Hell, I love these kids for that!)  They practically beg her to stay, to rescue them from the classes the the Headmaster has taken over since their last teacher left.  She and Edwin have this simmering chemistry with each other right from the start, and soon he is offering to let her have the job for the week as a trial.  

But things are not as they seem at Marshall School.  Her students are more involved and responsive than she could have dreamed: it was a real Dead Poet’s Society scene.  Gwen is entranced with the little cottage she is given for her housing, but is rabidly curious about why the previous teacher left so suddenly, leaving behind objects that she should have taken with her.  When she spots a ghostly figure haunting the grounds her curiosity is kicked into overdrive, especially when Edwin brushes her off.

As the week passes, she and Edwin become entangled, but his reactions have her confused.  Add to that mysteries surrounding the students and a startling discovery in her own cottage have Gwen questioning her own sanity.

I didn’t guess the mystery spot on with this one, but I guessed all around it.  It was a great little story, and I loved the ending.  It was perfect for Gwen.


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The 8th Circle - Three years before The Siren When Mistress Nora, newly separated from her lover Søren, encounters a sexy newcomer at the 8th Circle it is lust at first sight. But when their session is cut short by Kingsley Edge, Nora vows to seduce the gorgeous submissive, even if it goes against all of Kingsley's orders.

The Last Good Knight is an Original Sinners novella told in five parts.
This collection includes:
Part I: Scars and Stripes
Part II: Sore Spots
Part III: The Games Destiny Plays
Part IV: Fit to Be Tied
Part V: The Last Good Night


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***small spoiler alert***

I read this in the original five separate parts, but am reviewing them all at once.  This was a lovely little story in the Original Sinners Universe, set several years before we meet Nora for the first time in the Siren.  At this point in time Nora is working for Kingsley as a Domme, and is in very high demand by more than a few very important people.  She and Soren have split up; their relationship (when we see it) is both strained and painful to watch.  

Nora meets Lance in the Eighth Circle, and they have a night together.  Their fun is interrupted with the news that one of King’s former Dommes has been attacked and is in the hospital.  A note is left threatening other women in the BDSM world, and Kingsley has circled the wagons, instructing that no one is to be left alone, for their safety.  This doesn’t sit too well with Nora and her independent streak.  She argues that some of her clients are too important to be left hanging, and Kingsley agrees.  He tells her she will assign her a bodyguard - whom she is NOT to touch - for the duration of the emergency.  Nora is frustrated to find that her new guard is Lance, because she was hoping for several repeat performances of their interrupted night.  Lance feels the same way, wanting nothing more than to serve Nora in any way she sees fit.

As they work together, we learn more about Lance: that he’s a former Navy Seal who was injured by an IED; that he has a small daughter whose custody was wrongfully taken away from him.  He and Nora click well together, well enough that she starts to fantasize about having a future with him.  The more she learns about him, the more perfect he seems.  All too soon the emergency is over, and Nora is faced with a choice - does she use her connections to help him gain back what he most desires - the ability to see his daughter on a regular basis - or does she keep him?

The Lady or the Tiger?

This novella is set pre-Wesley, and if circumstances had not played out the way they did I could have easily seen Lance completely taking Wesley’s place in Nora’s life; making her a domme with her own sub instead of a domme with a cute little vanilla college boy.  Would she have been better served with Lance at her side?  I tend to think so, but that would have completely changed the whole arc of the series.  In some secret alternate universe I like to think that she kept Lance for her own.  

Till Next Time!

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