Monday, May 11, 2015

New Release... Sheer Strength Collection to Benefit Single Mom Enterprise Charitable Foundation

A great collection to benefit single mother! This book will only be available during the month of May.

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The SHEER STRENGTH COLLECTION contains Six full length novels all featuring single moms. 100% of the sales will be donated to Single Mom Enterprises, Inc.  

Single Mom Enterprises Charitable Foundation was created by a Single Mom whose own struggling and determination to sustain her family, compelled her to realize the burden of other Single Moms. She came to understand that it is your own family that rises and falls with your success, which is why this organization is dedicated to helping you soar. After years of building up her own portfolio for success, she is now devoted to building yours! It is the dream of her heart that Single Mom Enterprises Charitable Foundation would become the avenue through which you find support, success and ultimately satisfaction.  

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide Single Moms with opportunities and resources that will help maximize their success. This includes financial, educational and emotional support designed to reduce the stress of raising a family alone.

We aim to champion the cause of Single Mom families by opening a world of promise to women and their children, those same women who have buried hopes and dreams to the sacrifice of surviving.

Books Included.....
THE ROCKER WHO SAVORS ME by Terri Anne Browning
MERCILESS RIDE by Chelsea Camaron
LETTING LOX IN by SM Donaldson
HUSTLE HIM by Jennifer Foor

***Adult content and language***

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