Sunday, May 24, 2015

Our Military Tribute & Giveaway... Have a Safe and Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day. A day to remember. A day to say thank you. A day to look at your family and friends as they gather for the annual cookout and be thankful that you are there with them. That you as an american have that right, that freedom to do so.
Its a day to remember the men and women of our armed forces.


So, in short today is more than barbeques and backyard fireworks. Its a day to remember the fallen soldiers that had laid their lives on the line to make sure our freedom stays in tact. Its for the men and women who currently serve that give their full devotion day in and day out to make sure we can live in a free country. Its a day to say thank you for your service, thank you and your families for your sacrifices. As anyone in a military family will tell you it’s not only the soldier that serves but the family as well. They sacrifice in a different way but it is still a sacrifice that should be acknowledged. Today’s a day to look to the sky and salute the angels watching over us. They are gone but not forgotten.

Emily and I want to say thank you to our service men and women. To our family members that have retired, are currently serving and the next generation who will be going into basic training soon, thank you. You are our past, present and our future. I am proud to say I am a military brat. My dad retired from the Army when I was a young child but there is something about growing up in a military family that is unlike any other. I can’t describe it. I listened to my dad’s stories as a young child and for a time I thought going into the military was something that I wanted to do. I learned real fast, that wasn’t for me. Though, I am proud I gave it the effort by joining the JROTC in High School. But again, it taught me that was not something I could do. So my job now is to support my family, friends and co-workers who have or who will be following in the steps as many before them.

Emily’s husband was a Marine in his younger days as well. So she knows the sacrifice and the love of country you get from being in that environment. You also learn of the heartache it causes. Once you are a military person, you are forever a military person. Its in their blood. Again, we say thank you, without our military we would not be in a place of freedom. In God we trust. In our Hearts we remember. In our Freedom we Remember. #GoneButNEVERForgotten

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The U.S. Joint Service Color Guard on parade at Fort Myer, Virginia in October 2001. This joint color guard shows the organizational colors of each branch (left to right): National, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy,U.S. Air Force, and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Arlington-National.jpg Arlington.jpg
 Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington County, Virginia

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Please give a moment of silence to the ones we honor today.

Okay, now in honor of our Military Em and I are going to celebrate by sharing with you some of our favorite books/series that focus on the Military, or have a character that was or is in the Military. There is even a few covert not in the Military anymore but still work for them kinds of goodies. I love Black ops! Just Saying. What makes these books special is not only the fact that we LOVED them but they will help us pay homage in a way some others may appreciate as well. Also, we salute these fantastic women who have put their hearts and souls into their work. Not only are they writers, givers of endless hours of entertainment but a few are also military wives. Paige, Shari and Jamie we thank you as well as your husbands for your service. Jamie (as some may know already) was in the Air Force herself for a time so her book is written with an inside knowledge we could never understand. (If I missed anyone that was in the service or a military family, forgive me.)

Alright, these are in order of date read. We chose to focus on books we had actually read (or reading now) for this one. I have plenty other Military(ish) books on the side to read but if I chose them all we’d be here until next weekend trying to read it all. It was tough trying to decide a fair way to post them.. because these are all books that were awesome and again, just loved. A few even read more than once. (grins) The genres are all across the board. Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romantic Suspense, Mystery/Thriller, Erotica, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy. Seriously there should be something here for every reading palet.  So, without further adue, here we go.

Paige - XOps.jpg
her secret agent.jpg
Barb’s Review for Her Secret Agent  
Originally posted 12/9/14

** Free on all platforms

her perfect mate.jpg
Barb’s Review for Her Perfect Mate
Originally Posted 11/3/14

her lone wolf.jpg
Barb’s Review for Her Lone Wolf
Originally posted 11/6/14

Her Wild Hero
Currently in queue to read

Dina - Unhidden.jpg
unhidden em.jpg

Emmy’s Review for Unhidden
Originally posted on 1/19/15
(as part of the blog tour for Unhidden)

Barb’s Review for Unhidden
Originally posted on 1/22/15

Jamie - Call Sign Karma.jpg
call sign karma.jpg
Barb’s Review for Call Sign Karma
Originally posted 1/13/15

Shari - TAG.jpg
Originally posted 1/8/15

Melinda - Hour of Need.jpg
hour of need.jpg
Barb’s Review for Hour of Need
Originally posted 3/2/15

**on sale for $2.99 on Amazon US until 5/31/15

D.D. Ayres - Irresistible Force.jpg
irresistible force.jpg
Barb’s Review for Irresistible Force
Originally posted 3/16/15

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Heather - Ricochet .jpg
locked & Loaded.jpg
Barb’s Review  for Locked & Loaded
Originally posted 4/2/15

friendly fire.jpg
Barb’s Review  for Friendly Fire
Originally posted 4/2/15

extraction point.jpg
Barb’s Review  for Extraction Point
Originally posted 4/2/15

MJ - Cyrus.jpg
Barb’s Review for Cyrus
Originally posted on 5/16/15

Holy Stars and Stripes Batman, that’s a lot of books. Ha! I can say I would read them all over and over again. (And a few of them have been read multiple times already.) Yes, they are that good. I hope you find one of… I don’t know 11 that you fall in love with. But don’t worry if you want time to think it over we can give you that. (grins)


Lets do a giveaway.

What will you be playing for? Well, since we are all about giving back you will be playing to win an e-book via Amazon of one of the books featured here today. So if you haven’t read them, now is your chance to get one free. (There will be 4 winners chosen using

This contest will be run here on the blog. Here is what you have to do to win. You must do the following…

*Follow our Facebook page.
*Leave a comment on this post with your favorite Military themed TV show or Movie.
*Tell us what book you would like if you are chosen.

This contest will run from Sunday, 5/24/15 until midnight 5/31/15. Winners will be announced Tuesday morning on our Facebook page.  You will have 48 hours to reply or another name will be picked. Good Luck!!

Before we go, one last thing. You will be seeing these books again during our #MilitaryMustReads week in honor of Independence day.
So stay tuned!


Have a safe and happy Memorial day!
Until next time!

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  1. favorite Military themed TV show or Movie TV show MASH OR China Beach MOVIE Pearl Harbor or Saving Private Ryan Book picked TAG by Shari J. Ryan

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my X-OPS Series! :)


  3. My favorite Military show is and was M*A*S*H My fave movies are Full Metal Jacket and Saving Private Ryan

  4. my favorite Military Show is MASH it is still gripping today when you watch the reruns. I would love to win Paige Taylor's book Her Perfect Mate. Thanks for the chance.