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Barb's Book Review... Power of the Fae

Power of the Fae
The Ancients spoke of a Mirrored Prophecy that would determine the future. One version of the prophecy spoke of a small female of mixed heritage giving birth to a child that will save mankind. The other side of the prophecy spoke of the female’s child being the demise of the world.

The Princess of the Light Fae, Arlina Waldmar, may be small but she is deadly. She is a member of the elite Guardians of the Fae. She has been given the assignment of going to the human realm to investigate the vanishing supernaturals.

Colin MacKenzie, Alpha wolf, has determined that finding a mate is not in his future. His people are vanishing. He will need to lead his Legion, defenders of werewolves to find them. His wolf has recognized a certain dark haired Faery Princess to be his mate, but he refuses to claim her.

There is an evil set on destroying the Human and Faery realms. Colin and Arlina must work together to defeat this evil. His thoughts are constantly on Arlina. Arlina knows there is no fighting the attraction between them. Can she convince him to give them a chance before it’s too late?

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First, thank you Ariel Marie for providing me with a copy of Power of the Fae to read in exchange for an honest review... and lord do I have a lot to say about this little book of fairy dust....

I'm in major hangover mode... MAJOR. I finished the last page and it’s a good thing I was in the park alone because I cursed. Loudly. Not a bad thing that I did just... it needed to be said. Holy Cliffhanger Batman! Okay, so maybe it wasn't ..that... bad but I neeeeeeed more like pronto. ASAP. Now. Just.. right.. now. Gah. So, okay let ya in on a little secret... (stage whispers) This little book is kind of full of awesomeness and I want, need and crave more of it nooooooooooooow. (dramatic sigh) Alright, alright, my princess moment is over.. onto the good stuff.

***possible spoiling of the obvious to come***

What do you get when a princess, a witch and a werewolf walk into a room? (crickets) An epic standoff. Ha. But seriously, Princess Arlina is (to me) a mix of a few of my favorite characters. She is half Fae, half Witch (human) and all bad-ass. Take Xena, warrior princess, Anna Valerious (from Van Helsing) and Selene (from Underworld) and shake them up into one totally bad, demon kicking ass of a chick. And yes I am aware that two of those characters are played by Kate Beckinsale.. (drools) She is totes my Arlina. Just Saying. Lina is more than a princess. She is a Fea, yes and a witch but she is something special, even more than she knows.

When Lina is sent to the human realm to see her grandmother. Her mother's mother. (Lina's mother died after her 15th birthday during an attack on their castle. So she has missed out on so much. But her grandmother, her aunts and her family have been there on both sides to help her be who and what she wants to be. That means when she told her father and brother she wanted to do it they supported her.) Now, present day you have a 25 year old, five foot nothing fighting machine that can take down demons, men's hearts and anyone that gets in her way. She's a girl on a mission.. and what a mission. There are missing supernaturals from both realms and Lina along as the witches council, the werewolves and the fae are tasked with trying to find out why they are missing. Who has taken them and stop it before more lives are lost? Stolen? They really are clueless as to what is happening.

At first sight Colin, the Diamond pack Alpha, top man of the Legion (the werewolf police) and total hottie has to fight to keep his wolf in line. (I'm totes picturing Kellan Lutz.. (drools again)) Colin's wolf wants that hot little fae... he so wants to see her fairy dust. But Colin, being the alpha idiot he is has decided he can't have a mate. He isn't worthy and he can't put someone through the fact that he could be killed at anytime. It happened to his mother when his father was killed so now he is fighting his feelings. Right now though they have bigger things on their plates than feelings. Or so they think. Eventually things like feelings catch up and they can fight all they want but it happens. In my opinion it makes them stronger. And more on edge. Colin now that he has had time with her has to fight harder to keep himself in line when Lina is involved. His wolf wants to claim her.. talk about an inner struggle.

As the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into line things happen that start to change the ways of the Fae. No Fae has ever held all of the powers of the Fae.. until now. Seems Lina is on a quest not only to stop the Demon Lord from escaping his hell but she has to learn to control herself and her powers. She is literally going to be the one to stop what is happening. No pressure, right?!?!?! No matter what she does she will have the support of the supernaturals on her side. Her mate, her wolf, Colin of course will be on her as tight as a tick on a pups ass. His pack.. her fellow guardians... the witches.. the vampires... its going to be a free for all 'time to whoop some demon ass back to the stone age' kind of time.

My Lina and Colin… (just drools over them both)
vEGEovL.jpg  a34755ca-6655-4938-ac3e-895f42e9366f- fantastic four Kellen Lutz .jpg

Okay so…. lets just say I floved this book, in case that wasn’t already obvious.. I thought I would give you a visual of what I saw in parts of this book. The pages are full of awesome moments… so here you go.

The first face to face meeting between Lina and Colin in his human form… Lina was like…

The Demons attacking them in the alley way…. Lina was like…

Colin and Lina trying to deny their feelings for one another….. they lost…
dean no no no_zps1f3dc0cb.gif

Kee when people fuck with his sister….

Lina and her cousin when the little snot hits on Colin…

When Colin and Kee finally agree on something... keeping Lina safe…

Lina handling Melomouzor in her dreams...

My thoughts on Melomouzor….

My final thoughts on this book….


About the Author:
A nurse by day........ A writer by night describes Ariel. Ariel Marie is native to Cleveland, Ohio. For the last 10 years she has worked as a registered nurse specializing in kidney/pancreas transplant. Organ donation has become a passionate mission for her, and being able to assist patients who need life-saving organ transplants is rewarding beyond words. She belongs to a national organization that promotes transplantation and participates in organ donation awareness walks.

She has always loved reading romance novels in her free time. She loves getting lost in a good book. She reads all genres but paranormal romance is her favorite. She loves everything about the Fae, Shifters, and Witches! And every other supernatural too! One day leaving the hospital after a busy shift she was hit with an idea for a story. The story stayed in her mind for a couple of weeks. She wondered if she could write it. Not too long after that, she read a quote online that said, "write the book you would want to read" and the Mirrored Prophecy series was born!

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