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I’m Felicity Stone, a twenty-five-year-old with my whole life ahead of me. Well, until recently.

I didn’t do it. Why would they think I did? Why would I want my twin brother dead? Why is everyone looking at me like I’m a criminal?

Well, everyone except him… Hayes Peyton, the charmingly beautiful stranger I met in the park at midnight—a totally legitimate place to meet the man of my dreams. Plus, he knows I’m innocent.

Believing him is easy. So very easy. Maybe too easy?

But when you hear things like: ‘All good is laced with some bad, and everything you think is the truth—is nothing more than a blatant lie,’ it makes you question reality.

In Shari J. Ryan’s latest Romantic Suspense, Red Nights, you wonder how dark your world can get before all you see is red.

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"Great night for a walk." I can hardly hear him over the rain, but his words don't quite matter. I've been waiting to kiss him since the moment I saw him sitting in a booth at the restaurant tonight. 
First kisses are always nerve-wracking and full of surprise, but second kisses are full of anticipation thanks to what I already know, what I've already had a taste of. "I really like you," he says, loud enough to drown out the heavy rainfall. 
I can't invite him in…is that why he's stalling? I point upstairs. "Aspen, my friend I'm crashing with, would ask you a million questions if you came up. I—"
"Oh, no. No. I wasn't waiting for an invitation. I have a ‘seven date’ rule anyway." I can see him fighting the urge to smile, but he’s losing that battle.
"’Seven date’ rule?" I laugh. 
"Yeah, it’s dumb.” He runs a palm down the side of his face. “Because I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to make it that long." He leans in, stealing a quick kiss. But I feel cheated. I want more. 
"How do you know we'll last seven dates?" I ask.
"Good point. I probably won't be able to put up with you for that long." I know he's teasing. But ugh. Damn him and that smile. 
I throw my arms around his neck and crash my lips into his. His body tightens, maybe from surprise, but it takes less than a second for him to relax. He strips me of my control, pushing me up against the brick wall, his body heavy against mine. Even with the rain sloshing between us, his hands find my cheeks. His tongue sweeps across my lips. 
I’ve changed my mind. 
I'll bring him upstairs. 
I don't give a shit what Aspen does. I want him. I need him to keep making me forget. 
"Come up," I say in almost nothing but a breathless whisper. 
He bites down on his bottom lip, appears to think about my offer, then shakes his head in this seductive slow motion, making this moment painfully enjoyable. "Not tonight," he says, placing a small kiss on the tip of my nose. His hand is clutched around my waist and everything within me hurts and aches for him. "Good-night, Blondie-locks." He turns and leaves in the rain, and I watch him go.
It has been a good night. A very good night, actually. 
And it all ends when I get upstairs…

Barb's Review:
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First off, thank you Shari Ryan and Booktrope for providing me with a copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review. Second… just hell. Love it!! Like completely, missing sleep to read kind of love. (laughs) But that is normal for one of Shari’s books. I loved this story. Page one draws you in. By the end of chapter one you will be like O.O and after that its GAME ON! I swear I fell asleep a few nights in a row reading and woke up with my kindle on my face. LOL. I could not put it down. I am usually better at figuring out the ‘Who did it?’ and the ‘Why?’ but this one… It’s like the game Clue. every page you turned you got more hints, more thoughts of ‘Oh yeah it was so and so…” only to turn back around and gain and be like, “Well damn. I thought it was so and so… guess not now.”

As I said, the first page grabbed my attention. I was seriously like, “what the hell?” In a good way of course. Felicity, chef, daughter, friend and sister is having a bad night. Waking up surrounded by smoke and flames… it’s not what any of us want to wake up to but for her it gets worse. Her twin brother Blake was in the house. He wasn’t supposed to be home but was. This sets off a trail of mood changing events for Felicity. Her brother, her best friend is gone, her home is destroyed and she is lost in a black cloud of guilt. She blames herself for not saving Blake. But in the dark cloud of despair there is a moment or two of light in the form of Hayes Payton.

There are moments in life that you just know that person you meet is special, that they were sent to you by.. whatever force there is to send you a person that can complete you. Call it cupid, kizmit, whatever, it is a real thing. I believe that and I think that Hayes and our sweet little Felicity are the benefactors of such a thing. The relationship between them grows into a safe haven even if the fear and underlying weariness is there. But no coupling is idiot proof. So it only takes a bit of doubt to turn Felicities entire world upside down, turn it inside out and then have someone stomp on it with a heel until it falls apart. But ya know, everything that is broken can be fixed. It may need some tape, a little glue and if all else fails, duct tape. And Felicity needs a lot of it and some patience. The poor girl is strung tighter than a yarn ball. Not that anyone could blame her. its hell not knowing who around you can be trusted. Who is out to get you. Kill you even.

Finally with a little extra help things start to fall into place for Felicity. And once again she is in a place of wonder. Does she believe what is happening or does she wait for the iron to strike her again? Its a choice that only she can make. You have to be one with your choices. When your life literally hangs in the balance.. either from a psychopathic killer or the prospect of life in jail…. what do you do? You listen to that inner voice that when it's not being an ass leads to you water (so to speak). Justice does prevail. Its that whole battle of good versus evil but that in and of itself is the ultimate battle. What is good, what is evil and how do you recoup from one to overcome the other? Is there a healing time that we get or do you just march forward, head held high and ignore it all? See it’s a never ending cycle. Its why you take each day as the last and live, laugh and love while you still can.

I think I am now in a book hangover… maybe I know I am and I really, really could see more of this story. (clears my throat) I shall go stalk.. I mean talk to Shari about that because I am having withdrawals. lol Gotta love a kick-ass story that makes your brain over think every page you just read.. but in a totally epic way. Just LOVED it!

About the Author:

Shari J. Ryan is an Amazon Top 100 Bestselling author, a Barnes & Noble Top 10 Bestselling author, and an iBookstore #1 Bestselling author. She hails from Central Massachusetts where she lives with her husband and two lively little boys. Shari has always had an active imagination and enjoys losing herself in the fictional worlds she creates. When Shari isn’t writing, she can usually be found cleaning toys up off the floor.

To learn more, visit her at, www.sharijryan.com.


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