Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Release Day... Ariel Marie's Power of the Fae


Power of the Fae
The Mirrored Prophecy
Pages: 244
Published: June 10, 2015
Published by: Ariel Marie

The Ancients spoke of a Mirrored Prophecy that would determine the future. One version of the prophecy spoke of a small female of mixed heritage giving birth to a child that will save mankind. The other side of the prophecy spoke of the female’s child being the demise of the world.

The Princess of the Light Fae, Arlina Waldmar, may be small but she is deadly. She is a member of the elite Guardians of the Fae. She has been given the assignment of going to the human realm to investigate the vanishing supernaturals.

Colin MacKenzie, Alpha wolf, has determined that finding a mate is not in his future. His people are vanishing. He will need to lead his Legion, defenders of werewolves to find them. His wolf has recognized a certain dark haired Faery Princess to be his mate, but he refuses to claim her.

There is an evil set on destroying the Human and Faery realms. Colin and Arlina must work together to defeat this evil. His thoughts are constantly on Arlina. Arlina knows there is no fighting the attraction between them. Can she convince him to give them a chance before it’s too late?

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About the Author:

A nurse by day........ A writer by night describes Ariel. Ariel Marie is native to Cleveland, Ohio. For the last 10 years she has worked as a registered nurse specializing in kidney/pancreas transplant. Organ donation has become a passionate mission for her, and being able to assist patients who need life-saving organ transplants is rewarding beyond words. She belongs to a national organization that promotes transplantation and participates in organ donation awareness walks.

She has always loved reading romance novels in her free time. She loves getting lost in a good book. She reads all genres but paranormal romance is her favorite. She loves everything about the Fae, Shifters, and Witches! And every other supernatural too! One day leaving the hospital after a busy shift she was hit with an idea for a story. The story stayed in her mind for a couple of weeks. She wondered if she could write it. Not too long after that, she read a quote online that said, "write the book you would want to read" and the Mirrored Prophecy series was born!


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