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Series Blitz... Jessa Jacob's Full Tilt Billionaire Series

Full Tilt Billionaire Series
by Jessa Jacobs

Series Blurb

It was risky, I knew, but what better way to pay off my student debt and earn money for graduate school than to put my unique skills to work at the tables in Las Vegas? Little did I know just how risky it would be, and how my life would change forever.

My casino security business was doing well, very well. But it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing. I needed a way to clear my name and make the other players trust me again. I needed someone like the woman I noticed winning way too much and hiding herself in ugly clothes to help me with my plan. How was I to know I’d end up needing her for far more than that?

Full Tilt Billionaire is a complete story presented in five parts. All but the last part contain cliffhangers. They are not standalone, and must be read in order for best enjoyment. 18+ due to mature content.

PART ONE - Sinful Deal

I was minding my own business, using my skill to win enough money at the blackjack tables to pay off my student debt, when I noticed someone else was minding my business, too.

He was hot, he looked ultra-rich, and he had no reason to notice me. So why was he stalking me from table to table? I thought I might be in trouble for winning too much.

I had no idea how much trouble it would turn out to be.

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He was, as they say, tall, dark, and handsome, or as I preferred to think of him—hot. A few years older than me, maybe even in his early thirties, he was the perfect Latin Lover type, with tanned skin, dark eyes and a body his suit fit like a glove. They talk about men undressing women with their eyes—well, I was guilty of the same thing. Even in the suit, his build invited speculation about a broad chest, chiseled abs and… Oh, my God, I had to stop this and concentrate!
What was extraordinary about him was the look of wealth that clung to him like the cloud of cigarette smoke clinging to the ceiling of this place. He was drinking Chivas and tipping with black chips. His suit had to have cost several times the value of my entire wardrobe, with maybe Buffy’s thrown in for good measure. My mugger theory didn’t hold water.
He sat at the opposite end of the blackjack table from me. I’d been moving from table to table as the players shifted around me. As soon as another spot opened up on the table, there he’d be. Once or twice I’d seen him approaching from the corner of my eye. He moved like a panther, and mine weren’t the only female eyes on him as he slid into the vacant chair. In fact, I’d caught a few men looking at him too, not all of them with envy but one or two with the same lust as the women. Did I mention he was hot?
At this table, I had a clear view of Hot Stalker Dude, who was now staring at me, with a half-smile on a pair of indecently beautiful lips and a twinkle in his dark brown eyes. I looked away quickly, but not before noticing his eyes change as he caught me looking. I had no idea what it meant. Reading men wasn’t my strong suit.

PART TWO - Upping His Ante

It was a deal I couldn’t resist.

Billionaire Marc Andretti, former pro poker champion, picked me to mentor for the pro Texas Hold’em tour, and I was supposed to make enough money to pay off my student loans.

So why am I worried? Well, for one thing, I’m finding it hard to keep my hands off him.

Something’s got to give, and I hope it won’t be my self-control…

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“What happened?”
I couldn’t look at him, so I lowered my head. “I, I don’t know.” I risked a peek.
Marc had whirled around, putting his back to me. I saw his hands come up over his head as he ran his fingers through his own hair and pulled. “Christ, Tara, don’t give me that! You know. Tell me.”
He whirled around again and I dropped my eyes, too late. With one stride, he was in front of me, grasping my arms above the elbow. I thought for a moment he was going to shake me like a rag doll.
“Did you do it on purpose? You didn’t play that badly in the first game you ever played! What happened?!”
Now the tears came. How could he think I’d do it on purpose? No! I just lost my focus, thinking about my dilemma. The thing I couldn’t tell him about. I shook my head, letting the tears fall, but I didn’t answer.
“Do you really want to get away so badly? Tara, talk to me. Shit, don’t cry.”
A fresh sob broke when he asked me that, and I shook my head even harder. He pulled me to his chest and stroked my hair.
“I’m sorry I yelled. I get it. You were upset, so you didn’t play your best. Listen, we can fix this. Don’t cry.” Then he kissed the top of my head, and suddenly the need for more overwhelmed everything else. I lifted my face and, eyes closed, sought his lips. When I found them, it was like coming home.
Marc’s kiss was angry, but I needed that anger. It meant he felt something. When he let go of my body and used both hands to hold my head still where he wanted me, it meant he felt something. The days of uncertainty since that first night and the lovemaking that didn’t happen fell away. He did want me. At least for a while. And at least for something. I flung my arms around his waist and held on for dear life.
Slowly, he pulled away from the kiss. We were standing toe to toe, and I still held him tightly. His anger had cooled. He looked down at me, his dark eyes unreadable.
“So it’s like that? Tara, Tara, I thought you wanted to keep this professional.”

PART THREE - Hard Hand

I had made a deal with the Devil.

This particular devil was Billionaire Marc Andretti, former pro poker champion, my dream lover, and as I discovered the hard way, someone who took orders from the Mob.

I’d had enough of his secrets and lies.

So why couldn’t I get enough of HIM?

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What happened in her room between Tara and me wasn’t my original intention. Or maybe it was, I don’t know. I can’t imagine why else I would have walked in on her like that. Whatever I was thinking at the time, though, was gone in an instant when I saw her wrapped in the towel and imagined she had on nothing else beneath it. I’d been holding back, my mind warring with my physical needs, the whole time we’d been working together, but I wanted her and it was pretty clear she wanted me. So, it happened, and I wasn’t unhappy about it. Not one goddamn bit.
The funny thing was, after that, she never questioned me when I insisted she do something. Didn’t protest, didn’t challenge, just looked at me with those eyes as if she were begging me for more of that. I was in deep shit. I didn’t want a slave, sexual or otherwise. I wanted her quick wit back.
On the other hand, her progress with the game was better than ever. So now and then, I threw her a bone. Yeah, pun intended. And, I have to admit it was good. She put the same focus she used on the cards and learning the game into learning how to please me. Hell, I could get hard in a New York minute, just thinking about how willing she was. And it didn’t matter, whatever I wanted her to do, she’d do. It got to the point where I was Googling Kama Sutra for new ideas.

PART FOUR - Surrender the Bet

Better the Devil you know than the Devil you don’t.

I didn’t know Marc anymore. Where was the charming man who won my heart? The on again off again nature of our personal relationship wore me out, but his slightest touch brought me back into his arms, helpless to withstand his power over my desires.

Now he has banished me.

Must I really give him up forever?

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I was sitting at the dressing table, sending Buffy a long text about everything we’d seen and done, when I felt Marc behind me. His hands fell on my shoulders with a light touch.
“Don’t you think it’s time to go to bed?” he said, a tender note in his voice I hadn’t heard in far too long. I looked up at him in the mirror and sucked in my breath. He was shirtless, a state I hadn’t seen him in for over a month, and the sight of that familiar broad chest and the chiseled abs beneath it sent a bolt of lightning straight to my core.
I swallowed. Was he offering a bridge over the gap between us? Because, if he was, I was ready to skip across it with abandon. I’d had my coach back for weeks, and even my friend showed up now and then. But I missed my lover desperately. Never considering what kind of pathetic loser would be so eager to take him back after what he’d said to me that night of the cash game in Vegas, I nodded.
He removed one hand from my shoulder and extended it around me, where I could take it to pull myself out of the chair. When I did, he used it to pull me toward him, and gently brushed my lips with his. Every resentment I’d held onto, every slight I’d noted, every day of pain since our rift fell away, forgotten, as I drifted into his arms. He caught me around the waist and leaned in, bowing me over his strong arm as he parted my lips with his tongue and kissed me until I moaned with the need for more. And then, he led me to the bed and helped me lie down, after stripping me of the nightclothes I’d so carefully chosen to hide myself from him.
Naked, needy and without judgment, I took in the dark eyes that devoured my body with their heat and reached for him. Always before, our coupling had been passionate, hungry, even desperate. Before our fight, we hadn’t been able to get enough of the payoff, that soaring feeling after a world-shaking orgasm, and we’d always gone straight for it. I wouldn’t have called it lovemaking. It was sex—raw, primal, rough around the edges even. And it was more than enough, I thought.
Tonight, it was different. With the most exquisite torture of anticipation, I hummed like the string of a violin as he kissed my hot skin, from my neck to my toes. He paid special homage to my most sensitive places, running his tongue around the outside of my nipples until they extended, begging, and heat pooled between my legs like lava. A matching swirl around my navel and before the quick contraction of my belly in response had ended, diving for the pearl that was, for the moment, the center of my universe.

PART Five - Final Table


I was on my own.

My friend, my coach, my lover – Marc – was lost to me. And worse, if I wanted to keep playing toward the World Championship, I would face him across a poker table sooner or later.

Could I win against him at our game, when I’d lost the only thing I wanted from him?

What will be the final outcome?

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Her sharp tone arrested my fevered planning and made me look at her, really look, for the first time. Her expression was tragic, the corners of her mouth turned down and tears sparkling in her eyes. They’d changed color, as they always did when she was upset. No gold flecks, only the deepest blue-gray from the center to the outside of her irises. My heart skipped a beat and in two long strides I was with her, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her close.
“Baby,” I choked. “I’m so sorry. I can’t believe I let this happen. I’ll make it right, I promise.”
Tara broke down. Her tears soaked through my thin undershirt immediately as her thin body shook in my arms. God, how much weight had she lost? I hadn’t noticed before, but she was rail-thin. What had I done to my gorgeous girl? I wrapped her closer in my arms and bent to kiss the top of her head. Just then, she lifted her head to look at me and I found her lips instead.
With a longing I didn’t know I had in me, I devoured her mouth with mine. She had to know, before I gave her up forever, how much she meant to me. Fuck, I didn’t even know myself, until too late. What had started as a business arrangement now had my heart tied up in it. And it must be my karma for treating all those other women as playthings, that I was about to lose her.
Tara’s hands crept around my waist and under my shirt, sliding their way upward until the shirt was bunched under my arms and I understood she wanted it off. I pulled away briefly to strip it off, before clutching her to me again. Her soft hands played along the muscles of my back, which rippled with pleasure as her nails scratched lightly. When I moaned, she dug the nails of both hands into my skin.
I was barely aware of having uttered her name, but she pulled away from me, eyes blazing, and turned her back to me. Momentarily confused, I got it when she swept her hair up with one hand and pointed to the zipper in the back of her dress with the other. From somewhere in a mind-fog, I observed my trembling hand take the tab and pull the zipper down, revealing her creamy skin from neck to well below her waist with nothing under the dress.
I drew my breath in, slowly, as my body responded to her intentions. Hope gave way to assurance as I pushed the straps of the dress away from her shoulders and gently turned her, allowing the dress to slip to the floor. Standing naked before me except for a wisp of an undergarment that barely covered her mound, Tara gave me a tremulous smile and I was undone. I reached to cup one perfect breast and then the other and then, God help me, fell to my knees to worship her.
“Marc, no, get up, please,” she whispered.
I grasped her waist with both hands and pulled myself upright, then swept her into my arms before depositing her on the bed and following her there on hands and knees. As I straddled her, I looked down to find her eyes shining up at me.
“Make love to me, Marc.”
She reached for my neck and pulled me down to her breasts. It had been so long—too long—since I’d had Tara. She made it plain that she wanted slow and tender lovemaking, and I tried, I really did. But her passion lit a response in me I could only call caveman, and the more she responded, the more I couldn’t hold back.

Author Bio
Like you, I'm a reader. When I read a good story with characters I can connect with, my everyday existence fades into the background as I enter a world that may contain exotic locations, adventure and excitement. And, if I can be totally honest with you, in my favorite stories I can fall in love for a while with an impossibly gorgeous guy who is the best lover imaginable.

So, maybe it won't come as a surprise that in my books you'll find hot alpha male book-boyfriends, sassy heroines who are much more clever and beautiful than I am, and stories I hope will make you laugh and cry while reading them, as I did while writing them. Oh, and some scenes you may want to role-play with your lover.

Why not take a chance? All of my stories are perfect for a lunch-break escape, and priced less than a cup of coffee. In fact, if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, they won't cost you another dime, so take as many as you want! They're calorie-free, too!

If you'd like to know more about me, my books, or special offers for free reading, please check my website at I’m also available on Facebook and Twitter.

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