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Barb's Book Review... Veiled

Veiled (Bone Secrets, #3.5)
Forensic investigator Lacey Campbell is trying to relax. She and her fiancé have escaped to a high-end resort on the Oregon Coast that they’re scoping out for their wedding venue. But when a murdered woman turns up in the hot tub, there’s no more relaxing for the couple. Neither can resist getting pulled into the case.

Tragically, the dead woman is dressed in a wedding gown, even more disturbing for Lacey given she’s about to be a bride. When the victim turns out to be a beloved bartender with a bad-news ex-husband, it looks like a domestic quarrel turned deadly. But could there be something more sinister going on in this tight-knit community?

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This story had me cracking up with the way it opened. I'm not sure what that says for me but... Holy brides. As usual Kendra opened with a boom and the fireworks carried through to the end. Her books, no matter the size are like little packages o heart pounding thrill rides. Let's say they are the NASCAR of stories!

This story has Lacey and Jack on a small retreat to check out a venue for their wedding the next year. What starts out as a fantastic getaway and retreat soon turns into a crime scene. Maybe it's Jack's bad luck or trouble just follows them.... Not sure. The jury is still out on that...but Jacks cop instincts are tested and at times put to damn good use here.

The body of a woman is found floating ass up in the Inns hot tub. The new chief of police is an old friend and coworker of his from the days on the force. As a team the fellas and Lacey try to piece together the timeline of events. The puzzle of what happened slowly starts to piece itself together once the man killing people steals Lacey. Like she needed another kidnapping on her hands.

It's up to Jack and the chief to follow the line of clues, and jump in just in time to save Lacey!

It was good to see another couple, one who is usually kinda in the backseat take charge and dominate this story. I love. Love, loved it!


Kendra Elliot
About the Author:
As a kid, I read and read and read. Laura Ingalls, Nancy Drew, and Trixie Belden were my close companions, and I was never without a book in hand. Today, mysteries are my primary reading genre. I enjoy Lee Child, Karen Rose, Robert Crais, and Tami Hoag. But I also love a sweeping historical novel by Diana Gabaldon or a contemporary romance by Rachel Gibson.

I decided to try my hand at writing a novel after I read a newspaper article about NaNoWriMo. Heck, I can do that. I sat down and wrote a contemporary romance but kept tripping over dead bodies in each chapter. I got the hint and my stories evolved into romantic suspense.

I joined my local Romance Writers of America chapter, the Rose City Romance Writers, and found a fabulous community dedicated to educating its members about writing and publishing. Book purchases are tax deductable??I also belong to International Thriller Writers and the Kiss of Death Chapter of RWA.

In 2010, my manuscript, Stronger Than Bone (HIDDEN), was a finalist in RWA’s prestigious Golden Heart® contest. My third book, BURIED, won the Daphne Du Maurier award for romantic suspense and was nominated for the 2014 International Thriller Writers's award for Best Paperback Original and Romantic Times Magazine's best Romantic Suspense of 2013.
I grew up in the lush Pacific Northwest and still live there with my husband, three daughters, two cats, and a Pomeranian. I am fascinated with forensics, refuse to eat anything green, and love a good Mai Tai on the beach on Kauai.

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