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Emmy's Review... Slipperless (Part 4)

Slipperless (Slipperless, #4)
Battered. Bruised. Broken. Every single day, my troubles worsen...
After nearly losing Gabe, I've come to realize just how much he means to me. Yet even though I might want to confess my true feelings to him, doing so would leave me far too vulnerable at a time when I can least afford it.
That's because devastating news about the Link Protocol and my grandmother are threatening to send my career, and my life, spiraling out of control.
With the demise of my only relative seemingly imminent and Gabe's unceasing demands weighing on me, I'm not sure how much more I can take.
I've never been under such relentless pressure...
What am I going to do?

This is the fourth book in a Billionaire Romance series presented in serial format. It is not a standalone. All individual entries are currently free with Kindle Unlimited.

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Many thanks to Sloan Storm, who granted me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

I have to applaud Sloan’s ability to write flawed characters: just when I want to grab Fiona by the neck and choke her to death, she turns around and becomes sympathetic again.  Sometimes I just don’t know what to think about her.  

Gabe and Fiona are on St. Barths for the presentation of the Link Protocol research to the investors in Hawkins Biotech.  This is the big speech that Fiona has been gearing up for.  When we last left these two, they had finally opened up to each other a bit, and had gotten into a sticky situation on a boat.  That was quickly resolved, only for a different kind of problem to arise.  Due to trouble at the lab, Fiona had to leave the island before the presentation, leaving Gabe to stall the investors until she could solve the problem and get back to him.  This did not put him in the best of moods, as you may well guess.  Upon arriving back at the lab Fiona gets a call that she has been dreading; the one thing that could make work problems seem like minor inconvenience.  

This is where Fiona shone for me in this story, in her brokenness, in her raw inconsolable grief.  I almost shed a tear, believe it or not. I also wondered for a brief minute if she would attempt suicide.  This changes everything for Fiona, sweeps all that she’s become so comfortable with out from under her feet.  She doesn’t have time for her childish insecurities any longer; she has got to grow up now.  I can’t help but wonder if she will fall or fly.

Gabe...the jury’s still out on Gabe.  I personally like him, even if he does use his position to his advantage every chance he gets.  The man has the patience of a saint.  He makes a rather hasty decision in this book, and comes to regret it.  He manages to finagle himself a second chance, but I wonder if he can live with Fiona’s requirements, this time around.

The next book will be the final of this series.  There’s a lot to wrap up, and I’m looking forward to finding out how the story ends.

Author Bio:
Sloan Storm is a verbally difficult, yet physically generous, writer who pens imaginative yarns based on dominant men and the women who challenge them.

As such, power plays and passion are the heart of each and every story. The writer's creative tendencies may drift as the mood strikes, but the essence of all tales told wind up back at the same place... the polarizing difference between the sexes.

After all, what else is there in life?

When not glued to a keyboard creating tales of whimsy, Sloan loves to talk to fans! If you want to connect, you can do it in any number of ways.

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