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Barb's Review... Felan

Elizabeth Crane would give anything to avoid going out to celebrate a friends birthday. She's not into the clubbing scene, but no-one would have foretold how one night out with the girls would change her life.....forever.

Felan is a shy, but handsome computer geek. What he can't do with a computer, simply cant be done. When his brothers relocate to Queensland Australia from the USA to make a fresh start, he decides to go with them. Give him computer forensics, program design, research (hacking), and he's got it covered. But when he sees Elizabeth Crane celebrating with a group of friends, she ignites an uncontrollable fire in his blood and he is left to figure out how he can use his skills to track her down and make her his own.

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First off I want to thank Melissa Bell for providing me with a copy of Felan to read in exchange for an honest review.

In this book we meet Felan. Hacker extraordinaire that he is is what keeps the boys of Five Brothers Security in check and on task. In this installment you get to see his past, where he came from and what made him the bad ass computer hacking alpha male he is.

When we get to present day in Australia, Felan has found his girl. The One. His soul, his heart, his everything, only thing is now he has to hope she'll survive the ordeal she went through. Being kidnapped, abused and scared for her own well being is not making Liz a very stable girl. Felan will have to convince her to stay with him and out of trouble. He has sat with her the entire tire she was in the hospital. Once she wakes he takes her home with him. And to say he has his hands full with this one is sayin’ something. She's a hot little firecracker waiting to pop off.

To say they hit it off and sparks fly is not doing it justice. Haha. They are ten shades of hot and a perfect match. Liz challenges Felan in ways he didn't used to. But with the search of a serial killer Felan is a bit distracted Liz decides it's time to run. Her past will now catch up with her, thanks to her face being all over the news since the kidnapping. Using a trip to the mall to get things she needs as a way to get away... she gives Tate the slip. Since he's not a fan of playing babysitter he is not a happy camper. But with some quick thinking, Felan's use of computers they track her down just in time. Liz has started her track to changing and is in heat. (Laughs) Poor girl.

Once she is settled a new threat comes up. Go figure, right? Liz has to help the boys and Cameron bring down the serial killer. But what they find beside the killer they were after is that Liz's past has finally caught up to her. Thing is her 'uncles' don't expect her to have back up. And her growls back up isn't going to put up with their crap.

Needless to say I loved Felan's book and now I'm itching for Tate's book. And running to it now!


About the Author:
I am an author from Brisbane, Australia. I am an avid reader turned writer. I like books more than TV, don't get me wrong, I like movies, but the best movies happen in my head as I get lost inside the pages of a good book. I use life as my inspiration for my work. Generally it's all in my head fighting to get out. I may see an everyday occurrence and it will trigger an idea. My partner will often come home and tell me of a new work colleague's name and I will write it down to use on a character in one of my novels. I love being an author and would highly recommend that if you have words trapped inside your soul, you should let them out, even if it's only to leave a review for a book you've read, start a blog, or become an author.

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