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Barb's Review... Houston

Houston and his brothers are looking for a fresh start, can they make a go of it with 'Five Brothers Security' in Queensland, Australia. Houston an ex-federal agent meets Cameron a police detective that has just transferred back into the area. The two join forces to work a difficult case. Is it possible there could be more than meets the eye, Houston is tall, dark, handsome and cursed.

Cameron is a strong independent woman, she's had to fight hard to get her detective's shield in a male dominated world. should she trust Houston to help her with the case that could make or break her career.

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First off i’d like to thank Melissa Bell for gifting me a copy of Houston in exchange for an honest review. Secondly, I loved it! There are many great things about this story that sets it out from the rest. The story of the brothers for one.... Genius. And it ties in well with the why they are in Australia. Especially since they are transplants. Ha.

Houston as the pack's Alpha and the elder brother not only has a responsibility to keep himself and his brothers safe but after an auto accident where he meets Cam, he has a need to keep her safe. A need that takes them both on one wild, heart pounding and extremely sexy ride. It's one that neither were looking for, neither expected but both have found a deep rooted love from.

Destiny dropped Cam in Houston's backyard, gave him a reason to be the Alpha he and his wolf needed. It bound Cam and Houston but their bond helped his wolf become one with its human side. As a whole he has grown and can do what he needs to to take care of himself, his brothers and now his woman. And that's put to the test when Cam's case piles up and trouble starts to follow her. Not only does the conspiracy hit home for her but the last person she expected to be after her was.

It's a tangled web of love, lies and... Murder.


About the Author:
I am an author from Brisbane, Australia. I am an avid reader turned writer. I like books more than TV, don't get me wrong, I like movies, but the best movies happen in my head as I get lost inside the pages of a good book. I use life as my inspiration for my work. Generally it's all in my head fighting to get out. I may see an everyday occurrence and it will trigger an idea. My partner will often come home and tell me of a new work colleague's name and I will write it down to use on a character in one of my novels. I love being an author and would highly recommend that if you have words trapped inside your soul, you should let them out, even if it's only to leave a review for a book you've read, start a blog, or become an author.

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