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Emmy's Review... Broken

How had everything gone so wrong so quickly?

Tex was dying. Finally, the answer to why he and Mom had put on such an elaborate celebration for only a tenth anniversary - the last they'd ever have.

But I hadn't any more than begun to absorb that news than Travis showed himself to be the jerk I'd originally thought him. How could he have fooled me so badly? How could he have wormed his way into my heart, not to mention my bed?

There was nothing left for me here. To give Mom and Tex their final weeks together, it was time for me to go.

Broken is Part Four of the serial Irrationally His.

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First off thanks to the author, who provided me a free copy of Broken in exchange for my honest review.

This author just keeps getting better and better with this series.  Brazen ended with a giant revelation about Tex’s health that threatens to drive Travis and Chelsea apart.  Chelsea jumps the gun and assumes the worst about Travis when she really should have known better.  She leaves the ranch before he can explain his reaction.  He insists that their parents not set her straight on the situation, as he wants to do that himself.  But life pulls them both away from each other before the argument is resolved.  

Chelsea wants to give her mom some time alone with Tex, leading her to contact Cozy for a place to stay.  Cozy has mysteriously gotten a new job, but offers Chelsea use of her home while she tries to find a market for her work.  Travis was affected by Tex’s news more than he lets on, and he tries to convince his dad to exhaust every avenue.  As fate would have it soon they are both pulled back to the ranch and forced to face each other.  Will their relationship survive both family storms and their own efforts to destroy the growing love between them?

I had thought that Brazen was the best of the series so far, but the emotions in Broken made it stand out from the rest.  I especially enjoyed the conversations between Travis and Tex.  We are getting to see a new depth to Travis and how he relates with both Tex and Elise.  I can’t let this review go by without mentioning Cozy as well, who is fast becoming my favorite character in this series.  I am more than ready to read the rest of the story!


Author Bio:
Like you, I'm a reader. When I read a good story with characters I can connect with, my everyday existence fades into the background as I enter a world that may contain exotic locations, adventure and excitement. And, if I can be totally honest with you, in my favorite stories I can fall in love for a while with an impossibly gorgeous guy who is the best lover imaginable.

So, maybe it won't come as a surprise that in my books you'll find hot alpha male book-boyfriends, sassy heroines who are much more clever and beautiful than I am, and stories I hope will make you laugh and cry while reading them, as I did while writing them. Oh, and some scenes you may want to role-play with your lover.

Why not take a chance? All of my stories are perfect for a lunch-break escape, and priced less than a cup of coffee. In fact, if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, they won't cost you another dime, so take as many as you want! They're calorie-free, too!

If you'd like to know more about me, my books, or special offers for free reading, please check my website at I’m also available on Facebook and Twitter.

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