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Jess's Review... Found

Found (Assassin's Revenge #1)
In the world of paid killers, vulnerability is dangerous and love will get you killed.

For many years, Ellie has trained to be an assassin in order to kill the men who kidnapped and raped her when she was eighteen. Nothing else has been allowed to interfere with her mission.

But when she meets the sexy and mysterious Alexander Hamilton at a bar, her tough fa├žade crumbles, and she can’t help but be drawn to him.

Alexander Hamilton lives by his own rules and has his own hidden agenda. When he sees Ellie, he knows he wants her, though he knows he can never allow himself to have her.

One night is all that is permitted…

However, Ellie and Alexander are hiding secrets from each other. Their worlds are about to intersect and the secrets they keep might end up destroying both of them.

Found is BOOK ONE of the ASSASSIN’S REVENGE romantic erotic suspense series

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I was given an arc of Found in exchange for a honest review. When I read the blurb on the book I was very excited for what seemed would be a dark and twisted romance. I was excited about reading something out of my comfort zone.
When I first started to read this book I was intrigued by the multiple POV’s between Ellie and Alexander. Both of these two main characters have dark backgrounds that affect how they interact with present day characters.
When these two characters clash together in the throws of passion I thought that this book would become very interesting. Unfortunately I was disappointed in how the book progressed, it seemed to fizzle out.
The only saving grace that the end of this book has is the last scene when you are left on a cliff hanger. I’ll be honest and tell you that I would read the second book just to see if it was any better than the first and to see what happens with Ellie & Alexander.


About the Author:
Tara Crescent is a writer of erotic fiction. She believes in sassy submissives, firm Dominants, completely consensual relationships and happily-ever-afters! Her favorite kind of romance stories are ones that are somewhat believable.

In her spare time, Tara reads, gardens, cooks, and procrastinates about cleaning. From time to time, Tara blogs about what she's working on (and anything else that she finds interesting) at She lives in Toronto.

She is somewhat active on Facebook and Twitter, especially when the writing is going poorly.

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