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Scene Reveal... Shari J Ryan's You're It (Day 2)

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You’re It
Series: a TAG novella
by: Shari J Ryan
104 pages
Release Date: August 31, 2015
Published by: Booktrope

Our little family has been together for four years, and life has been good, considering my track record. But In the blink of an eye, my ease was suddenly gone when I heard his terrifying words. I knew from the look on Tango’s face and the way he avoided my gaze—all hell was about to break loose. Now it seems like the dangers I spent years desperately avoiding are starting to threaten my happily ever after.

Maybe it’s because I let my guard down. Or maybe it’s because I was starting to trust again. But I can’t even trust the people closest to me, and now I remember why.
Screw with me, that’s one thing. Screw with my family, and we’ve got a problem…

****This Novella can be read as a standalone!****

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Scene Reveal (Day 2):

You're It by Shari J. Ryan
(C) @ Booktrope


Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat. Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat. The anger continues to build. The understanding of how my life has unfolded never gets easier to comprehend. The cards I’ve been dealt suck, for the most part, with the acceptation of Cali and Tyler, but it’s also what makes me want to grow stronger by the day. Because what other choice do I have?

I quit my job as a contractor about a year ago and joined Cali's Dad's company, which contracts mercenaries. It's what I know. It's what I'm good at doing. Eli doesn't put me on hellish jobs for the sake of making sure his granddaughter and daughter are always taken care of, but after serving my country, I can't say I appreciate the slack jobs. But the man's right, I can’t leave my girls for a mission anymore. So, I'm grateful for what Eli’s offered me. The old man was supposed to retire after he confessed his findings, stealing’s, and revolutions, to the Government, but I knew that would never happen. Rather than arresting an ex-CIA agent, they forced him into early retirement seeing as the laws he broke resulted in a life-saving, miracle drug. All he got was a slap on the wrist—one Eli claimed to take to heart. But no more than a year later he started his own mercenary company. He tells me once you're in, you never get out—not alive anyway. We have a difference of opinions. In for me, meant the Marines. Until I was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer and faked my death so I could die in an honorable fashion. That was dumb. Coming back from the dead isn’t easy.

The Book Enthusiasts will be revealing another piece tomorrow.

Make sure to follow the trail. There will be 5 reveals total. Don’t miss out on Cali and Tangos’ next adventure.
About the Author:
Shari J. Ryan is an Amazon Top 100 Bestselling author, a Barnes & Noble Top 10 Bestselling author, and an iBookstore #1 Bestselling author. She hails from Central Massachusetts where she lives with her husband and two lively little boys. Shari has always had an active imagination and enjoys losing herself in the fictional worlds she creates.

When Shari isn’t writing, she can usually be found cleaning toys up off the floor.
To learn more, visit her at, www.sharijryan.com.


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