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Blog Tour... Lady J's Forever Marked

Title:  Forever Marked
Author: Lady J

If you were a marked woman, how far would you run?

At only 23 years old, Ellora's life is turned upside down. She captures the unwanted attention of a dangerously ruthless man, who'll stop at nothing until he possesses her. Haunted by nightmares of the brutal attack she survived, Ellora flees the country desperate to hide. But, the longer she runs the deeper his obsession grows.

Behr is a hard working bachelor who's life is stuck on repeat. Every single day is filled with the same people, and the same routine. That is, until a beautiful stranger stumbles into the local pub and into his heart. Even though he's immediately drawn to her raven black hair and deep green eyes... he knows she's hiding a secret. One he's determined to uncover.

Can Ellora stay safe in this small harbor town?
Has the twisted game of cat and mouse, just begun?

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Ellora raced down the hallway as fast as her legs could carry her. Dread gripped her when she
heard his heavy footsteps pounding on the hardwood floors behind her. His powerful presence echoed around the eerily empty house. It didn't matter how fast she ran, he was always right on her heels. Ellora quaked violently when she made it to the stairs. If she couldn't make it out of there, she'd never survive. Reaching out, Ellora gripped the railing with both hands and used the leverage to fly down the steps. She skipped so many at a time, it felt like flying. He thundered down the steps, after her. The smell of his rancid panting, snaked its way over her shoulder. The stench stung her nose. Ellora risked looking back. His large black eyes, vicious with a murderous rage she didn’t understand, were only a few feet behind her. He was close enough to grab her. Oh. My God, this is it. He reached out... and she lunged, taking a giant leap before she got to the last three steps. She successfully made it over the carpeted runner at the bottom. Her ankles stung as she landed hard, on her bare feet. Easily ignoring the pain, Ellora sprinted to the front door. She heard him land on the runner and crashed to the floor, as it slipped out from under him. Shaking, she fumbled with clumsy fingers, trying to unlock the deadbolt and door knob lock.

After several slips from her bloodied hands, she finally heaved open the door. She skidded on her own blood, which was trickling down her legs and pooling onto the floor. The cool air rushed in, sobering her. Chills raised goosebumps on her skin as she dashed out the door. Ellora looked back to make sure he wasn’t behind her. This action caused her to lose her balance, tripping down the driveway and crashing right into the car. She remembered leaving her it unlocked, so she wrenched it open and jumped inside. She immediately locked the doors in record speed. It took only a moment for her to get a grip on her debilitating panic. She frantically searched her pockets for the car keys. First the front, then the back. Ellora froze. A devastating hopelessness made her stomach drop when she realized that she left the keys in the house. She hung her head in defeat… BANG! BANG! BANG! The sudden violent pounding sent Ellora shooting out of her seat, frightened to death as he pulverized the glass window with his fists. He stopped his onslaught abruptly and pressed his face against the window. His disturbing eyes and malicious sneer held her captive. He lifted his hand presenting a set of keys and shook them. ‘NO!’

~~~Barb’s Review~~~
forever marked.jpg

Holy. Green. Isles. Batman!

First, thank you to Lady J for providing me with a copy of this super fantastic book to read in exchange for an honest review.

Secondly... I am just... All over the place. In a good way. This is Lady J's debut novel but you'd not know it by reading it. The story started off with a bang and just holy crap... I was sucked into this story from page one. I downloaded it and was just going to glance at it (since I was already reading a few books) but I literally could not put it down and was 20 percent into it in no time. I loved it hard!!!

The sweet innocent woman, Ellora was thrown to the wolves and hadn’t even known it. What she thought would be a great life, working alongside her father and loving that her parents were as tight handed with her as they were. Protectiveness at its best. Then again, most people are like that when it comes to their kids. Things changed though when her dad’s new partner turned the tables on her. Trying to force himself on her only to be cut down like the boob he was. Let’s just say that did not go over well. He was determined to get her. She was determined to get away from him. No one likes a bully. After her parents died in a car crash her world was turned upside down, sideways and then flipped back around and the jackhole used that to his advantage.

Needless to say he still did not get his way. He did not get what he wanted. When things get too much for her to take and she winds up in the hospital Ellora does the one thing that no one would be expecting. She packed up and ran. Not to just any place she goes to the other side of the world. (laughs) Talk about a culture shock. But as with anything else she does she uses her surroundings and what she knows to her advantage. Going to the village her parents had moved away from before she was born. The townspeople of course took her in and loved her as if they had known her all their lives. After months of terror, weeks of nightmares she was home. In so many ways. From the first night she had fallen into the pub (almost literally) she had caught the attention of one man in particular.

As the days pass Ellora keeps her chore list going to help Grady and set the pub back up like it used to be. its what her father would have done if he was here. It was a way to pay for her room and board. For her safety. When things got tough, dangerous and heart pounding again for her she had the town, her family (in so many ways) and the man that held her once worn and broken heart to hold her up and make sure she knew they would do anything to help her. But as with anything evil attacks when no one expects it.

And now… I neeeeeeed book 2. Like pronto. I am so impatiently waiting. :)

Author Bio:
I grew up in Upstate NY, but my heart belongs in Arizona. If given the chance, I'd gladly trade in frostburn, for sunburn!  I speak in movie quotes ALL the time. Seriously, it might be considered a sickness by now ;) I absolutely love the sound of others laughing. So I'll try to get you to do just that!

I love coffee, peanut butter cups, and OF COURSE reading.  I grew up causing all kinds of trouble with my twin sister/partner in crime.  My wild over-exaggerated storytelling grew, along with my love for reading. With the support of my hubby and the encouragement of my womb mate, I put pen to paper, and let my imagination take over.

I am an author currently working on the release of my debut novel. Forever Marked is a romantic suspense, and the first book in a series. I enjoy reading all genres. Paranormal, thriller, romantic suspense, dystopian.... You name it!


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